Travel | Bigger Show Arena at the Davao Crocodile Park

Orange Kisses His Daddy (trainer)
Traveling to Davao City, one of the parks that will surely be part of one’s itinerary is the Davao Crocodile Park. It is the nearest park in the city with an animal encounter: you can touch some reptiles, feed some birds and fishes. Those are just among the experiences you will have when you are in the park.
Pangil: Largest Living Crocodile in the Philippines
The park is home to lots of crocodiles. Aside from that, the park is considered a rescue center of some species surrendered and needing some care before they are released back to the wild. That is a very noble work of the park’s crew and everybody in the organization! Well, that is part of the park’s mission: to increase awareness of wonderful species in the country and introduce some animal ambassadors to represent the animal kingdom for a close encounter.
Davao Crocodile Park New Arena
Just recently, the Davao Crocodile Park has launched its bigger arena for their Save Our Species animal presentation! Yes, a bigger space that can accommodate around 800 pax; an arena that is way way bigger than the former. The show is shown every day at 10 in the morning and you will enjoy the 45-minute animal entertain. :-)

I enjoyed this show so much and getting acquainted with the animals is such a lovely experience! At the beginning of the show is the parade of animals. They look very adorable!!! Yes, they do it flawlessly.
Alexis the Eagle
The mighty eagle (alexis) spreads its wings and fly freely in the airspace of the arena with the trainer’s cue - that’s very cool! Aside from alexis, the hornbill (bill) shows its very colorful characteristic and flies freely in the arena, too! Then, check out the source of your civet coffee, civet (teddy) slowly crawls at a branch in the arena - that’s cute!
Trainer and Scopy
Then, a nocturnal friend is awake, the owl (scopy) will show you its cuteness! Another nocturnal friend is still awake, bat (batman) flies and hangs where the trainer is.
Benie the Bearcat
Next, I got amazed with the bearcat (benie). Benie crawls in a branch and eats upside down. Well, he is really putting up a good show there. I have been saying about crawling animals… Well, lo and behold, the snakes (lala and lulu) might be just at your own necks. :-p

The cutest of them all, hey there dear orangutan (orange)! Orange acts like a child. He is respectful and loving.

I really enjoyed the show as an adult. I really do! Encounter with animals really interests me. Well, I have some few evidences here…
Scopy and me
Pangil and me
Me and Harby
Aside from the animal show, you’ll witness Pangil’s might with the giant crocodile encounter. Not only that, during the feeding time, you can observe the tiger (sultan) climb. You can see a lot of feeding in the park, in which, feeding the crocodile is one and see them dance, too! Another feeding session can be with the ostriches and the fishes!
Crocodile Dance
In the park, the lizard’s area, you’ll observe the model pose’s of the huge iguanas. You can also catch the humungous big shell tortoise (harby)  inside and have a chance to get that selfie with it. Turtles are also there doing some poses, too. The iguanas have a competitor at this side of the park. LOL
Iggy's Pose
At the park, every weekends, a specutacular fire show will be showcased. This is one of my favorites because they have a different choreography! It is like having some fire ritual at the riverbank which is significant for the early settles of the Davao river. It is shown every 4 in the afternoon of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Sultan the tiger
Aside from the main crocodile park, you can enjoy exploring other sections in the vicinity. Try to see the butterflies at the Davao butterfly house and immerse yourself in the indigenous people’s houses at Tribu K’ Mindanawan. If you feel hungry, there are places to eat, too! Experience exotic food and have a happy tummy - a boodle fight is interesting!
Boodle Fight
Have I shared too much? Well, that is why Davao Crocodile Park is really one of the destinations in Davao CIty. You’ll enjoy the place as I have enjoyed it!

Thank you Davao Crocodile Park for this experience! Thank you Sir Brent (marketing-in-charge), Ma’am Shane (show presentor) and Dr. Gideon (resident veterinarian) for accompanying us! Thank you also for visiting my avenue,!

Food | Starbucks Ready for the Christmas Season

Starbucks Travel Organizer for the Seaon's Promo
Christmas season has already started in the Philippines as the "ber" month got into the calendar. Yes, you'll hear Christmas jingles already played anywhere and see some decorative displays pertaining the season. It is also a season when people gets excited on some food items to be put back on the menu and even some Christmas merchandises are making some surprises! Does that make you feel excited, too? Of course, it does!

Starbucks Philippines has set some surprises this year, too! Quite a number of food items, around fourteen (14), and drinks to be put in their Christmas menu. Not only that, the most awaited Starbucks organizer/planner and card will make a new wave. Yes, it is coming very soon!

Here are some of the food and drink items that will make your Starbucks experience very delightful this Christmas season, to wit:
The Baked Cheese Tart
1) The Baked Cheese Tart. It is one of my favorites! Why? It is because it points me back to a familiar taste, I know I have tasted but I forgot what that is but yes, I liked it! Well, you got to taste it too!
The Baked Burrito
2) The Baked Burrito. This is a shift from its original presentation that will wrapped towards an open baked burrito, which is healthier. This has pork which non-pork eaters cannot savour, but the taste is really good like a Mexican burrito presented differently.
The Chocolate Oat Cheesecake
3) The Chocolate Oat Cheesecake. It is an O-M-G! Yes, the chocolate lover in me is very much delightful with its chocolatey taste, some layers of oats alongside and much of the usual cheesecake. It is so heaven! A bit heavy but very fulfilling with your chocolate craving. It makes me drool, even thinking about it. LOL
The Vanilla Blueberry Cake
4) The Vanilla Blueberry Cake. This is the counterpart of the chocolate oat cheesecake. This is a light cake but very satisfying. The sweet tooth in me makes me dream and guilt-free to have another slice on my plate. The cake is soft, moist and fluffy with the blueberry filled in layers. Yum! Yum! Yum!
The best barista explaining the Christmas blend
5) The Christmas blend. I am pretty sorry if I am not much a coffee fan, but this coffee is really aromatic, fragrant. Tasted it and after the sip, it doesn’t stuck in your throat. It is like clearing out your esophagus with such a tasty coffee. For me, this is good! Well, I still want more tea! :p
The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha
6) The Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. Again, I am not much of a coffee fan but I am enjoying this beverage. Why? It is because of the toffee nut crunch it has that makes me enjoy biting. It is a right blend and not too sweet. It is pretty good! It can be served hot or cold.
Hot Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha
7) The Peppermint Mocha. O-M-G! Yes, again, not much of a coffee fan but sipping it is having Christmas in your mouth! The colors, taste and soothing peppermint makes me sing jingle bells! It can also be served hot or cold.

Aside from the food… there’s more!
Starbucks Christmas edition and special edition cards
Special edition cards
Yes, Starbucks Philippines will have four (4) special edition cards to launch, and three (3) Christmas edition cards with 1 Maligayang Pasko card made especially for us! In Asia, we have one of the unique Christmas card by Starbucks, localized in terms.
2 designs of Starbucks travel organizer
Not only that, the most awaited Starbucks organizer/planner will come in four (4) designs this year. You read it right, it will come in four (4) designs: two (2) designs will be put in pouch with a special edition card in different colors, and another two (2) designs fit for the travelers also with a special edition card in different colors.
2 designs of Starbucks organizer
To avail of these, you need to complete coupon in the Starbucks Philippines app for the organizer. Isn’t that easier? You will need your smart phone and the app, it comes handy! The more you visit and avail Starbucks beverages, the more chances of getting the organizer fast!

That is a Merry Christmas already! Thank you very much, Starbucks Philippines! It excites me, it excites you; come November 2 and it starts from there!

Thank you for visiting my avenue,!

Health | Palliative Care: Comfort Beyond Prescription

House of Hope Icon
Are you aware about palliative and hospice care? Do you know that it exists in a hospital or a chronic care facility? Have you seen or even experienced such a service?

Perhaps many will attribute it to care for the dying or the more usual association with cancer stricken patients. However, palliative and hospice care is one that covers a very broad spectrum, collaborative in nature, holistic in approach and involves processes before an individual approach end of life.

Truly, it is quite a challenging opportunity to learn about health care system per se. More so, of the health care system that we have. From the basics to terminologies to specialization, it is flocked with knowledge that can truly open one’s understanding of the same. Add to that the many other sub-specialties wherein palliative medicine is involved.

Death is inevitable. Of how and when, the answer remains a mystery even to the most intuitive of being. Before the end, there are stages, phases and processes that an individual will experience — including significant others that can verily affect one’s quality of life.

As a nurse, I can attest to such experiences. Usually, patients will undergo DABDA or the stages of coping with the idea of dying. DABDA is denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All of which involves psychosocial intervention with the family.

These processes entail not only of psychosocial aspect but also, pain management while undergoing such ordeal. This is where palliative medicine comes in – the need to attend on biomedical aspect with psychosocial support.

The month of October, as set forth by the Medicine Division of Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), is known as the Palliative and Hospice Care Awareness Month. The movement is headed by Dr. Rojim Sorrosa. This is in line with the celebration of the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.

Dr. Sorrosa and his team are the change agents that help promote the services and help patients feel liberation from pain. Their division is very proactive and extends an extra mile for the patients.
It has been stereotyped that palliative care is received mainly by patients with cancer. As discussed by Dr. Sorrosa, cancer is represented well with palliative care but not exclusive to it.

Palliative care is, in reality, an approach that can be given to any patient suffering from life threatening and serious diseases. It may involve patients with burns, those with upcoming surgery, with chronic diseases like kidney disease, individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS, severe head injuries, vehicular accident, trauma, and other cases from the pediatrics, nursery, internal medicine, neurologic and even dermatology department.

Yes, palliative care can be applied to many cases in the hopes of alleviating one’s level of anxiety by giving comfort to patients and families as they undergo stages and phases together.

The palliative and hospice care is not a new practice in the medical and allied health field. Only that, here in the Philippines, the program is not yet a national mandate through the Department of Health.

Said to be an underutilized strength in our health care system, truly there is a need for this to be applied and maximized.

Yes, we can produce the best health workers for the world to know but there is also a need for the best in our community. Their presence will help the community be equipped with better coping mechanism in terms of inevitable circumstances. In the process, it will also help families experience quality of life despite the situation.

The task is not easy. Likened to a ministerial job, it deals with patients experiencing pain and coming in to terms with end of life. It involves courage, patience and the determination to forego negativity amidst the situation. There is even a need for oriented volunteers or allied health workers to help families needing hospice and palliative care in the community.

As a nurse, I hope that in the future, it will be realized that a chronic care facility in every municipal or city through district hospitals or health centers is needed. Just like what Dr. Sorrosa said, “The real success indication of this is when the system is embedded in Department of Health, insurances, microfinances…”. It may be a very ambitious thing but there really is a need that must be realized. Indeed, Palliative Care Because I (we) Matter.
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Event | TechUp Pilipinas, Union Bank Harnessing Technology for Agri

LR: Ms. Park, Ms. Cuisia, Mr. Duarte, Dir. Hassan, Ms.Rubio, Mr. Aguda and Ms. Maclang.
photo credit: Geiser Maclang
The Philippines is among the agricultural countries in the world that shows a big gap of demand versus supply or production. Hence, it is evident of much importation instead of exportation that is pretty ironic for an agricultural nation. The country lacks with farmers who will sustain the production for the demand. The youth, especially, are among those not interested to farming even their families come from the industry. Here comes a collaboration of the private and public sector to increase awareness of agricultural needs with the use of technology, let's take a moment to TECH UP AGRI!

Many young people of this new generation are more focused of technological advancement like doing some software or applications useful for everyday life. The world even adopts more digital transaction from inventory to payment and even prediction of things in the future. There is what we call the artificial intelligence, block chain and others. These are also the things that TechUp Pilipinas and Union Bank see as an opportunity to have the youth take a look of the agricultural industry and allow them to assess and find a digital solution or system to help the agricultural sector.

There are a number of young groups who convene for a 2-day hackathon. It is the 10th in the series but first in Mindanao. Davao City at Enderun Tent, Azuela Cove, is the host of the event wherein featured technology experts and thought leaders, including Mon Duarte, Senior Vice President of Union Bank; Clint Hassan, Director of Information and Communications Technology at the Department of Agriculture; Ann Cuisia, the Founder and CEO of TraXion; Nico Gonzales, the Director of Marketing and Sales of Xlog; Mario Salazar, Founder and Chief Technical and Product Officer of Acudeen Technologies; and Jayjay Viray, Founder of Agrigrocer. Not only that, tech advocate and co-convenor of TechUp Pilipinas, Amor Maclang is there.

Mr. Duarte has shared the bank’s vision of reaching out to the agri sector for financing. Director Hassan has shared the potential of technology in helping farmers be identified properly with their crops and support that can be given to them. Ms. Cuisia has shared their experience using blockchain in Cagayan de Oro and Leyte. Mr. Gonzales has shared roles of logistics in the industry. Mr. Salazar has shared about choosing agribusinesses as an option of business. Ms. Viray has shared about farm to table mode through technology.

The agriculture industry is close to my heart as this is also the industry where some of my family members are in. Yes, we are a family of farmers. It was rice fields then but now with banana plantation. There are really struggles being a farmer especially with undetermined rainfall then sudden flooding or no rain at all and drought. Then where to bring the crops, but with good network and connections, it will help a lot. However, not all have the network and connections; hopefully, the technology that will be developed will give that network and connection.

Also, I hope that this hackathon will not just end there. The products of such event should be scaled up after the development. It has been observed also that the Philippines is among the slowest in terms of individuals doing a scale up of products. The hackathon event is a trigger but hopefully there will be a sustenance of these projects. It may be a very good chance for the government to step up and make these projects be scaled however because of many processes to undergo, it discourages many to have a partnership. But it shouldn’t always be the case, there has to be continuous development and making these projects live like another technology worthy to be in somebody’s smartphone.

That being said, technology can really help in many ways but not really the immediate solution. It can be part of the process. Technology can provide a massive data that can be used for decision making by local government units and even by the Department of Agriculture. Also, a concern on land conversion must be brought up and these converted lands should still include agriculture section or farming area that will serve as a reminder of even in land conversion there has to be some continuous food production. Yes, I agree, there has to be a step to TECH UP AGRI!

Thank you for visiting my avenue, and thank you Geiser Maclang for the invitation and opportunity for this learning.

Lifestyle | Globe #makeITsafePH : How Do You Use Your Mobile Data?

The Philippines is among the world’s widest user of the world wide web. Yes, approximately 67 million internet users doing a surf in this vast world. Given this kind of statistics and lifestyle, have you ever asked yourself how you act in the internet? Who are you in the world wide web? Or how do you use your mobile data? Perhaps, let’s do this often and Globe #makeITsafePH campaign be one of your advocacies.

At the start of the 21st century, using the computer and internet had been part of the curriculum. Students were taught of basic computer applications and how to use the internet; during those times, we used dial-up connection.

Well, in this digital age, there’s a rapid change of connectivity. We observe it from a dial-up to wifi connection and even using mobile data anytime, anywhere. May I borrow some words from a familiar action movie, Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility.” It is true even to this very day and even in the future. Getting inspiration from these words, #makeITsafePH urges us to be responsible netizens.

But how do you use your mobile data? Many usually use their mobile data for entertainment of all kinds and social media accounts - it can be all day and all night. That has always been the case but should not always be the case. It can be seen that many are using social media accounts for communicating with friends, officemates and even dating. Aside from social media accounts, many play some online games connecting with the world.

However, there's so much that can be done with your mobile data. You can do research, blogging, influence people with factual information, do online transactions to pay bills and others, thus, making your mobile data usage PRODUCTIVE!

Using the mobile data is empowering people to share any information. Yes, any information that needs to be factual. Aside from being factual, it should be responsibly disseminated. Thus, we need to #makeITsafePH.

More over, we really need to cleanse a bit of some habits of sharing unverified things. There has to be a mindful culture of things done online. It can affect you, your family and even a community. To have a safer community, reality and virtually, make a healthier online habit always. Cheers!

Thank you for visiting my avenue,

Don't hesitate to share your insights and comment.

Food | Asian Progressive Cuisine at Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co

Chef Patrick Co and the Asian Cow staff ready to cook
Asia has a lot of tasteful flavors. These flavors are brought in one setting at Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co! Yes, Asian Cow has an Asian Progressive Cuisine that will be enjoyed by many Asian food lovers. Check them out at Mabini St. corner Quirino Avenue, Davao City on June 8, 2018 at 6 PM as they start to serve their very tasty dishes. I am pretty sure you’ll gonna love it!

They have a lot in menu. Almost all they serve are good for sharing among 3 to 4 individuals. Their rice is always jasmine rice. That’s a good way to taste many of the dishes at Asian Cow. Every now and then, they’ll be adding something new in their menu. Isn’t that exciting? Of course! I’ll be sharing my top 5 favorites!

Since I love many salads, here are among the two of my favorites.

Thai beef salad
Spicy tuna and kani salad
There are spices in this salad which really play in my mouth, though my spice tolerance is not that high yet I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy every flavor of the Thai beef and spicy tuna with all the garnishing. The salads are balanced and very healthy. Very good as part of the appetizers!

Szechuan glazed squid
Many are familiar with calamares. Yes, the cut of the squid is somewhat similar but this one has so much flavorful spices and sauce! It plays well in your mouth. I really am loving this one plus the squid is cooked enough and not rubbery. Approved!

Salad egg batter fried salmon with garlic aioli
I really love salmon. With this creative dish with lots of flavor, I am like in heaven! The salmon is cooked to perfection, soft and tasty! More rice please!

Chicken satay with pickles, spiced coconut cream
This grilled chicken dish is close to my heart. I love these with much Asian spices. Really perfect for a meal!
Some drinks and dishes
The drinks! Especially the fresh lime iced tea with muscovado is a surprise! Why? It is because there are spices that my tongue is receiving from the dishes but after drinking the tea, my tongue is washed generously. I mean, my palate is again ready to munch any food served in the table. That’s pretty cool! I also love their Asian Cow Iced Coffee. If you wish to add sweetness on your drinks, pour some sugar syrup. :-)

However, don’t get me wrong, those are my favorites. My taste is different from yours. However, the dishes at the Asian Cow are really tasty and not commercialized! It is like eating straight from home. Other dishes they have are as follows:

Main course
Grilled half chicken sambal
Mussels and shrimp in coconut ginger broth
"Asian Cow" friend chicken
US Angus grain fed beef cheek curry

Steamed jasmine rice
Stir fried rice noodles in tamarind glaze

Angus beef and basil spring rolls
As the Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co will fully open to the public this June 8, 2018, visit them to taste what you’ve seen from this blog and taste what I have tasted together with some media friends and influencers. Aside from the food, you can also enjoy the artistic touches inside the restaurant - very instagrammable!

Congratulations, Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co!

Thank you for dropping by my avenue,!