Travel | Stay Comfortable and Affordable at Homitori

Homitori Logo
Homitori is a place where people can stay in a hostel or dorm accommodation, whether transient or monthly transaction. However, previously, the place is a warehouse that is converted to a useful compound. I have heard a lot of good things about the place that some of their guests say such as: 1) it is very clean, 2) affordable, and 3) convenient to many places and public transport, but I haven’t been inside until I got invited to see their amenities and it got me surprised!
Homitori Event Place
Homitori is located at Sta. Ana Avenue corner Bangoy Street, Davao City. The place is at the center of the city inside the vicinity of Davao Chinatown. The place is a block-wide in the avenue where first I thought that it is only a place for room accommodations. But I am wrong…they have a lot of amenities inside.
Fitness Gym
Sport Facility
Event Venue
Function Room
Cafeteria at Homitori
Homitori is home to a fitness gym, cafe, sport facility and function rooms that are all at an affordable price and can be customized according to your needs. The Homitori Fitness Gym is very affordable at P100 daily for a regular class schedule and a promo of P1200 per month with 1 month free. They have a cafe area where guests can find time to stay at and can be used as a meeting venue for as low as P3000 with P1600 consumable of food items. The most special place I think in the compound is the very big sport facility that is very clean and well-maintained with beautiful rubberized floor can be played with 3 sport such as basketball, volleyball and badminton; the facility can accommodate 200 guests on bleachers and can be used also for big events that can house 700 guests or more depending on the set up as low as P1500, wherein you can also use the shower room, comfort room, drinking fountain and shot clock. Aside from the big sport facility, they have more function rooms for special occasions or even meeting/seminar/review needs as low as P800 but more options for bigger venue.
Room Accommodation, 4 in a room
Toilet Room
Toilet Room
Shower Room
Okay, let’s not forget about the rooms for accommodation. Their rooms are well-maintained, and the place for the men and women are in separate buildings. Since the set up is a hostel or dorm type, the bath and toilet room is common but nothing to worry about because there’s a lot of cubicles and the facilities are kept clean and orderly. By the way, the accommodation is for as low as P220 daily with breakfast or P4500 monthly with breakfast, too.
Homitori Tour Participants
Indeed, I am very amazed with the cleanliness that the facility has and it is well-maintained knowing that the facility is already existing for 8 years now, everything looks great! Garbage bins are also being setup in many locations that will really remind you to throw your trash accordingly. Then, there are signage that will help you to be reminded always, including emergency plan - that’s a BIG THUMBS UP, for me! Maybe one of these days, I can try it there or let some of my guests to stay there as they visit Davao City.

Again, thank you for the invitation! For more information about function bookings, you can ring these numbers +639992279610 or +639992279611.
Me and Ms. Sey of Homitori
Thank you for visiting my avenue,!

Lifestyle Technology | Why the HP And ExpressVPN Partnership Makes Sense for User Privacy

It is not a new thing to see two different companies team together for the greater good. One of such partnerships that came to light in September comes in the way of HP and ExpressVPN.

Both of these companies are great at what they do, and they have established strong authorities in their various fields.

Of course, that is an interesting thing to hear, but what does it really mean for the end-user?

What the Partnership Means

The HP Spectre x360 13 launched in September 2019 like any other computer in the market, but it did something different. Part of the preinstalled apps on the laptop is the ExpressVPN software.

For anyone else, that might not be a big deal. For everyone who treasures their privacy and security, though, this is one of the best moves that HP – or any other laptop manufacturer for that matter – has made in a long time.

This partnership between HP and ExpressVPN brings one of the leading security software in the world to users at a time when cybersecurity threats abound more than we care to imagine.

Almost everywhere you turn to, there is one hack or the other happening. This can be a result of different attempts, and of these is the man in the middle attack. It is worthy of note that this can only happen when a user is accessing the web over unencrypted networks – which is a huge concern for public Wi-Fi networks, among others.

At other times, users are also exposed to data monitoring, traffic sniffing and such other practices by hackers when they are not on secure connections. The worst part is that many users don’t even know they are hemorrhaging sensitive data this way.

Fortunately, a VPN takes all that out of the equation.

While many know VPNs to be tools helping users change their locations at will, they do so much more than that. Given that they come with numerous servers in different parts of the world, these VPNs make it impossible for hackers to develop a tracking record on you.

Anytime you connect to the web, you get a new IP address which invalidates the previous ones.
Even if someone were to be tracking your data trail, they would get lost between all of those servers at the end of the day. Coming with 256-but encryption, it becomes impossible for hackers to even decode the server communications and unravel your internet traffic.

How better can online security get?

HP is displaying a huge model of futuristic thinking, adapting VPNs and showing to the world that they are equally an advocate for data privacy and security. We still have time for other desktop OEMs to prove themselves, but this Scepter x360 13 has already established itself as the unit to get.

Travel | Mati City’s Sunrise, Subangan Museum and Food Tour on Day 3

Sunrise in Mati City at Dahican
One of the favorite things I like to do in a place is to chase the sunrise or sunset. It has some sort of magic for me with appreciation of the beauty of nature. Mati City is a very beautiful spot for a sunrise shot as it faces the Pacific Ocean, with a wide horizon and mixes of cloud formations, on a good day. That is the first thing we have done on our 3rd day in the city, then the Subangan Museum and much of food tour.

It is an early morning schedule, around 4:00 AM, that we are very excited to greet the sun. A bit sleepy from the previous night’s activities but eventually able to get up and move towards our destination - Dahican Surf Resort (DSR). However, we have not gotten in the DSR so we have to transfer to Menzi Resort (still in Dahican). Then, we have our beautiful spot with a calming tone of the beach waves, feel of the white sand in our feet and some early birds chirping like welcoming a sunrise, too. It is indeed a beautiful scenery that one should not miss when visiting Mati City. It is a beautiful, magical moment in one’s life. 
Fresh Pako Salad
After the sunrise shoot, we have had our breakfast at Dahican Surf Resort. Actually, the wait is a bit long that like you’ll hear your hungry tummy make sounds. But a surprising parade of food has become an entertainment and I have understood why it has become that long. We have had so much on the table!!! Everything is very good!!! Really big thanks to the City Government of Mati for the opportunity!
Bangus and Tocino
Sunny Side Up Eggs
Then, we have returned to our residence at Casa Rosa. We have fixed our things and packed to continue our journey in the City of Mati wherein it is home to Subangan Museum and other fascinating food places. Let’s continue the journey then…
Me and Ms. Angie of Kuzina Virginia
Laksa sa Dagat
Lut: Rice in Bamboo Shoots
A sumptuous lunch is waiting for us at Kuzina Virginia. It is a very good place to taste a Mandaya cuisine in Mati City. Yes, it is an authentic dish with authentic ingredients from the tribe’s area. Ms. Angie David is very generous of us the opportunity to taste the dishes. It is indeed a very good dish to taste from this side of the country. They have also served some fusion of the Mandaya cuisine with other common ingredients like chicken and beef. Some spices are not to be missed here too but just subtle for you to enjoy the dish, however, if you want it spicier, you can also opt of putting more spice.
Subangan Museum
Flora and Fauna
Davao Oriental Beaches
People and Culture
One of the most beautiful museums I have seen is in Mati and it is the Subangan Museum. Why? It is because the museum is showcasing the province’s beauty, products, culture and people. You read it right, whole of the province of Davao Oriental is being showcased in the museum which I like as a tourism structure for the province. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the province, the geography, people and culture, the products and many more. I really enjoy coming back in the place whenever I have a chance to go back in Mati City.

After the museum visit, is a back to back to back snack at the Ciangi’s Cafe, Sala Cafe and Seaside.
Mati's Brew, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Moist Cake
At Ciangi’s Cafe, my immediate coffee favorite is there. Aside from that, they have mouthwatering cakes like the Carrot Cake and Moist Chocolate Cake. The carrot cake has become a favorite too! The chocolate cake is also good but my palate favors more the carrot cake. Awesome cafe at Ciangi’s!
Boom and Me at Sala Café
Sala Café Reception
Asian Tuna Sandwich and Rocky Road Frappe
Not so distant is also a coffee niche cafe, the Sala Cafe. The vibe is cozy, you are like in a living room. I like it there. The glass walls make it very pleasant and spacious. It is also very clean with very good food! Boom Balili, the cafe manager, has been very accommodating. The Asian Tuna Sandwich and one of their best sellers, Rocky Road Frappuccino are equivalently awesome! The Asian Tuna Sandwich has that kick of asian spice with beautifully toasted sandwich bread. The Rocky Road Frappe is amazing! It is a good blend!
Sir Clint of Seaside and Me
Seaside Restaurant Empanada
Seaside Lumpia
Last but not the least, the ever favorite Seaside in Mati. The empanada superstar of Mati City is from Seaside Restaurant. They also have other varieties like the lumpia, tacos and others. They have branched out to nearby places like in Pantukan and as far as Calinan in Davao City. For you to taste their empanada, they have plans of having more shops which include one in Tagum and at the city center of Davao. This family owned business is a tale of a small shop that has grown to what it is now.

So, attending the Sambuokan Festival 2019 and even after the festival, try to visit these places in Mati for your destination and food adventure. It will be a very good experience and there are a lot of options. Never settle for few destinations when there is a lot in Mati City, #MAGANAHAYNGADI!

Thank you for visiting my avenue,

Food Lifestyle | Food Panda Relaunch in Davao - A Success!

Food Panda in Davao City, Relaunched
Recently, foodpanda in Davao City has relaunched its food delivery services with more partners. Yes, they are having more and more expansion in the city.

For this month, Food Panda has treats for the many by using the code OCTOBERFEAST to get 25% off when you order P100 or more. Aside from that, new users in Davao City will also get a chance to have P100 off using the code DVOFEAST with a minimum amount of order of P199 until October 31, 2019. Isn't it exciting? Of course, it is! You will see the streets with pink riders!

In line with the relaunch, Food Panda foodcrawl to 3 food shops in Davao City also has happened.
Platter from Coffee at Yellow Hauz
First stop, Coffee at Yellow Hauz wherein we are served with their coffee and a platter of brownie, pasta, toasted bread with butter, and pizza. That is a carbohydrate load for me but I am ready to munch it! :p By the way, this coffee shop is the only more than a decade old proudly Davao brand and owned solely by Davaoenos. It is a good space to do some of your stuff and it has good wifi connection while enjoying their good food.
Healthy Dishes at Sea Green
Second stop, the Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Rooms wherein we are served with a refreshing cucumber drink, seafood kare-kare, lemon garlic chicken with garlic black rice, fish salpicao with brown rice, and tomato mozzarella penny pasta. I like this place so much with the healthy food, fresh and organic. It is indeed a café that has this concept of bringing healthy food to your table. But they don't only serve fish or vegetables, they have meat as well with chicken and beef. They are also a bed and breakfast café, wherein you can stay in their available rooms.
Sweet Treats at Confex and Co.
Last stop, the Confex & Co. Bakehouse wherein we are served with their platter of brownie, revel bars and amazing cheesy ensaymada, which I like best! Aside from that, they also have served their signature cheesecake on sticks plus some goodie cakes: red velvet, ube de leche and chocolate moist. It is a sweet tooth haven and your cravings will be satisfied.

That's just three of the many food shops you can visit or find at the foodpanda app. There's more to choose from! I would like to thank Food Panda for this opportunity to join the food crawl and hopefully for more engagements. Color the streets with pink! :-)