Lifestyle | The Aromacology Skin Care Essentials

Aromacology Essential Products
Travel is life for an outgoing person like me. During the travel, it is essential to bring some items that will protect yourself from harmful sun exposure and insect bites. Good thing that Aromacology has some of its products good for such needs. Here are some of my experiences using their products.

The sports spray. Yes, during a travel, sun exposure is pretty normal especially that you want to feel like a tourist: you will walk a lot. Walking along the streets under a very sunny day or enjoying the beach under the scorching heat of the sun, you will really get tanned or worse have much sunburn. It can be prevented using some skin products like a sunblock or sun spray, for instance, Aromacology's offer is a sports spray. It may be compared to other skincare products but theirs is a competitive one. Why? Most that I have tried, sunblock and even sun sprays are greasy and sticky. However, with the sports spray, it may appear greasy but it isn't and the feel is just gliding but eventually be absorbed by your skin. I love it that way. You can easily apply it to your body with a spray bottle and spread on your body parts. It comes handy with the 100mL spray bottle preparation.

The hair treatment. Sun exposure will really make your hair brittle and scalp dry. The result of which will be dandruff. It isn't cool to have dandruff, right? Sometimes, it will also result to hairfall. So, a great hair treatment product will help much to prevent having dandruff and hairfall. With Aromacology's hair treatment, it feels cool on the scalp because of the menthol component and it is not greasy. The feel is just right and application does not take that long. At least 10 minutes, you can have a hair treatment at home, during your bath. You may have hair treatment at your favorite salon but you can have a practical hair treatment session at home with this hair treatment of Aromacology. I like this too, and definitely can recommend this to anybody.

The lip therapy. Your lips will sometimes crack or becomes chap whenever you are getting acidic, thirsty or dehydrated. A lip balm or lip therapy can help moisten your lips and it is not just for women. Aromacology's lip therapy is like the other lipbalm available in the market only that it is more natural. It has a grapeseed extract thus its fruity smell which I like, and it is not greasy; it is just enough to moisturize your lips.

The mosquito repellent cream. Traveling may need much time and most of the time, it is spent overnight. You may be a person who loves to go around at night wherever it is, it can be at the forest or any urban place but there is a risk for some mosquito bites. Aromacology has something for it. They offer a small bottle container that can be easily applied and be protected from insect bites. It is pretty handy and can be brought anywhere.

Aromacology products are good to be given for your friends at any given occasion. Visit any Aromacology branch and avail of these products that are good for your body skin care needs.

Maybe, Aromacology is not known to you. Aromacology champions products with natural ingredients! Thank you for these awesome products! :-)

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Lifestyle Entertainment | K-pop Fans, Watch NaverTV Anywhere

Fans swear by NaverTV being the best Korean entertainment hub on the planet, but a lot of the content is exclusive to South Korea, so even if you have an account you’ll be barred from enjoying its shows. If you’d like to tune in from elsewhere in the world when you’re traveling, we have great news for you! Read on to find out how to gain access with a VPN.
Stream NaverTV with the help of a VPN
The easiest way to access NaverTV from anywhere around the world is through the use of a VPN. A VPN is a tool designed to help you bypass geo-restrictions by switching your IP address. At the same time, it provides network security and guarantees the privacy and security of your network traffic. But how does a VPN help you stream South Korean Content anywhere in the world?
Why a VPN helps you access South Korea Only content
Typically, streaming platforms such as NaverTV limit viewership of their content to a precise geographic location – South Korea in this case. The mechanism usually relies on identifying your IP address, whereby devices with a South Korean IP address gain access. One must find a way to switch the IP address automatically assigned to their device if they wish to know how to overcome geo-restrictions, which is why a VPN is helpful. Once installed, a VPN provides the user with the option of selecting a VPN server location – a mechanism designed for network security but useful in bypassing such inconveniences as geo-blocking. The question is; Should a VPN only be used by those outside South Korea hoping to stream NaverTV?
Why use a VPN when in South Korea?
Streaming content requires a fast, stable connection, which could prove costly. That is one of the reasons people love public Wi-Fi so much. However, relying on such a connection could be a costly mistake, especially when you’re clueless about the risks of using public Wi-Fi. While the ideal way to avoid the dangers associated with public Wi-Fi such as hacking is to avoid the Wi-Fi altogether, that is not an option for those looking to enjoy NaverTV but lack the resources to put up their connection. Luckily, a VPN’s primary function is network security through the encryption of network traffic coupled with the IP switch. Therefore, even those still within South Korea should install a VPN if they wish to remain secure online.
The Bottomline
Much as a VPN provides all the convenient benefits, the quality of those benefits depends on the VPN. For instance, some VPNs store user data such as connection logs, which undermines your cybersecurity while others have a limited number of server locations, which affects your streaming. Your choice of VPN is, therefore, of critical importance for K-pop fans looking for quality streaming.

Travel | Wonderful Indonesia’s Sales Mission: First in Davao City!

People Behind the Sales Mission in Davao City
Recently, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia brought eight (8) tour agents and tour operators from North Sulawesi (Sulut) and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) to promote different tourist destinations from those regions. It is the first time that the sales mission went to Davao City after a round of sales mission in Manila. With this activity, every one is excited and hope to revive the direct flight from Davao City, Philippines to Manado, Indonesia.
Indonesia Cultural Dance
This year the Ministry of Tourism targets to have 17 million visitors all over the world.The Phillippines, as a neighbor, friend and brother country, the ministry targets 180,000 visitors. With much love, as of October this year, Filipino visitors have reached 179,600 or that is 99.8% of the target. That is such a very promising number and hopefully it will increase more.

As of the moment, there are three airlines flying from the Philippines to Indonesia, to wit: 1) the Philippine Airlines, 2) Cebu Pacific and 3) AirAsia. The destinations covered by these airlines are Manila-Jakarta and Manila-Denpasar routes. Most interests of Filipino visitors in Indonesia include vacation, shopping and culinary tours. Most visited places of Filipinos are Jakarta, Bali and Batam.
ConGen Napitupulu Giving a Speech
With the leadership of ConGen. Berlian Napitupulu of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Davao City, the sales mission has been made possible in Davao City. There are a lot input that ConGen Napitupulu has given to the guests, especially on exploring potentials to make the air linkage sustainable in the future. He also added that the sales mission is made to create market, create trade and create reason to travel. As such, there could  be events that will exchange professionals, exchange of sport events, exchange of youth and exchange of students. In which, one example that ConGen has highlighted was the presence of a good medical school in Davao City wherein 1200 students from India have enrolled. He added that why not for Indonesians? Davao City is nearer to Manado compare to bringing the students to farther places and more expensive. Aside from that, ConGen has shared that in two (2) years they have participated nineteen (19) expos and six (6) of which are solo expos organized by the consulate. These promotional activities are done to make long term deals.
Deputy Director Pelitasari Giving Updates
Together with ConGen Napitupulu is the Deputy Director of Promotion for the Philippines and Sulawesi, Mrs. Afrida Pelitasari. She has shared that they have a challenging target for next year that is to have 260,000 Filipino visitors. However, she is hopeful with their five (5) marketing strategy approach to strengthen engagement, to wit: 1) travel mart, 2) fam trip (family or friends trip), 3) sales mission (which is the recent event), 4) Indonesia festival and 5) integrated marketing program with the cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and airlines, as well as, opening of new air routes.
Table Top Sessions for Tour Familiarization

Consul Endah with Raffle Winners
Indeed, the sales mission is a very exciting event which hopes to bring a fruitful future between the Philippines and Indonesia, especially in Davao City. There are cultural shows made by Indonesian dancers, play of tourism promotional ad campaign videos, also a healthy discussion of tour agents and tour operators from Indonesia with Davao tour operators in exploring possible cooperation and one of the most awaited part is the raffle of Indonesian made items and tour packages.
Winners of Tour Packages All-Expense Paid
Terima Kasih, Indonesia! I hope and pray that the Davao-Manado route will be revived and made sustainable in the future. For further information, visit:

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Travel | Xiamen Airlines Launches Direct Flight from Davao to Quanzhou

This December 18 will start a new international destination from Davao: Davao City, Philippines to Quanzhou, China. Davao International Airport has three (3) existing international flights, to wit: Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Now, Quanzhou will be the 4th international destination coming from Davao City brought by Xiamen Airlines.

Davao City will be very excited to show its culture to the Chinese visitors. Davao City, as home to 11 tribes, will exhibit arts and dances that will welcome the visitors with much color. A visit to the areas of conservation like the Philippine Eagle Foundation will also be a good opportunity to see the mighty eagle and visit the countryside of the city. Not so far, there are beautiful white sand beaches also that tourists will love to dip in. Also, fresh, good food will be enjoyed!

Something that will interest our travelers…

If you wish to be in a historical and cultural city, Quanzhou is one of them in China. Tourists will enjoy beautiful attractions in the city. It is home of a large Buddhist complex, the Kaiyuan Temple, wherein tourists can observe monks praying, can roam around beautiful gardens and have some souvenir items. As a historical destination, some museums are good to visit too!

For those nature lover and hikers, Mount Qingyuan is there to show you the beauty of nature and the city view.

Also, there are so much food that can be tasted with bunch of sea food, noodles and grilled meat. For tea lovers out there, ceremonial tea may be in your bucket list to experience and taste.

Both destinations will show their best to tell a story. Both will be worth a visit. Both are sister cities. 

Flight schedules twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) are as follows:
Quanzhou (JJN) - Davao (DVO) flight MF8679 departs at 09:00H and arrives at 12:15H
DVO - JJN flight MF8680 departs at 13:50H and arrives at 16:30H

But I hope visa processing from Davao to Quanzhou will be easy. Consulate of China in Davao can serve visa processing. :-)

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Culture | Witnessed Panaghiusa Festival in Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental

Me, Te Jojie and Pretty Lumad Kids
I really have fascination on culturally-inclined activities in any part of our country. Seeing such activities amaze me and make me feel that there’s a lot to explore especially when it comes to traditions. I also think that this is an underutilized strength when it comes to tourism, especially that our regions are home to various indigenous people.
Showcase of Tribes
Mat Weaving/Making
Tribal Game: Kadang
Tribal Game: Bunong-braso
Jewelry Making
Panaghiusa Festival is like a festival showcasing the indigenous culture in the country through the Department of Education. A chance to witness Panaghiusa Festival at Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental last month, for the division leg of the Indigenous People’s Month celebration, was a great opportunity to see the different tribes of Davao Occidental. It was also fun to witness that there are a lot of activities like tribal games, mat making, jewelry making, poster making and others that will really make the indigenous people express their craft in this modern times. Thus, the activity was really making the culture alive and visible to-date. Those who won the competition in each game were the one’s who will represent the division for the regional feat. The activity will always be part of the National Indigenous People’s Month celebration among Department of Education supervised schools.
Proclamation of AO Joyce Mariscal as Bia Apanday
Aside from seeing those outdoor activities, it was also a first for me to witness how a non-lumad was adopted to become part of the community. In which, our friend, Admin Officer Joyce Mariscal was given the name Bia Apanday. She was given the name with the people’s trust and confidence of her services in the community.

Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental has a lot to offer. They have beautiful beaches like the little boracay (which I will visit again soon) and oh my goodness, I cannot forget the sina! Sina is bigger than the mussels and I know they are just relatives. LOL What I like about the sina? It is bigger, full and it has a distinct taste which I can not explain, but all I can say is it delicious.
The Yummy Sinai
The Davao Region is really home to many culturally-rich traditions and practices, nature’s beauty and fascinating food for the hungry tummy. This is among the reasons why it is fun to explore the Philippines!
The Municipal Hall of Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental
We would like to thank the invitation of the Municipality of Sta. Maria, together with the Department of Education Division of Davao Occidental for the opportunity to witness the event. Also, thank you for visiting my avenue,!

Travel | Bigger Show Arena at the Davao Crocodile Park

Orange Kisses His Daddy (trainer)
Traveling to Davao City, one of the parks that will surely be part of one’s itinerary is the Davao Crocodile Park. It is the nearest park in the city with an animal encounter: you can touch some reptiles, feed some birds and fishes. Those are just among the experiences you will have when you are in the park.
Pangil: Largest Living Crocodile in the Philippines
The park is home to lots of crocodiles. Aside from that, the park is considered a rescue center of some species surrendered and needing some care before they are released back to the wild. That is a very noble work of the park’s crew and everybody in the organization! Well, that is part of the park’s mission: to increase awareness of wonderful species in the country and introduce some animal ambassadors to represent the animal kingdom for a close encounter.
Davao Crocodile Park New Arena
Just recently, the Davao Crocodile Park has launched its bigger arena for their Save Our Species animal presentation! Yes, a bigger space that can accommodate around 800 pax; an arena that is way way bigger than the former. The show is shown every day at 10 in the morning and you will enjoy the 45-minute animal entertain. :-)

I enjoyed this show so much and getting acquainted with the animals is such a lovely experience! At the beginning of the show is the parade of animals. They look very adorable!!! Yes, they do it flawlessly.
Alexis the Eagle
The mighty eagle (alexis) spreads its wings and fly freely in the airspace of the arena with the trainer’s cue - that’s very cool! Aside from alexis, the hornbill (bill) shows its very colorful characteristic and flies freely in the arena, too! Then, check out the source of your civet coffee, civet (teddy) slowly crawls at a branch in the arena - that’s cute!
Trainer and Scopy
Then, a nocturnal friend is awake, the owl (scopy) will show you its cuteness! Another nocturnal friend is still awake, bat (batman) flies and hangs where the trainer is.
Benie the Bearcat
Next, I got amazed with the bearcat (benie). Benie crawls in a branch and eats upside down. Well, he is really putting up a good show there. I have been saying about crawling animals… Well, lo and behold, the snakes (lala and lulu) might be just at your own necks. :-p

The cutest of them all, hey there dear orangutan (orange)! Orange acts like a child. He is respectful and loving.

I really enjoyed the show as an adult. I really do! Encounter with animals really interests me. Well, I have some few evidences here…
Scopy and me
Pangil and me
Me and Harby
Aside from the animal show, you’ll witness Pangil’s might with the giant crocodile encounter. Not only that, during the feeding time, you can observe the tiger (sultan) climb. You can see a lot of feeding in the park, in which, feeding the crocodile is one and see them dance, too! Another feeding session can be with the ostriches and the fishes!
Crocodile Dance
In the park, the lizard’s area, you’ll observe the model pose’s of the huge iguanas. You can also catch the humungous big shell tortoise (harby)  inside and have a chance to get that selfie with it. Turtles are also there doing some poses, too. The iguanas have a competitor at this side of the park. LOL
Iggy's Pose
At the park, every weekends, a specutacular fire show will be showcased. This is one of my favorites because they have a different choreography! It is like having some fire ritual at the riverbank which is significant for the early settles of the Davao river. It is shown every 4 in the afternoon of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Sultan the tiger
Aside from the main crocodile park, you can enjoy exploring other sections in the vicinity. Try to see the butterflies at the Davao butterfly house and immerse yourself in the indigenous people’s houses at Tribu K’ Mindanawan. If you feel hungry, there are places to eat, too! Experience exotic food and have a happy tummy - a boodle fight is interesting!
Boodle Fight
Have I shared too much? Well, that is why Davao Crocodile Park is really one of the destinations in Davao CIty. You’ll enjoy the place as I have enjoyed it!

Thank you Davao Crocodile Park for this experience! Thank you Sir Brent (marketing-in-charge), Ma’am Shane (show presentor) and Dr. Gideon (resident veterinarian) for accompanying us! Thank you also for visiting my avenue,!

Food | Starbucks Ready for the Christmas Season

Starbucks Travel Organizer for the Seaon's Promo
Christmas season has already started in the Philippines as the "ber" month got into the calendar. Yes, you'll hear Christmas jingles already played anywhere and see some decorative displays pertaining the season. It is also a season when people gets excited on some food items to be put back on the menu and even some Christmas merchandises are making some surprises! Does that make you feel excited, too? Of course, it does!

Starbucks Philippines has set some surprises this year, too! Quite a number of food items, around fourteen (14), and drinks to be put in their Christmas menu. Not only that, the most awaited Starbucks organizer/planner and card will make a new wave. Yes, it is coming very soon!

Here are some of the food and drink items that will make your Starbucks experience very delightful this Christmas season, to wit:
The Baked Cheese Tart
1) The Baked Cheese Tart. It is one of my favorites! Why? It is because it points me back to a familiar taste, I know I have tasted but I forgot what that is but yes, I liked it! Well, you got to taste it too!
The Baked Burrito
2) The Baked Burrito. This is a shift from its original presentation that will wrapped towards an open baked burrito, which is healthier. This has pork which non-pork eaters cannot savour, but the taste is really good like a Mexican burrito presented differently.
The Chocolate Oat Cheesecake
3) The Chocolate Oat Cheesecake. It is an O-M-G! Yes, the chocolate lover in me is very much delightful with its chocolatey taste, some layers of oats alongside and much of the usual cheesecake. It is so heaven! A bit heavy but very fulfilling with your chocolate craving. It makes me drool, even thinking about it. LOL
The Vanilla Blueberry Cake
4) The Vanilla Blueberry Cake. This is the counterpart of the chocolate oat cheesecake. This is a light cake but very satisfying. The sweet tooth in me makes me dream and guilt-free to have another slice on my plate. The cake is soft, moist and fluffy with the blueberry filled in layers. Yum! Yum! Yum!
The best barista explaining the Christmas blend
5) The Christmas blend. I am pretty sorry if I am not much a coffee fan, but this coffee is really aromatic, fragrant. Tasted it and after the sip, it doesn’t stuck in your throat. It is like clearing out your esophagus with such a tasty coffee. For me, this is good! Well, I still want more tea! :p
The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha
6) The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Again, I am not much of a coffee fan but I am enjoying this beverage. Why? It is because of the toffee nut crunch it has that makes me enjoy biting. It is a right blend and not too sweet. It is pretty good! It can be served hot or cold.
Hot Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha
7) The Peppermint Mocha. O-M-G! Yes, again, not much of a coffee fan but sipping it is having Christmas in your mouth! The colors, taste and soothing peppermint makes me sing jingle bells! It can also be served hot or cold.

Aside from the food… there’s more!
Starbucks Christmas edition and special edition cards
Special edition cards
Yes, Starbucks Philippines will have four (4) special edition cards to launch, and three (3) Christmas edition cards with 1 Maligayang Pasko card made especially for us! In Asia, we have one of the unique Christmas card by Starbucks, localized in terms.
2 designs of Starbucks travel organizer
Not only that, the most awaited Starbucks organizer/planner will come in four (4) designs this year. You read it right, it will come in four (4) designs: two (2) designs will be put in pouch with a special edition card in different colors, and another two (2) designs fit for the travelers also with a special edition card in different colors.
2 designs of Starbucks organizer
To avail of these, you need to complete coupon in the Starbucks Philippines app for the organizer. Isn’t that easier? You will need your smart phone and the app, it comes handy! The more you visit and avail Starbucks beverages, the more chances of getting the organizer fast!

That is a Merry Christmas already! Thank you very much, Starbucks Philippines! It excites me, it excites you; come November 2 and it starts from there!

Thank you for visiting my avenue,!