Event | Shop the Universe with Lazada!

Lazada Boxes Online Revolution Tree!
It's the time of the year when people think about gifts and check their pockets for budget to shop during this merriest season of the year! So, are you ready?!!

Lazada is up for its Online Revolution 2017 from November 9 until December 12, 2017! There will be a lot of chances of taking home up to 95% off from over 25 million items! Isn't that amazing?!!

E-commerce is really setting a tone in the country. Lazada is the biggest online shop site and a lot of items are for grab. This month-long online revolution, shop the universe, sale from Lazada manifests a strong presence in the industry and good thing that they have this CASH-ON-DELIVERY (COD) scheme. Plus, free shipping if you purchase more than P2,000. Getting ready for the revolution? Sure do!

Maybe you are already thinking of items to check and buy, visit www.lazada.com.ph! Downloading their app on your mobile phone will also be a very good way to do it. And yes, it's going to be an effortless shopping!

Jamie Brennan of Lazada
The Davao Roadshow of the Online Revolution 2017 has been a success with a lot of fun and surprises! So, let's make way for this online revolution and enjoy big discounts!!!

Food | Damosa Food Fest!

Entrance of Damosa Food Fest
Damosa Land Inc. organizes its Damosa Food Fest once a month with a 4-day duration on a weekend. It is located at the Damosa Car Park. It is a place to flock by foodies, those hungry workers and students nearby. A lot of participating food stalls and restaurants from Davao City serving very affordable and quality food. There are seven (7) participating stalls where we have tried their awesome food!
Budoy's Special Buchi

Budoy's Special Buchi. Their buchi oozes with chocolate upon munching it. Yes, it is very delicious! Aside from their buchi, they have served us delectable tempura, dynamite and siomai. All are very good!
Kaizen Davao

Kaizen: Japanese Street Dining. They serve the DU30 Roll and butabara. These are among their best dishes! Surely, it is a must try in the food fest! You gotta try it!
Tita Rosita's

Tita Rosita's. They serve good thirst quenchers. It comes with several flavors. Colorful, isn't it? It has a blue lemonade, peach, green apple and pomelo.


Altitude. They are more of the trampoline park but they also serve good food such as this hawaiian pizza! It has thick crust and a bit heavy but still delicious.


Compass. The Sloppy Joe is a burger that is sloppy. It oozes with the corn kernel and meat. I thought it will be spicy but it isn't, that's just right!

Racoma Tuna

Racoma Tuna. They served us a tuna belly. It is very delicious! The meat is cooked to perfection with its garlic sauce topping is awesome!

Steak ni Juan

Steak ni Juan. They have served us plenty of dishes such as the baby pototoes that is well-seasoned and with great gravy to dip, the corn cob and the t-bone steak! Everything is awesome and really a good food treat!

There are more food stalls offering affordable and tasty food. You gotta catch their schedules!

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Travel | Batanes: North Batan Tour

There's a number of sights to visit in Batanes. A 3-day joiner tour will be enough to tour around this beautiful northernmost territory of the Philippines and I believe that joining a tour is one of those convenient ways to tour around. It is because the budget will be cheaper, then I am comfortable in a van with the other guests, there's a tour guide (who happens to be a good photographer, too), and there's some water refreshment!

On the first day, we shall explore the North Batan and the first stop, Vayang Rolling Hills!
Vayang Rolling Hills
Can you remember those landscapes of green, hilly, countryside views that you always want to take a memorable photo with? Some may think it is in Scotland or New Zealand, but hey, it is just in Batanes: the Vayang Rolling Hills! It is facing the West Philippine Sea with a very stunning view: the hills, the colors, the beach, the waves, and the feel of wind...everything! It is a photogenic and an eye-refreshing view. One will surely love this place, though a bit hot during our visit, a good sun exposure in this very amazing place is just fine!

Basco Light House
Naidi Hills
Next stop, to the Naidi Hills!

Naidi Hills serve as the base of American-era wireless telegraph facilities. The facilities are bombed during the World War II and to preserve a part of that history, the facilities are reconstructed but I guess not as telegraph facility anymore.

Just within the hills, it is where the famous Basco Light House is standing. Guests are welcomed with the greeting, "Ichaddaw ku Batanes" or I LOVE BATANES! The sixty-six (66) feet light house is in a government property where guests can get a breathtaking 360-degree view of the town and other islands of the province. It is indeed one of the must visit attractions!
I Love Batanes Marker at Basco Light House
Then, from the hills, next stop is towards the town proper wherein you'll see the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Actually, you will see a lot of Catholic churches and chapels in the islands because many Ivatan people are Roman Catholic. Many of these churches are also centuries old.
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel (Tukon Chapel)
Then, from the town proper, we proceed to another hill at Tukon. It is where you will see this only Ivatan house-like structure chapel - the Mt. Carmel Chapel. It is made up of stones like the usual Ivatan house and for me, it is a very charming chapel on top of a hill. It is undergoing some rehabilitation due to some damages brought by a typhoon.

Then, just nearby is where the PAG-ASA Complex is situated. The doppler radar of this complex has been destroyed because of the typhoon and it is not functional to-date. Hoping for a fast procurement of the equipment to serve its purpose in forecasting weather conditions in the country. The place is also a vantage point where you can see from afar the Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge, where high profile personalities usually stay when in Batanes; the hedgerows in many hills that help to prevent soil erosion and serve as property line; and Mt. Iraya (a dormant volcano), which is a rain forest and you can observe clouds cover the tip of the mountain. 
Basco PAG-ASA Complex Doppler Radar
Mt. Iraya
Then, we proceed to another hill wherein a Japanese Tunnel is seen.
Japanese Tunnel
Then, last stop of the tour is at the Valugan Boulder Beach. It is facing the Pacific Ocean, thus, you will observe huge waves knocking off those massive rocks. This is a perfect site for sunrise!
Valugan Boulder Beach
Big Waves at Valugan Boulder Beach
The tour may have ended but my quest to see a beautiful sunset in Batanes urged me to take some walk towards one of Basco's viewing decks. It is a cloudy day, thus, making me see less sunset rays but good indigo skies to witness. Also, since the light house is seen from afar, I am just happy to see it blinking at that darkening hours.
Sunset in Batanes
Basco Light House at Dusk
That is just the first day of the tour. There are two more days!

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Travel | Enjoy Batanes on a Shoestring Budget

It is in the bucketlist of many Filipinos to visit and spend a vacation in the northernmost part of the country, Batanes group of islands. It is because the place is very clean, green and arguably one of the best places to be in the Philippines! Indeed, as experienced, it is really what I expected!

Now, I will share to you how I manage to bring only two thousand pesos (P2000) pocket money for the trip. I will also share to you how I am able to afford cheaper airfare for this trip. I will also share how I survived the 4 days and 3 nights vacation in the island. :-)

First things first, find the cheapest fare and if not the cheapest, at least the cheaper rates. In the market, Skyjet Air and Philippine Airlines fly to this northernmost territory. As of my observation, one-way ticket on both airlines will not go much less five thousand pesos (P5000) on a regular fare with other fees and taxes. The best thing to do to get a chance of their promo fare is to take chances on travel exposition. I got my roundtrip ticket for six thousand one hundred ninety-one pesos (P6191) during a travel expo. It may not be the cheapest but at least cheaper with 2 months before departure date. It is not a peak season visit and it is a risk booking dates during wet season, however, just pray for the best! ;-)

Next, try to search for tours in Batanes. There are blogs which are readily available for your guide to Batanes. I tried to compare a tour package for 3 days and a contact in the island for a tour, a tour package will cost you less. I got mine for four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine pesos (P4999) under BISUMI Tours. It is a promo rate for 3 days that include North Batan, Sabtang Island and South Batan. Aside from that, there is a complimentary lunch (Ivatan food) during the tour, refreshments, van transit and boat fees, other tour fees, a tour guide who can also take beautiful photos, tour bag, airport transfers and souvenir items! Where can you find anything as such? Well, thanks to Sir Ryan of BISUMI Tours you can contact him at these numbers 09989885898 or find their page - BISUMI Tours. Good thing also that they have an attached contact for cheap, humble and decent fan accommodation that amounts to five hundred pesos (P500) each night and for 3 nights, I paid one thousand five hundred pesos (P1500). By the way, BISUMI stands for Basco, Itbayat, Sabtang, Uyugan, Mahatao and Ivana which represents the municipalities of Batanes.

Alright, what other fees that you need to prepare? Upon arrival at Basco Airport, each guest has to pay an environmental fee of three hundred fifty pesos (P350) which is intended for the island's preservation and building of restrooms similar to stone houses near to prime tourist destinations. Prepare a your budget of one thousand five hundred pesos (P1500) for food (breakfast, dinner and snacks) and for more souvenir. Then, prepare one hundred fifty pesos (P150) for bike and Ivatan weather protection attire (vakul for ladies and kaayo for the gents) rental.

Total costs:
P6191 - roundtrip airfare (via SkyJet)
P6499 - 3 days tour c/o BISUMI Tours and 3 nights accommodation
P450 - 3 days breakfast
P965 - 3 nights dinner
P20 - Kanayi rental
P40 - Bike rental (P20/hr)
P350 - Environmental fee
P500 - Souvenir and food items
Total of P14665, not bad for a 4 days 3 nights Batanes Tour!

Next posts about Batanes will be the Tours and Food!

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Event | Kadayawan sa Davao: Indak-Indak and Tunog

Kadayawan Square
Every Kadayawan sa Davao, the indak-indak sa Kadayawan or the street dancing competition is among the most anticipated events. This year, the Kadayawan Square is the place where the major showdown will be witnessed, erected at San Pedro Street. It is the first time that such a dome is installed for the event and it is really interesting! There are two (2) other points where contingents show their might in dancing and beating the drums for this event,  it is at the intersection of Roxas Avenue-C. M. Recto Street and corner Pelayo Street-Bonifacio Street.

There is always a number of contingents participating in this event, but this year, the event has nine (9) contingents each category: Davao school based and open category. This is another batch of very colorful, dynamic and full of energy performances from different schools of Davao Region and nearby provinces.
Here's the list of winners for the Davao School Based Category:
Champion: Davao City National High School
2nd place: Sta. Ana National High School Performing Arts Guild
3rd place: Buhisan Elementary School
4th place: Francisco Bustamante Central Elementary School
5th place: Jose Bastida Elementary School
Best Music: Davao City National High School
Davao School Based Category Champion
Here's the list of winners for the Open Category:

Champion: Sagayen National School Performing Arts - Asuncion, Davao del Norte
2nd place: Polomolok, South Cotabato Province
3rd place: Gabi National High School, Compostela Valley Province
4th place: Matiao National High School, Mati City, Davao Oriental
5th place: Brgy Panay, Sto. NiƱo, South Cotabato Province
Best Music: Sagayen National School Performing Arts - Asuncion, Davao del Norte
Open Category Champion
Indeed, the Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan will never fail its audience with ecstatic performances and great music!

On the other hand, Tunog or music is being showcased at one of the malls in the city. It is a songwriting competition in Davao City wherein it will highlight using vernacular instruments and mixed language.

It is also the first time I have witnessed this event yet it is among my interests as I love hearing Mindanaoan music. Mindanaoan music is something you will hear indigenous instruments played making some great relaxing rhythm with great song message especially about life and nature. One of the famous Mindanaoan musicians is Joey Ayala, who is also one of the judges.
Tunog Champion
The winning entry for the Songwriting Competition is entitled Dinhi sa Dabaw (Here in Davao) by LJ Manzano caught the attention of the judges. Congratulations!

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