Lifestyle | CrossFit: Another Fitness Routine to Enjoy and Endure

Do you know Crossfit? How about Battle of the Strongest? Or are we on the same page - clueless on what really it is? And, it is a No - No - Yes answer…
Stationary Bicycle and Kettle Weights for CrossFit
At first, hearing and reading about Battle of the Strongest, I have thought of muscled people to fight inside a ring like wrestling, in another form - judo, and many other sport. Aside from that, I have thought that athletes will be wearing tight fit sport wear and pushing another athlete to win as the strongest. That’s how I perceived it, but thank you for the Visit Davao Summer Festival, I have learned about this fitness program and sport!
Tempra Battle of the Strongest Presscon with Mr. Gotohio (Manager), Mr. Go (CEO) and Mr. Co (Trainer)
Yes, CrossFit may be very new to the ears and eyes to many here in Davao City. It is actually a fitness program wherein there are variety of movements involved. It has aspects of gymnastics, weight-lifting, running, rowing and others. It can be done by all genders! In Davao City, CrossFit Madayaw is a CrossFit, Inc. affiliate gym operating since 2016 and they have two (2) branches in the city, 1) in Matina (known as CrossFit Madayaw) and 2) in Lanang (known as Madayaw North).

Ring Bars

The Battle of the Strongest CrossFit Competition 2018, as organized by CrossFit Madayaw and Visit Davao Summer Festival and sponsored by Department of Tourism, is going to happen on May 26, 2018 at Matina Town Square, Davao City. This is another event of the Visit Davao Summer Festival to promote Davao City as a sport capital during the summer season and this is on its 2nd year and the biggest CrossFit Competition in Mindanao.

How does it work? The competition is composed of mixture of gymnastics, weight-lifting, running, rowing and more. The athletes will have to get the best time, carry the heaviest weight and get the best score throughout the four (4) given workout to be declared as winner in the corresponding divisions. The ranks will then be tallied accordingly, per routine, and ranks of the athletes per workout will be computed for average to get the final rank.
Perkin (the Manager) using the kettle weights
Perkin at the bars

Actually, CrossFit is really interesting, especially among those who are really eager of making themselves fit and healthy. The gym has complete amenities for the workout and they have eight (8) 1-hour classes everyday except Sundays; there’s also a schedule for open gym wherein you can do exercises with supervision of the coaches., usually at 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM. There will be a ONE FREE trial session for the first time members! Try it out!!! Who knows, we will be among the CrossFit athletes in Davao City and joining the Battle of the Strongest in the future!

PS: Rates start as low as P1,800 for 10 session cards and drop in rate of P400.

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Event | FoodPanda Expands Services in Davao City!

Good food at your doorstep with Food Panda
Food delivery? Do you memorize the numbers? Can you easily contact them? Do you still have quality food delivered on time? Or, do you still stuck yourself on long queues to order your food? Well, something’s coming to Davao City and making life a bit easier with the use of a mobile app!

Say hello to Food Panda! FoodPanda has been doing food service delivery around the globe with more than 27, 000 partner restaurants with a use of an app! You can easily make use of the app and make orders among nearby restaurants with the tip of your hands. You can download it either on your android or IOS phones. Still, an option of using the website is available at In the Philippines, FoodPanda serves the people in Metro Manila and Cebu, now they are expanding in Mindanao and first in Davao City - come, May 2018!

Davao City will soon be colored with pink! Yes, pink! Presence of FoodPanda is easily recognizable with that color. The app, the markers in the app, and the drivers are with that color and the cute panda logo.

How to use it?
1) Download the app either on your android or IOS. If you’re using a computer, go to
2) Log-in using your Facebook account or create an account with your e-mail address.
3) Put in your current location, then select from a number of restaurants available for delivery in your area.
4) Choose among the selection and put in your orders to your basket.
5) Review your order in the basket, and once you’re done, you may click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
6) On the Checkout page, enter your discount voucher code, if you have one. Payment options include Cash on Delivery, Online Payment (credit card or paypal).
7) After placing your order, you can live track your order from confirmation until the time it arrives to your doorstep.

That’s how easy it is! Ordering through the app is doing an e-commerce and tracking like booking your TNVS. There are few reminders using the service, there will be a delivery fee of 59 pesos within 3 kilometers of range. But on your first order, you may have a free delivery by using the code: PANDAVAO!

Are you excited? I am! At least there are more options where to order food among partner restaurants and delivered right at your doorstep.
Team DDI with the FoodPanda Team at Mesa
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Travel | Enjoy the Waters of IGACOS!

Babu Santa, Talicud Island
A plunge to the beach, waterfalls and other bodies of water may be your thing during dry and hot season in the Philippines. Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), commonly known as Samal Island in Davao Region, may have some of those activities you have in mind for the season. Let’s check it out!

IGACOS is part of Davao del Norte Province wherein it lies at the middle of the Davao Gulf. It has great white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, diving spots and you can do some water sport activities. It is the nearest city from the center of Davao City wherein less than 10 minutes of roll on roll off (RORO) water vehicle ride will reach you to the port of Babak in IGACOS. One can bring their own vehicle or commute with the island city bus or with motorcycle in IGACOS.
Hagimit Falls
One of the treasures of IGACOS is the hagimit falls.
Hagimit Falls

The hagimit falls is situated 2km from Penaplata proper and entrance fee to the place is P40. Upon entering the place, one will need to walk down towards the basin of the water falls. The place is relaxing with the sound of pouring water from the steps to the basin of the water falls. The water is also cool and fresh. It is really one of the places flocked by people during the dry and hot season.
I love Samal, Kaputian Beach Resort, Kaputian, IGACOS
The best part, really, of IGACOS is the white sand beaches. It is spread around the whole island and really a place to enjoy the salty waters and have some aquatic activities. The LGU-managed resort in the island is the Kaputian Beach Resort. Entrance fee is set at P10 per pax for a day tour, but P75 for overnight stay. Rental of cottages and rooms will range from 200-400 pesos.

There are more to experience in the island and nearby island, Talicud island. These are only among the few places to visit in IGACOS. The city government of IGACOS has taken part to the ongoing Visit Davao Summer Festival, together with the provincial government of Davao del Norte Tourism office, so there's more to enjoy during the season in the island!

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Event | All Set for the Visit Davao Summer Festival 2018

Davao Region is now up for a very wide and more than 2-month long festival - the VISIT DAVAO SUMMER FESTIVAL! 
Mr. Lizada (center) with the execom and Gov. Uy
Visit Davao Summer Festival is an initiative of Mr. Benjie Lizada, together with the Department of Toursim Davao Region headed by Mr. Antonio Fernando Blanco, in participation with the different local government units and partners in Davao Region. It has a lot of summer activities that people can enjoy from different sites of the region such as in Davao City, Island Garden City of Samal, Tagum City, Mati City, Davao del Norte Province, Compostela Valley Province (with the Municipalities of Maco, Mabini, and Maragusan), Davao Oriental Province (with the Municipalities of Governor Generoso and San Isidro), and Municipality of Sta. Cruz. A total of 35 activities are to be expected that cover much of summer sport activities, travel, shopping, arts, pet shows, and nature appreciation. This region-wide festival starts from April 15-June 30, 2018.

This is such an exciting festival as it features the region more of sporting activities from highlands to islands. Yes, more of sport activities from a vertical, going to the mountains or diving the deep blue sea, and horizontal races and extreme sports - name it, you’ll gonna experience it in Davao Region. Hopefully, this will bring the region as a major sporting hub in the country especially that some events are being participated not only by the locals but with some international competitors, too.

Wayback, it is VISIT DAVAO FUN SALE! It is situated and focused only in Davao City with summer shopping sale and fun activities. With the Visit Davao Summer Festival 2018, it is wider and reaching more cities and provinces. That’s a goal of a One Davao Festival!
Show a Signed MOA with Execom and Sponsors

Inking the Memorandum of Agreement between partner local government units with the executive committee, and sponsors with executive committee is really the start of making the Visit Davao Summer Festival 2018 on the roll! Hoping to see you guys around, either shopping or sporting! ;-)

For more information about the festival as well as the roster of events, you can reach them at this LINK!

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Travel | Exploring Western Boundaries of Davao City: Itinerary and Budget

Sunrise and Sea of Clouds at Sonnen Berg Mountain View
Many would think that they have known Davao City already with the most famous icons attached to the place like the Philippine Eagle, Mt. Apo, Waling-waling and Durian. However, many don’t know yet the magic of Davao City’s western boundary that is surrounded by mountain ranges. Do you want to experience a cool weather? Do you want to witness a breath-taking sunrise with sea of clouds? Do you want to be one with nature? Of course, many want that! That’s all in one at the Marilog-Buda area of Davao City!

The Marilog-Buda Tour is really one of the things I really want to experience. I don’t want to spend so much so the best way to do it is to join a tour! As always, I join a tour and gain some friends. :-p

It is a very early departure and early breakfast from downtown Davao City, around 2:30 AM. It will take 2 hours before arriving at the first stop. The first stop is at Sonnen Berg Mountain View, the place where the sunrise is seen with sea of clouds. The place is privately owned and has an entrance fee of P50. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of people who have gone to the place very early morning. Then, it is waiting time for the first rays of the sun to show up around 5 AM. The full sunrise is seen around 6 AM. You will see the sea of clouds too with the area surrounded by mountain ranges. A Sagada-like experience, but not necessarily finding your true-love here. (hahaha) It is such a beauty!
Eagles Structure
Indigenous People Structure
Indigenous People Selling Indigenous Craft
Next stop, the Eagle Structure! It is a very huge structure of the Philippine Eagle and an eaglet with some structures of indigenous people too. Seeing this while on road travel, either commuting or by own car, will tell you that it’s part of Davao City. There are indigenous people around, too, selling some indigenous products for tourists/guest/visitors. Well, we can stop by the area anytime of the day but an early visit makes us own the area with few tourists.
Bemwa Farm
Then, next stop, Bemwa Farm! What does this farm offer? A lot! It has an entrance fee of P50 but consumable for some food. That’s another breakfast to eat. (hahaha) After eating, it is now a tour at the farm. You’ll be seeing fresh farm products and farm plants like strawberries, lettuce of different kinds and many more. It can be an experience of strawberry picking during harvest season. It is something mostly done in Baguio City or Benguet but can be experienced in this part of Davao City. Of course that is not copied there, but it is a source of livelihood and now part of tourism.
Skylab (motorcycle with wings)
Next stop, more of mountain ranges of Marilog District - Hills View and Gethsemane. Are you ready for the adventure? Yes, it is really an adventure as one or a group has to ride a skylab (motorcycle with wings) though off-road cars can pass there. The ride to and from amounts to P170 per person.
Hills View Deck
View of Mountain Ranges
Hills View is a sight to see more mountain ranges and take a pose on top of the hill. There’s an entrance fee of P50 wherein it’s part of the community development and maintenance. Mostly, Matigsalog tribe people are there.
Gethsemane Garden
Then, at the Gethsemane… It is a garden of beautiful landscape. Also, it has an entrance fee of P50. Really, the tour is more of being with nature very far from the bustling city life. It is a great diversion of thoughts and embrace nature’s beauty.
Gethsemane Landscape
Then, a sumptuous lunch at the borders of Davao City and Bukidnon Province is a great way to regain energy from an adventurous trip in Marilog District. Then, it is back to the city.

Actually, there’s a lot of resorts in Marilog-Buda. There are those privately-owned, open to public and virgin forests. It is such an experience once in a while to be with nature and explore the city where you reside. There’s more actually to discover. It is also a great thing to experience to mingle with our indigenous brothers and sisters.

For the expenses during this tour, here the breakdown:
P 500 - for the van, tour guide and coordination
P 150 - for the entrance fees at Bemwa Farm, Hills View and Gethsemane
P 170 - for the skylab
P 250 - for food expense along the way (snacks) and lunch
P 1, 070 TOTAL (not bad)

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Food | Interesting Chocolate-infused Meal at AirAsia Flights

The Philippines AirAsia has just revealed its newest dish for its in-flight menu known as Santan. The dish is made by the rockstar chef of the Philippines, Chef JP Anglo, which will be served starting the 12th of April 2018. The dish will be known as the Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce.
Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce
Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce is not an ordinary dish that will be served for a limited time. Yes, the dish is infused with a world-class chocolate of the Malagos chocolates with some sweet chili and soy taste. This is a taste of the Philippines offering in the Santan menu with a very extraordinary fusion of ingredients, but very tasty! Santan menu is a mix of different ASEAN dish favorites like the Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice and Thai Green Curry.

AirAsia's newest in-flight menu will be available among domestic and international flights in the Philippines with the Z2 flight code. There will be an option for passengers to book it online, while purchasing the tickets to save around 20% of its price, or order during the flight - but isn’t guaranteed of availability, better reserve online. So, the option for those who have booked their flights earlier, they can avail of the discounted hot meals by logging in to and select “Manage My Booking”. I am sure that is pretty easy. :-p
Chef JP at the center handling the newest dish with the two all-star beside
According to Chef JP Anglo, the dish is inspired for bringing a home grown product like the Malagos Chocolates to greater heights. The techniques used are also very Filipino like the grilling of the chicken meat and some essential ingredients like the pimiento for caramelization and aroma. The surprise of how it is done mixing the chocolate in the sauce is by adding “bridge” ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar and a special broth. The taste of the sauce is really surprising! I mean, upon tasting it, there’s the spice, chocolate, soy battling for the taste. That’s an experience!

AirAsia as a champion low-cost carrier airline in the region and the Malagos Chocolate as reknowned one of the best chocolates in the world have met in the sky and let the passengers experience the service of AirAsia and taste of the Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce made with the Malagos chocolates.

Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotion and activities via twitter (@AirAsiaFilipino), Facebook ( and on Instagram (@AirAsiaFilipino).


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Travel | Batanes: South Batan Tour

Sunrise at the Valugan Boulder Beach
A visit in Batanes will not be complete if I will not see the sunrise. Yes, I have seen the sunset twice, so I will also check out the sunrise in this beautiful paradise. Upon asking where the best sunrise spot will be, they say it is at the boulders of Valugan Beach. So, I have set myself of waking very early in the morning and bike towards the boulders. It is a 40 minutes of biking from my homestay with an up and down terrain of well-paved road. All alone, I have braved the road towards there, it has well-lit and some dark areas, but with the commitment of seeing the sunrise, I shall conquer! It is not a failure, it is indeed magical! Playing with the camera setting will create more mystical misty boulders brought by the waves of the ocean and, oh my, the sunrise, very beautiful! That is not yet part of the tour by the way... :-p

So, the third day is set for the South Batan tour. At first, I have thought that one day will be enough for the whole island of Batan with a very quick stop and go scheme, but to savor the beauty of the island, the set tour for north and south is just right. I am not in a hurry by the way... :-p

First stop, Chawa Viewing Deck!
Chawa Viewing Deck
It may not be the usual scene in many islands in the Philippines of seeing tidal waves smashing huge rocks, Chawa Viewing Deck is a perfect spot to appreciate nature's beauty. The strength of each wave smashing the rocks create a white bluish after wave bubbles and usually creates misty effects nearby. There's also a stair going down and have those pose with this beauty.

Then, we proceed to the Mahatao Boat Shelter Port.
Mahatao Boat Shelter Port
As huge waves really are all-year round in Batanes, the Mahatao Boat Shelter port serves as the refuge of the boats against those waves. It is protected by another island as seen in the photo. Again, another site not frequently seen in many places in the country. There's also another lighthouse being constructed nearby.

Then, the Blank Book Archive and the San Carlos Borromeo Church.
My Story in Batanes at Blank Book Archive
San Carlos Borromeo Church

San Carlos Borromeo Church is one of the churches in Batanes and home of the blank book archive. The blank book archive is a place where you'll write your story in the blank pages of the book. It is an unusual activity but a good thing to experience. It is also a simple gesture of a guestbook. Nearby the church is a Spanish lamp post that is manually lit with fire that will serve as guide for the fishermen used during the Spanish Collonial period.

Then, we proceed to the Municipality of Ivana.

Ivana is home of many tourist spots such as the House of Dakay. It is one of the oldest preserved, authentic Ivatan house. It is also known as the Estrella House.

Then, another church, San Jose de Ivana Church and the most famous honesty store!
San Jose de Ivana Church

The honesty shop is at times not a supervised store. Your honesty is tested in the store. However, as many guests flock and not all the time that they are honest, the safe for the payment is being locked and what you have dropped will not be changed with smaller bills or coins. Better to bring much of smaller bills and experience to shop here. Then, from time to time, somebody will check on the inventory of goods and replenish it.

Then, moving forward, you'll see the "Blow Ur Horn" signs and the Alapad Hills and Rock Formation.
"Blow Ur Horn" Sign
The sign "Blow Ur Horn" reminds the drivers to blow the horn as it is a blind curve. It will help the drivers caution to a coming vehicle.
Jump Shot at the Alapad Hills and Rock Formation
The Alapad Hills and Rock Formation is one of the most tourist friendly spot in Batanes. You can have your jump shot in the middle of the road and the rock formation as your background. That is really one fun shot.
Lo-Ran Old Naval Base
Then, the Lo-Ran Old Naval Base. This is said to become a National Museum in the future. :-p

Before proceeding to Racuh a Payaman for lunch, we passby San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel. A cute chapel in the small community of Imnajbu.
San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
Marlboro Hills or the Racuh a Payaman
The Marlboro Hills is a place of many cattles. Well, one of the industries in Batanes is cattling.

Then, our final destination is just nearby the Mahatao Tayid lighthouse. It is a lighthouse built in a private space. There's also a lot of cattles near wherein the liveng serves as the boundary for the cattles.
Mahatao Tayid Lighthouse from Afar
It is very windy in the area and the heat of the sun is really pressing inside. So, our final photos are very playful; we are against the odds and jump shot in the middle of the tall grasses!
Play with the Wind
Jump Shot in the Grasses

Actually, there are many more places we have passed by such as the Ruins of Songsong and the Old Spanish Bridge.

Indeed, Batanes is such a treasure of the country. It is like a group of islands of living museum. So much more to experience. In the three days of exploring Batanes, it is such a joy! However, the second largest island which is Itbayat is also an island worth exploring! Perhaps, next time... It is also a very lucky trip to Batanes; it is supposedly a very rainy weather because there are two typhoons visiting the country that time, however the typhoons have gone to opposite directions making Batanes a clear spot! Thank God!

I am really thankful that even in my joiner escapade, I have met the cool family lead by Tita Ness with Chie, Anne, and Grace. Thank you!!! Then, Juliet, who is our guide, photographer and director in one, is really superb in her craft, thank you! BISUMI Tours, you are really worth to be contacted when in Batanes. Many thank you!!! The following day is a departure from Basco to Manila,

I hope you guys also enjoyed the three-part Batanes tour.
Check the first part HERE and the second part HERE!

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