Event | Pinoy Interactive Entertainment to Launch May 23!!!

(From left) ABS-CBN Head of Digital Jamie Lopez, Kroma Entertainment CEO Ian Monsod and 917Ventures Managing Director Vince Yamat mark the launch of tradigital and interactive channel PIE.

Celebs, content creators introduced as ‘PIE jocks’
New revolutionary TV and digital channel PIE, short for Pinoy Interactive Entertainment, is here to give the traditional viewing experience a digital upgrade starting May 23. Prepare to have the ride of your life with PIE’s exuberant jocks and be among winners of cash prizes from a total pot of P10 million by tuning in to BEAM on TV or via the PIE website.
Get ready to win the day as everyone’s favorite neighbor, “Mayora” Frances Cabatuando of Home Buddies Facebook community, brings you relevant information, inspiring stories, and positive energy every 7 a.m. at PIESILOG. With her are resident “Kikay” Sela Guia, “Kwelang Kuya ng Lahat” Tristan Ramirez, “Bibong Artist” Raco Ruiz, “Good Boy Charmer” Jae Miranda, and “VJ na Laging May Say” Eryka Lucas.
Come noon, BARANGAY PIE will be your jolly lunch buddy.  Join the antics of “Ang Tito Mong Mayor” Mayor TV, “Ang Muse ng Barangay” Abby Trinidad, “Barangay Talak-Tokerist” Ruth Paga, “Sawsawera ng Barangay” Sunshine Teodoro, “Barangay Queen Sirena” Inah Evans, “Barangay Sexy-Tary” Patsy Reyes, and “Sizt-mosa ng Barangay” Coco Cordero.
This mix of personalities found in an ordinary Pinoy community offers off-center news in amusing and witty ways– the perfect break from tiresome work and school stuff.
The excitement continues at 4:00 p.m. daily.  PIEGALINGAN, a different kind of talent variety show, runs on air to celebrate the uniqueness of contestants not usually highlighted on TV. PIEGALINGAN hosts “G sa Lahat ng Gimik” and “Try-It” actor/streamer Ralph Malibunas, “Reynang All-Out ang Support” beauty queen/actress Sam Bernardo, and “Bidabro” and “Promotor ng Trip” actor/host Eris Aragoza will be around to cheer on the achievements of contestants, may they be big or small.
Aside from non-stop fun and entertainment, PIE’s winning block PIENALO offers an interactive experience wherever you may be in the Philippines, with numerous prizes at stake.  
You can enjoy this interactive experience via your mobile phone with “Goal-Oriented Achiever” Eian Rances, “Ang Raketerang Breadwinner ng Visayas” Nicki Morena, “Happy-Go-Lucky Bunso ng TroPIE” Kevin Montillano, and well-loved chef, Ninong Ry. These PIENALO jocks understand how difficult certain choices can be and the realities of those from various backgrounds.
New revolutionary TV and digital channel PIE, short for Pinoy Interactive Entertainment, starts airing on May 23 with an assembly of exuberant jocks who will deliver a brand new entertainment experience to the Filipino audience in interactive shows.
Classic game show “Pera o Bayong” levels up on PIE with a new interactive format, with prizes given away every hour to viewers at home. 

New revolutionary TV and digital channel PIE, short for Pinoy Interactive Entertainment, starts airing on May 23 with an assembly of exuberant jocks who will deliver a brand new entertainment experience to the Filipino audience in interactive shows.

On “Palong Follow,” PIE viewers will work together to find the Philippines’ next big digital content creator.

New revolutionary TV and digital channel PIE, short for Pinoy Interactive Entertainment, starts airing on May 23 with an assembly of exuberant jocks who will deliver a brand new entertainment experience to the Filipino audience in interactive shows.

If you have the inner “Marites” in you, then PIE Night Long is your perfect evening partner. The program features buzz-worthy, modern Pinoy stories where you can share your views and feelings and be involved in the storytelling process. On “UZI,” the country’s first interactive teleserye, viewers have a say on what happens next and write the story together.
Hosted by “Fun-Loving and Woke Gen Z” Aaron Maniego, “The Hopeless Romantic Love Guru” Karen Bordador, and “The Sweet and Conservative Musician” Renee Dominique, PIE Night Long is a place where you can comfortably share your deepest fears and insecurities or your life’s greatest highs.
To celebrate the launch, PIE is giving away P10 million in cash prizes to viewers for three months, starting from its launch date. So be engaged with our shows, join our games and stand a chance to win!
The channel will also launch its official song and station ID on May 22, featuring artists KD Estrada, Alexa Ilacad, P-POP Girl Group BINI, Renee Dominique and John Roa.
“Filipinos long for collective fun, and PIE hopes to fill that gap. On PIE, those who watch become not just viewers but a well-engaged community that plays an active role in storytelling, game shows, and talk shows. Whether on their TV sets, laptops, desktops, or mobile devices, PIE is accessible to Filipinos who want to try a new way to consume—and play with—the shows they love,” said KROMA Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Ian Monsod.
“Here at PIE we are excited to introduce to you a new kind of viewing experience that combines the strengths of content and technology. We designed our shows for the young and young-at-heart! We made our programs interactive so viewers can participate through TV and mobile devices because we believe that they are integral slices of the PIE. Get ready for 21 hours of fun game shows, talent and variety programs, series, and talk shows every day in this new entertainment channel,” said Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN Chief Operating Officer of Broadcast.
PIE, the Philippines’ first multiscreen, real-time interactive TV channel, brings together BEAM, 917Ventures, tradigital entertainment company KROMA, and the country’s leading storyteller and content creator ABS-CBN. It starts airing on May 23, from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, accessible to 11 million digital TV households in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Naga, Baguio, and nearby provinces through partner station BEAM.  
Find the PIE channel by scanning your digibox, watch via its website pie.com.ph, YouTube (http://youtube.com/iampieofficial) or via Sky Cable Channel 21. You can also watch PIE live on GCash GLife beginning May 28, 2022. Follow PIE (@iamPIEofficial) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok for updates.

Travel | Cebu Pacific Air Expands Davao Hub; Tourism Boost is Seen!

Here's a story that the domestic tourism in the Philippines is again peaking under a pandemic but a very manageable restrictions around. Cebu Pacific Air is one the airlines that service Davao to other tourist destinations in the country. So, it's a good news the CEB is continuously expanding services and gearing towards pre-pandemic numbers. See more of the story:

The Philippines’ leading airline Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB) strives to enable everyJuan in the Davao region to travel as it further ramps up its flights to and from the Davao hub.
Right in time for the summer season where travel junkies are expected to go full swing, Cebu Pacific has recently strengthened its air connectivity in one of its Mindanao hubs, now connecting the King City of the South to renowned domestic tourism destinations without the need for connecting flights.
The Davao hub currently stands with a total of six (6) domestic routes in its direct network. Besides its direct flights to Manila which flies up to 8x daily, and Cebu which operates up to 3x daily, four (4) new routes were recently restarted in line with the airline’s push for 100% domestic capacity restoration - now, Dabawenyos can fly direct to Bohol, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, and Zamboanga.
Flight frequencies have also expanded with the Davao-Iloilo route now operating daily, and the Davao-Bohol flight set to fly thrice weekly (every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday) by May 11.
These ongoing expansions are in line with the airline’s commitment to make domestic travel easier to further jumpstart domestic tourism across the country.
“Travel confidence is at an all-time high as both the government and the tourism industry continue to prioritize health and safety among travelers. Now that flying has become considerably easier compared to a year ago, we are looking forward to flying more people and reintroducing them to the diverse and undeniable beauty of the Philippines as there are plenty to rediscover in our own country, ” said Carmina Romero, Spokesperson at Cebu Pacific.
CEB continues to offer its guaranteed low fares to stimulate travel across its widest domestic network in the Philippines, covering 33 destinations. It continues to implement a multi-layered approach to safety, while it operates with a 100% fully vaccinated crew, 90% of whom have been boosted – all to ensure its every Juan flies safely and conveniently on Cebu Pacific.


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SAGIP for the Filipinos!!!

SAGIP Partylist

It is already the election season in the Philippines. One of the things that Filipinos vote for is a partylist that will represent a sector in the society. If you haven't yet think of which party to vote, perhaps you can consider SAGIP Partylist.

SAGIP or Social Amelioration and Genuine Intervention on Poverty Partylist is seeking for re-election in the House of Representatives in the Philippines. It is among the pro-poor parties in the Philippine Congress and they have been serving the Filipinos for almost a decade already. Sagip is "to rescue" in Filipino. The focus of the group is actually really to help or rescue those who are in need.

First Nominee, Cong. Caroline L. Tanchay

The party's first nominee is Cong. Caroline L. Tanchay who happens to be not coming from a family of politicians but a family of willing to help the society. SAGIP has helped in the education and health sector wherein they linked up with government agencies and concerned parties to make quality education and universal health care system accessible to the marginalized youth and women. Aside from that, they are working on the implementation of social development programs in its adopted communities with the help of its partner people's organizations.

True to their tagline: helping the lost, the last and the least; SAGIP Partylist always gives its best! There are a number of programs and projects that the party has initiated and implemented. One of the many, they have given medical assistance; they have assisted in giving TUPAD Emergency Employment; they have bridged for a number of Tech-Voc scholars; they have donated books to some schools and public libraries; they have helped capacitate communities to start a livelihood program, and many more.

If given another chance, the party wants to be felt more in many regions by putting up satellite offices where they can be easily reached. Aside from that, the party is in good hands with a pastor who can guide the group, together with a community of pastors, may blessings pour with them. Also, a medical doctor volunteers to help in the health related activities of the party.

There's really a lot of partylist that is on the list and only ONE will be chosen by each voter. Consider SAGIP Partylist and they will cater many those in need! Don't forget number 61!

Digital Lifestyle | Kroma: A New Digital Entertainment Platform Launched!!!

The Philippines is really going digital with a lot of projects in digital. Here's another exciting digital entertainment platform that has just launched and will be known as KROMA. You can enjoy Filipino entertainment with Kroma for movies, music and many more.

Here's the story of Kroma's launching:

KROMA CEO Ian Monsod leads the launch of the new tradigital entertainment company on Wednesday in a virtual event carried out in XR, a blend of live elements and augmented reality, giving a taste of what the company has to offer.

KROMA brings ‘TraDigital’ entertainment to Pinoy audience
A new “traDigital” company backed by the 917Ventures Retirement Fund is set to revolutionize the Philippine entertainment industry with the launch of KROMA Entertainment Inc.
KROMA brings together passionate content and experienced creators, the best talent, and innovative technology to produce fresh and engaging entertainment for the Filipino audience. KROMA offers entertainment for all across screens and formats, be it high-quality films, series, TV shows, music, digital content, or events.
The company is a culmination of Globe’s years of groundwork to further enrich and future-proof the Globe Group ecosystem.
“We are excited to share KROMA with you. It’s a treasure trove of creative and innovative content that’s relevant to our audiences, featuring the country’s best creators, and talents. We are determined to forge a new path for entertainment,” says Ian Monsod, CEO of Kroma Entertainment, Inc. “Our vision is to become the leading TraDigital entertainment player in the Philippines in line with our goal of entertainment for all.”
The Globe Group is going full-scale into entertainment with KROMA, expanding its earlier venture into live events, production, publishing and music with what was then called Globe Entertainment (GENT).
KROMA’s brands offer a new entertainment experience, converging to create a more engaging, exciting, and different experience for its clients and audiences.
While revamped, LIVE MNL, a rebrand of Globe Live, still works on events and activations on ground, online and in hybrid. They are keeping the same standards that have made them a keepsake in the industry after successfully bringing to life events such as It’s A Girl Thing, ETO NA! Musikal nAPO! and the first-ever Korean virtual fan meet back in 2020.
Likewise rebranded, Globe Studios has spun off its businesses: ANIMA continues to produce award-winning and critically-acclaimed films, series and podcasts, while SECRET MENU, a full-service production house, creates branded content and television commercials.
KROMA likewise takes charge of music label PARADISE RISING, in partnership with international label 88Rising, to champion Filipino talent on the global stage. KROMA’s video-on-demand platform UPSTREAM has been home to the latest films, series and events for Filipinos everywhere.
NYMA focuses on pushing talent growth across the company's network of partners and clients. PIE, a partnership with ABS-CBN and BEAM digital television network and supported by 917Ventures, is a multi-platform, real-time, interactive entertainment channel. It provides memorable and rewarding experiences, prizes and connections for and with Filipinos.
Rounding up the KROMA roster are Wonder, a pop culture and style platform, and FreebieMNL, everyone’s destination for the latest news and deals on food and lifestyle.
Globe supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, highlighting the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. It is committed to upholding the UN Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.
To know more about Kroma, visit https://www.kroma.ph/ 


Congratulations, Kroma!!! More power and entertainment!!!

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Digital Lifestyle | Off-Grid Network Tech in Pilot Stage by Globe and Huawei

This is a very exciting development for me, yes, bringing the technology off-grid!!! As the Philippines really is an archipelago, there are a lot of places that are considered as Geographically Isolated Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA). With Globe's partnership with Huawei Technologies, the off-grid network tech will created better connectivity with the rest of the communities in the country. Not only that the technology will be at GIDA but also to disaster-prone areas. That's really exciting!!! Plus, the technology used in here is a green technology.

To read the complete story, here it is:


 #MWC22: Globe pilots off-grid network tech in remote, disaster-prone PH areas

Globe, in partnership with Huawei Technologies (HT), is piloting two off-grid green network technologies to bring connectivity to far-flung areas in the Philippines, its sustainability chief announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. The MWC is the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry.

Aligned with the global consensus and mission to achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) by 2050 and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius, Globe was invited to speak at the MWC Barcelona this year to talk about its efforts to halve its emissions by 2030, as well as achieve Net Zero GHG Emissions by 2050, anchored on the goal to create a low-carbon optical network.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP Group Corporate Communications, made the announcement during her talk on “Building a Green, Low-Carbon Network” at the Global Digital Power forum, one of the main events at the MWC 2022.

“Today in the mobile world there is a different conversation and it's about power. As mobile operators, how we influence the power sector has become an important component of our business.   At this point, all of us that practice sustainability and care for our planet will have to count the kilowatts, not just the megabytes,” said Crisanto in her presentation.

In her talk, Crisanto shared Globe’s best practices on carbon reduction strategies.  She also highlighted the business value brought by digital and intelligent green technologies.

Globe is piloting a solar solution for rural areas with limited or no access to digital technology. This system is able to use six solar panels as power source and non-line-of-sight wireless backhaul technology via cellular relay to reach challenging terrains such as mountains and valleys.

“For off-grid communities, we need to serve them and connect them as well. So we are piloting off grid solutions using only solar energy,” Crisanto said.

Second is a hybrid power solution which includes solar panels to reduce carbon emissions from diesel fuel consumption and is targeted for deployment in off-grid sites and disaster-prone areas. This intelligent alternative solution provides reliable power supply using solar power as an initial source before shifting to diesel fuel.

“For disaster response, we need to harness solar before the gensets run on diesel fuel or even batteries,” said Crisanto, noting how carbon emissions rise during typhoons and other natural disasters when commercial power becomes unavailable for prolonged periods of time.

To further manage Globe’s climate impact, HT has introduced green technologies that can be implemented to help transform Globe’s cell sites, hubs, corporate offices, and data centers into low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission facilities.

The green technologies the company has integrated include fully modular designs for on-demand deployment and flexible expansion, intelligent power supply incorporating lithium-ion battery, digital components, real-time status visualization, and efficient systems maintenance.

Globe has also partnered with key industry experts to guide and support its Climate Action strategy. The company has started its decarbonization journey by shifting its high-energy utilization facilities to renewable energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) bundled with Verified Emission Reduction (VER) certificates. Since 2014, it has also deployed fuel cell systems, direct current and DC-Hybrid generators, lithium-Ion batteries, and free cooling systems in its network.  

The Global Digital Power Forum at the MWC Barcelona was organized by Huawei Digital Power in collaboration with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Union Española Fotovoltaica (UNEF).

Globe is the first and only publicly-listed company in the Philippines committed to setting science-based targets aligned with the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal of the Paris Agreement, which aims to keep global warming below catastrophic levels and achieve Net Zero GHG emissions.

It also joined Race to Zero, a UN-backed global campaign to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer zero-carbon world by 2050.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development, and UN SDG No. 13, which seeks urgent action against climate change and its impacts. Globe is committed to upholding the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.

To learn more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph