WITCO on Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project Incident

The management of WITCO Construction & Development Corporation (WCDC) is deeply saddened by the tragic incident last April 21, 2023 involving four (4) of our workers conducting internal pipeline cleaning activities in Barangay Buhangin, Proper for the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project (DCBWSP).

Three (3) were rushed to the hospital by the Davao City 911 rescue team after experiencing difficulty in breathing. One was retrieved inside the pipeline by emergency personnel but unfortunately was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Southern Philippines Medical Center due to suffocation. An investigation was immediately conducted to understand how this had happened, to determine those responsible and to provide immediate solutions to prevent a similar incident. Meanwhile, our Project Engineer and Safety officer supervising the activity when the incident happened have been suspended and have been permanently pulled out from the project. Should there be any finding of negligence on the part of our supervising and safety officers on-site, our company will take full responsibility. We have started to undertake a comprehensive re-orientation among our project leads and workers to ensure strict compliance to Occupational Safety and Health Standards, retraining of all our manpower and reinforcing full compliance to the work permit system, among others. We have reached out to the affected workers as well as to the family of the deceased and have started to provide them with the needed medical and financial support. The safety lapses that have been identified in our investigation are now being addressed. In the meantime, all works related to the DCBWSP have been temporarily suspended until such time that we are able to fully implement corrective measures. WCDC is committed to do all that is necessary to ensure that this incident will never happen again. Our sincere apologies to all those who have been affected by this regretful incident”.

Sun Life Cycle Ph Will Make This Sunday Brighter With A Thousand Cyclists Set To Embrace The Breeze In Vermosa Sports Hub

Since 2017, Sun Life Cycle Ph has brought friends and families to days of cycling on safe closed roads and enjoying each other company.  After a three-year hiatus, Sun Life finally brings back the Cycle Ph event last April 23, 2023, at Imus, Cavite.  “The city will continuously promote and support the Sun Life Cycle PH, which includes the youngsters, for the benefit it provides, especially in the physical aspect,” said Imus City Mayor Alex Advincula.
Last week, a prequel activity was held at BGC where kids from ages 2 to 15 were given the opportunity to learn basic training and cycling etiquette at a Kids Bike Camp led by Camp Director, Coach Julian Valencia.  Thirty bikes were donated by Sunrise Events to ensure participants have the right gear for their new lifelong hobby.  Making the Bike Camp a more memorable experience was a visit by Sun Life Ambassador, Donny Pangilinan, where he encouraged the kids to pursue the benefits of a healthy and active life through cycling. 
Last Sunday, as the rest of the world celebrates Earth Day, 1,000 participants from ages 2 to 67 years old will join the Sun Life Cycle Ph’s main event.  Leading the pack is Pangilinan, along with celebrities and Sun Life co-ambassadors Piolo Pascual and Matteo Guidicelli.  The event will feature a 60km Corporate Ride, a 45km Ride, and a 30km Ride. There are also 500-meter Kids’ Solo Rides and Rides with Parents. The kid-friendly biking paths will give a chance for families to bond.
“We know that cycling is a sport that has gotten more Filipinos interested, especially during the pandemic. So this is the perfect time to again come as one (cycling) community,”  said Carla Gonzalez-Chong, Chief Client Experience & Marketing Officer.  She added, “At Sun Life, when we talk about helping Filipinos achieve a brighter life, we're not only referring to financial security but healthier lives as well. This is our purpose. Sun Life Cycle PH aligns with this because it’s an opportunity to help Filipinos pursue an active lifestyle in a fun and exciting way.”

Apo Agua Statement on Pipeline Incident

"It is with deep regret that we confirm the untimely death of our Contractor’s worker following an incident at the site last Friday, April 21, 2023."

WITCO Construction & Development Corporation, one of the contractors for the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project reported to us that four (4) workers conducting internal cleaning inside a pipeline in Barangay Buhangin Proper had difficulty breathing. Davao City 911 and the Barangay Buhangin Proper Community Emergency Response Team were immediately called for rescue and promptly pulled out three (3) workers from the pipeline and are now in stable condition. The remaining worker was later retrieved by an emergency crew and brought to Southern Philippines Medical Center but was unfortunately pronounced dead due to suffocation. We are cooperating with authorities to investigate the matter further as workplace safety is something we take very seriously. We extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family and loved ones of the deceased in this difficult time. About the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project (DCBWSP) The Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project of the Davao City Water District (DCWD) is one of the country’s largest bulk water supply infrastructure projects that will shift Davao City's dependence from groundwater wells as its main water supply to the more sustainably-sourced surface water from the Tamugan River. The DCBWSP involves two components: Part A component is handled by Apo Agua Infrastructura Inc (Apo Agua) that involves the construction of Raw Water Intake facilities, Water Treatment Plant, and Treated Water Pipelines; Part B is being handled by the DCWD, involves the tapping and interconnecting of pipes, installation of reservoirs and laying of distribution lines. The distribution of water to the consumers will remain solely with DCWD. ###

Event | Dusit Davao’s CHEFS ON TOUR elevates Mindanao’s dining scene

TLDC CEO Tomas Lorenzo, GM Christoph Kuch and the Chefs on Tour chefs share a toast in Dusit Davao

Taking one’s gastronomic journey into a one-of-a-kind experience, Chefs on Tour by Dusit Davao was a huge success –both in Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort and dusitD2 Davao.

The summer season was celebrated well in the Dusit Davao properties, ensuring its guests that only unique and delightful experiences would take place. Last April 13 and 14, twelve of the country’s best chefs showcased their passion through Chefs on Tour, from an exclusive island paradise to Davao’s ideal choice for urban escape. The event was co-presented by Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation. 

The roster of chefs was from LTB Philippines Chefs Association, an organization of culinary enthusiasts that promote Filipino cuisine and talents all over the world, namely: Chef James Antolin (Ikomai, Tochi desserts), Chef Sau Del Rosario (Sawsaw, CafĂ© Fleur), Chef Tom Bascon (M Dining), Chef Buddy Trinidad (Park Avenue Desserts), Chef Josh Boutwood (Helm, The Test Kitchen, Savage, Ember), Chef Gilbert Pangilinan (Kai, Cerveseria, The Blue Room, Manila House), Chef Jackie Ang Po (Fleur de Lys), Chef Carlo Miguel (Cloud Eats), Chef Tatung Sathou (Lore, Tatung’s, Azadore), Chef J Brando Santos and Chef Kenneth Cacho (Unilever Food Solutions Philippines). Lastly, Dusit’s very own executive chef Piya Suthasiri joins the line-up, bringing his vast experience around Asia and his signature approach to innovating Thai dishes.

The two-day event began with sunset cocktails and curated island experiences at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort. Guests were treated into the perfect ambiance matched with delectable food and entertainment. The second day was held at the Dusit Thani Grand Ballroom, with hundreds of guests coming together for an exceptional night of gastronomic delights. Both hosted by multi-awarded broadcaster Ces Orena-Drilon, Chefs on Tour were attended by government and corporate partners, the consular core, national and local celebrities and media, influencers, and culinary enthusiasts from different parts of the country. 

In his welcome message, General Manager Christoph Kuch says, “Chefs on Tour is a culinary experience like no other, and we are proud that Dusit Davao has made it happen. We are honored to be in the presence of world-renowned Chefs sharing their expertise and passion, which shall all translate on tonight’s menu.”

The country's best chefs with TLDC CEO Tomas Lorenzo and GM Christoph Kuch commence the event in the island with a toast

Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation CEO Tomas Lorenzo delivers his message as well, sharing, “We wanted to create this event because we at Dusit Davao do things out of the box. We do interesting events that would really change the landscape of dining, of entertainment.” 

Chefs on Tour commenced by introduction of the twelve chefs from their respective stations and having them share their dishes for the night. With a wide-ranging and full 12-course menu ready for guests to indulge, it was a celebration and conversation of food, cooking, baking, and inspiration for the craft amongst the chefs in their respective stations. While Dusit brought the chefs in Davao, the chefs brought everyone in the event into a different tour – one that ravels in one’s palate and memories.  

For bookings and reservations, please call (082) 272 5000/ (082) 322 7000 or email davao@dusit.com.

Travel | Davao Travel and Leisure Expo Returns in 2023: A World of Exploration

The Travel and Leisure Expo (TLEX) Davao is set to make a grand return on May 11-14, 2023, at the SM Lanang – SMX Davao, with the theme "A World of Exploration". This year's event promises to showcase the best of the city's rich culture and travel destinations while boosting local tourism and hospitality businesses.

The first-ever TLEX Davao was introduced in 2017 with the goal of catering to the growing needs of patrons in Mindanao, providing hassle-free access to travel and leisure products. The event attracted 81 exhibitors with a total of 18,000-foot traffic and covered 90% of its target market in the region. The success of the previous event paved the way for TLEX Davao's return in 2023.

The event aims to benchmark the Philippine tourism industry by elevating its standards to a higher level and promoting tourism as a safe space. TLEX Davao also brings together all tourism-related businesses in one impactful event to help them bounce back from the pandemic.

Moreover, TLEX Davao aims to discover emerging trends, windows of opportunity, creative concepts, and increased recovery for exhibitors and attendees. The event is designed to inspire people to travel once again while highlighting and showcasing the abilities and interests of the participants, ensuring their safety and protection in the new normal.

Lastly, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a range of activities and workshops offered by professionals in the field. TLEX Davao's aim is to inspire, amaze, and educate people about how the growing tourism sector will impact businesses for greater success, allowing them to engage with tourism enthusiasts, build business ties, generate leads, and collaborate with coworkers, which is beneficial for both the exhibitors and attendees.

With TLEX Davao 2023, the organizers expect a more significant turnout from various tourism industries and more immersive experiences for everyone.