Event | Dula Kadayawan: Play of Indigenous Games

Davao City is such a blessed place wherein there is unity in diversity. There are eleven (11) tribes that reside in the city that co-exist with peace and harmony. Among these tribes are the following: Tausug, Sama, Tagabawa, Maguindanao, Iranon, Kagan, Maranao, Matigsalog, Obu-Manuvu, Ata, and Bagobo-Klata.

In this digital era, it may be rare to see such outdoor games played by the indigenous people because they are also influenced doing mobile games, too. Every Kadayawan sa Davao Festival, Dula Kadayawan or the Tribal Games is part of the activities. It is usually conducted at the city's People's Park. There are several games played during this event, to wit: osoroy, popano, solopot, bubuntug, totaringki/babag-id, sisikow, kakasing, karang, siklot and sosakoro for the lumadnong (indigenous people) games; and sipa sa lama, sipa sa manggis and kanggaratoya for the moro games.

Among these games, I have witnessed eight (8) games. Here's my gallery of those games I witnessed. Enjoy!

1) Bubuntug (photos above). This is a game in which a player will be throwing his wooden spear to hit the target, which is a ball made of coconut. The one who hits the target wins and it not, the one who got very near the target wins.
Play of Solopot
2. Solopot. This is a game known as a "blowgun". It is used for hunting and sometimes during tribal wars. Good thing it is dula kadayawan, it is played according to rules. hahaha So, the target is a puso ng saging or a banana blossom. If the target is hit, it is a point; if the target is hit but didn't penetrate it, it is considered as half a point.
Play of Popano
3. Popano. This is known as the archery. The tribes make their own bow and arrows that is used for hunting and also during tribal wars. Same with solopot, the target is also a banana blossom and the point system is the same. 
Play of Osoroy
4. Osoroy. This is known as the tug of war. I know you know the rules about this game and it is the same. The indigenous people call it as osoroy while the moro group call it as kanggaratoya.
Totaringki/Babag-id Game
5. Totaringki/Babag-id. This is a fire making game. It is pretty familiar to many as it is usually done in the areas wherein there's no aid of matches. There are two bamboo sticks rubbed (bag-id) together to create a friction then, heat, smoke to fire.
Sisikow Game
6. Sisikow. This is a game that can be associated with a familiar game known as "syatong"This game is played using two sticks that is used to hit from a distance the target that is like a pyramid. It is played by both men and women.

7. Kakasing (photo above at the left). It is also known as a top. However, the tip of this top isn't a nail but a wooden thing and the body of this top is a fruit.

8. Karang (photo above at the right). This is a game using two bamboo sticks as stilts. It is a race game wherein the one who finishes first without falling is the winner.

There are more games I haven't witnessed. Siklot is a tribal game comparable to pick-up-sticks or jackstones wherein it is thrown then catch the sticks. Sosakoro is another tribal game wherein it is a race of fetching water using a bamboo shoot. Sipa sa lama is a moro game wherein it is comparable to "takyan" and I guess you know how it is played, but this one uses a takraw ball and pass to playing members and the team with longer time to play it wins. Sipa sa manggis is another moro game that is comparable to bubuntug or siklot but the mechanics differ with kicking to hit a target using a ball.

So, those are the tribal games that I witnessed. It is pretty interesting and very entertaining. I enjoyed watching it personally and hopefully next Kadayawan Festival, you can also visit and witness Dula Kadayawan.

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  1. Very interesting and great to hear that the tribes all coexist in harmony. Neat how some of the ancient games are things we play today!

    1. Thank you Lisa. Yeah, it was fun to watch it in person. It is like a mini olympics for tribal games.

  2. Laro ng Davao is showing its native games. I notice that some games are common to us. We used to play this when we're kids like kakasing, karang, and solopot.

    1. Yeah. Same in mechanics but different names. :-) It was fun! I reminisce my childhood.