Lifestyle Entertainment | Kapuso Stars on Kadayawan sa Davao 2019!

GMA Network, through GMA Regional TV, gives Kapusong Dabawenyos more reasons to celebrate this year’s Kadayawan Festival as it brings a stellar line-up of Kapuso stars to Davao on August 18 with the lead actors of GMA’s much-talked about series—Bihag, Love You Two, The Better Woman and the upcoming primetime show One of the Baes.
Jason Abalos
Mark Herras
Fresh from the successful run of their Afternoon Prime series Bihag, Jason Abalos and Mark Herras treat their fans to a Kapuso Mall Show in Gaisano Mall Toril on Sunday (August 18) at 2 pm.

Gabby Concepcion
Sure to bring kilig among Dabawenyos in SM City Davao at 4 pm on the same day is Gabby Concepcion of the heart-warming romantic comedy series Love You Two, which Gabby stars opposite Jennylyn Mercado.
Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay
Further heating up the Kapuso Mall Show are the lead stars of the primetime series The Better WomanDerek Ramsay and Andrea Torres.
Rita Daniela and Ken Chan
Definitely making the afternoon more fun and lovable are the uber cute team-up of RitKen—Rita Daniela and Ken Chan of the upcoming primetime series tagged as millennial fairytale One of the Baes.
Bihag brought viewers action, mystery, and suspense through a thought-provoking tale of how one mistake can lead to another. The series saw outstanding acting performances by Max Collins as Jessie, a simple and loving wife to Brylle (Jason Abalos) and mother to Ethan (Raphael Landicho); and Sophie Albert as Reign, the woman who was caught between Jessie and Brylle.
Meanwhile, top-rating Kapuso series Love You Two continues to charm viewers as Gabby and Jennylyn’s characters, Jake and Raffy respectively, finally affirmed their feelings for each other.

The Better Woman is Derek’s first project as a Kapuso and the role of Andrew de Villa is tailor fit for him. Andrea, meanwhile, convincingly switches between two very different roles, twin sisters Jasmine de Villa and Juliet Santos-de Villa aka Elaine Reyes. Since its premiere, both of them have been applauded by Kapuso viewers for their undeniable chemistry and outstanding portrayals of their characters.

Finally, One of the Baes is the first-ever primetime project of RitKen following their phenomenal team-up in My Special Tatay where they played the popular characters of Boyet and Aubrey. Produced by GMA Public Affairs, One of the Baes is tagged as a millenial fairytale where audience will be taken to a journey of love and dreams. It will also showcase the ups and downs of our Filipino Seafarers thru the story of Jowalyn (Rita) and Grant (Ken). Grant is a rich yet kindhearted environmental vlogger whose main goal while exploring the sea is to look for her princess, while Jowalyn is a goal-oriented girl who dreams of being the captain of a ship someday.

“We are happy to join our Kapusong Dabawenyos in this year’s Kadayawan Festival by bringing some of today’s sought-after Kapuso stars,” says GMA Regional TV Vice President and Head Oliver Amoroso. “Amid their busy schedules, the stars of Bihag, Love You Two, The Better Woman, and One of the Baes are taking a break to fly to Davao and treat their fans as their way of thanking the loyal Kapuso viewers for their support. We hope to see our Kapusong Dabawenyos in Gaisano Mall Toril and SM City Davao this Sunday for a fun-filled afternoon,” he ends.

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Lifestyle | JBL Roadshow in Davao for Kadayawan!

The Harman JBL Linkview
August 9-11, 2019, JBL conducts a roadshow at MetroPlaza, Gaisano Mall of Davao! There are a lot of speakers, earphones, and other entertainment appliance that can be seen on BIG SALE!!! Yes,  50% off on select items! There are also those with buy 1 take 1 with free gift items, too.
Social Media Friends with Sir Larry (4th from the left)
Mr. Larry Secreto
JBL, as one of the leaders of speaker products, is very eager to bring their products to the people of Davao after their series of roadshows in Manila. According to Mr. Larry Secreto, Harman JBL Country Manager, they want to bring the best products in Davao and that's why they have the roadshow here after their Manila leg. Many from JBL company flew in to Davao for the #JBLDavaoPresscon and warmly welcomed by the friends of Davao - including me! :-)
Introduction of Harman JBL Products
Harman JBL Headphones
Harman JBL Link series
JBL has consistently made ways to reinvent, innovate and recalibrate their products to fit the needs of modern living. I know that many uses JBL because of its speakers, many of which are those wireless. Wireless earphones or headphones look very clean to the one who uses it, but never miss your back up wire earphones in case your wireless-battery operated earphones got battery empty. By the way, some of Harman JBL's speaker and earphones are Google assisted already - just say, "Hey, Google!"

I am surprised with the Harman JBL Linkview, as it has the component of the speakers with a screen! A product that JBL can give an audio-visual entertainment, with Google assistant. In fact, it is part of my wish list now - hoping for an early Santa Claus. :-D
Harman JBL PartyBox
Harman JBL's partybox has some great selections as well. The partybox gives you vibe of great music and the lights, changing colors in every beat, on its speakers play very well with my soul into music. Another great addition to their series of partybox is the Harman JBL Partybox 1000 that can help you discover the disk jockey in you! The Partybox 1000 has a DJ box/pad that you can play along with your music. For me, it is already a complete initial entertainment package for a party or even a variety show! This is also part of my wish list now. :-D
Sir Larry and me
Visit the MetroPlaza branch in Gaisano Mall of Davao to see and hear for yourself the variety of products that JBL brought in Davao City. MetroPlaza is their main distributor in Davao City. So, ENJOY your JBL products!


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Food | Clear and Tasty with Claro Palm Oil

Digital friends with Ms. Lormy and Ms. Maita
To cook is one of the best things that one can do for his family and friends. It has to be healthy and of course something very delicious. But, how do you choose your cooking oil? Or do you know well your cooking oil? Glad that Ms. Maita, Product Manager of Fly Ace Corporation, in which Claro Palm Oil is among their best products, gave some time to explain about Claro Palm Oil.

Ms. Maita of Fly Ace Corporation for Claro Palm Oil
There are many types of cooking oil that we have in the market today. The most common perhaps is the vegetable oil. The palm oil may be among the vegetable oils but it makes itself distinct than the other types of oil. Palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit, a popular cooking oil in Southeast Asia, has a high smoke point that makes it suitable even for high heat cooking and it is semi-solid at room temperature.

Claro Palm Oil is one of the best in the market as it cholesterol-free and fortified with Vitamin A; suitable for all-around cooking, everyday cooking - can be used several times; and it has undergone several processes (3x refined and 2x filtered) to meet quality standards. Ms. Maita also added that the Claro Palm Oil will not harden even in a cool environment and you can also try to sip it directly like water. That is why it is getting much attention as the cooking oil of choice among those on the high ground places like in Baguio and Bukidnon. I got intrigued, and tried it at home. I put one bottle of the Claro Palm Oil inside the refrigerator overnight, and to my surprise, yes, it did not harden the following day! True enough that it is a healthier option because when we ingest the Claro Palm Oil, it is like water that can flow in our blood vessels freely and will not be a cause of any concern.
Products of Jolly Claro Palm Oil
Since I also cook and bake, I tried to incorporate the Claro Palm Oil in my Carrot Cake and it was a hit for the family during a gathering. Thus, I can say, Claro Palm Oil is indeed making its statement with confidence that it is OILINIS, OILINAW, and OILINAMNAM!

I am thankful with the invitation of Ms. Lormy through Ms. Jojie and I have a chance to have heard the product on a personal level. Again, thank you!

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Event | Strengthening the 70 Years Relationship between Indonesia and the Philippines

Part 1: Business-to-Business Forum
Business Delegates from Mindanao for the B-to-B Forum
The bilateral relations between Indonesia and the Philippines is at its 70th year. With this long years of relationship, both countries are keeping the brotherhood and close ties, also as geographical neighbors, when it comes to tourism, food and trade. Thus, the Wonderful Indonesia: Tourism, Food and Trade Expo 2019, supported by Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), has been a venue for this step in strengthening the relationship of both countries.
Business Delegates from Indonesia for the B-to-B Forum
The Expo dated July 12-14, 2019 at SM Lanang Premier, J. P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. Before the expo, a B-to-B (business-to-business) forum was conducted so that Indonesian business people will have a business matching with business people from the Southern Philippines. It was a great avenue for both parties as a number of Indonesian business people attended from the sectors of tourism, food and trade sector. It was also attended by a number of business people from the Southern Philippines.
ConGen Dicky Fabrian Giving Welcome Remarks
Mr. Nathaniel Dalumpines Giving Message of Support
The B-to-B forum was also graced by the Consul General of the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Davao City, ConGen Dicky Fabrian; OIC Chairman of MinDA, Sir Nathaniel Dalumpines; President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc., Mr. Art Milan; CEO of Reefer Express Line Filipinas, Mr. Felix Ishizuka; members of the diplomatic corp and friends from the media.
Mr. Felix Ishizuka Giving Updates on BIMP Plus Route
Mr. Felix Ishizuka gave wonderful updates about the initial results of the BIMP Plus route of the Reefer Express Line Filipinas. The route included shipping of goods coming from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam passing through Labuan and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, then to Bitung, Indonesia and to Davao City, Philippines. Mr. Ishizuka was happy with the turn out of the route and asks the business sector to patronize the route to be sustainable. The route was indeed a game changer in the BIMP Plus region wherein goods were being transferred Southern Philippines few days earlier than having it shipped to Manila before going south.
Delegates Business Matching
Delegates Business Matching
The B-to-B forum was successful and both business delegates from Indonesia and Southern Philippines were happy!

Part 2: Wonderful Indonesia: Tourism, Food, Trade Expo 2019
Ribbon Cutting for the Expo 2019
The Expo started with a ribbon cutting with the Consul General Dicky Fabrian leading the group, together with the Ma’am Fera Andriani; Mr. Ricky Fauzi, Director of Marketing Regional III, Ministry of Tourism - Indonesia; Asec. Norman Garibay, DFA Mindanao; Mr. Nathaniel Dalumpines, OIC Chairman - MinDA; and Hon. Nilo Abellera, Davao City Councilor.
Captivating Garuda
One of the Cultural Dances Presented During the Expo
There were a lot of cultural presentations on stage the expo. It was very colorful and musical! The Garuda was also present in the expo that symbolizes the mythical bird of Indonesia. It was a very beautiful, elegant, colorful, and grandiose representation of Indonesia! The officials and staff of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia also gave a musical presentation using the angklung, an Indonesian instrument, and it was endearing to the ears.
Consulate Officials and Staff Presentation Using the Angklung
Several tenants were present in the Expo 2019 that ranges from many different travel agencies from Indonesia and the Philippines, variety of food choices coming from Indonesia and an opportunity to tie up with some business people from the Southern Philippines.
Prize Ship from Wonderful Indonesia
The 3-day event was also packed with so much surprises. There were games and interview portions wherein guests were given tokens from the Wonderful Indonesia. I also luckily received a prize after winning a game. I suddenly owned a ship! Thank you, Wonderful Indonesia!

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Food | Malita's Food Products Worth A Taste!

Me holding an Adlai Rice
Malita is the town capital of the youngest province in the Philippines, Davao Occidental, to date. It is around 2 to 3 hours of land travel from Davao City via a private or public transportation. The municipality has some food surprises that you'll love as much as I did. So, let's check it out!
Kape de Netibo and Adlai Rice
Rice is the staple food for many Filipinos. It is best paired with the delicious barbeque, adobo and many other viand. However, the regular rice is more glycemic thus people who have lifestyle disease like diabetes will control intake of it.
Meal with Adlai Rice
Good thing that ADLAI RICE is a healthier option than the regular rice. This is one great Malita product that is low glycemic, with protein, dietary fiber, minerals and it is gluten-free. Its taste is not far from a regular rice’s taste. It looks more circular than an elongated grain; bigger than a corn grain that is also substituted for a regular rice. What I like about it is that when you eat it, you will get full but you feel light. The cheapest adlai rice is around P250 coming from Malita and it is one that is considered as an ancient grain.
Adlai, Kape de Netibo and Bangus
Then, one of the best bangus (milkfish) I have tasted is from Malita! I often dislike bangus because of its bones; it will take me some time to remove the bones and still I will get boned. However, the bangus from Malita is a surprise: it has less bones and it doesn’t have a stinky odor. Yeah, believe me, it is something to buy and taste! Perfect for an inun-unan or known as paksiw! 

Then, the Kape de Netibo. Actually, I am not a coffee fan but this coffee is not too acidic for me and it does not make me hyperactive - something that I think is a thumbs up!
Women Entrepreneurs of Barangay Buhangin ice cream
Then, a group of women in Malita or the Women Entrepreneurs of Barangay Buhangin (WEBB) offers good ice cream that will tickle your taste buds. The ice cream comes in five (5) flavors, to wit: 1) kalabasa (squash), 2) malunggay (moringa), 3) durian, 4) chili level 1, and 5) chili level 2. Among the flavors, I like most the kalabasa! The squash has good blend with the sweet cream than the moringa - well, that’s for me, but still tastes good. Durian flavor is not that strong but there is a kick of the durian's taste. Then, as for the chili flavors, not much of a chili fan - sorry but still good tasting. Price ranges from P40 to P45. :-)
Kalabasa Flavored Ice Cream
Tasty Daral
Then, the daral. It is a Tausug delicacy that at an instant has become a favorite. Good thing that I have tasted it in Malita since it is Ms. Jean's favorite. hihihi It is a rolled crepe with coconut and sugar inside. It is a good snack item! Yum!
Calamares with Salted Egg Batter
One of the unforgettable that I have tasted in Malita is the calamares! Thank you very much for this recipe of yours Ms. Jean! The calamares has a salted egg batter that tastes so good in my mouth. The spices also compliment well. Super favorite!!!

Oh well, those are just among the food you can taste in Malita. Our group is very thankful to the generosity of Ms. Jean, together with her staff. Malita has marked good food to me! Until next time!!! :-)

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