Food | Malita's Food Products Worth A Taste!

Me holding an Adlai Rice
Malita is the town capital of the youngest province in the Philippines, Davao Occidental, to date. It is around 2 to 3 hours of land travel from Davao City via a private or public transportation. The municipality has some food surprises that you'll love as much as I did. So, let's check it out!
Kape de Netibo and Adlai Rice
Rice is the staple food for many Filipinos. It is best paired with the delicious barbeque, adobo and many other viand. However, the regular rice is more glycemic thus people who have lifestyle disease like diabetes will control intake of it.
Meal with Adlai Rice
Good thing that ADLAI RICE is a healthier option than the regular rice. This is one great Malita product that is low glycemic, with protein, dietary fiber, minerals and it is gluten-free. Its taste is not far from a regular rice’s taste. It looks more circular than an elongated grain; bigger than a corn grain that is also substituted for a regular rice. What I like about it is that when you eat it, you will get full but you feel light. The cheapest adlai rice is around P250 coming from Malita and it is one that is considered as an ancient grain.
Adlai, Kape de Netibo and Bangus
Then, one of the best bangus (milkfish) I have tasted is from Malita! I often dislike bangus because of its bones; it will take me some time to remove the bones and still I will get boned. However, the bangus from Malita is a surprise: it has less bones and it doesn’t have a stinky odor. Yeah, believe me, it is something to buy and taste! Perfect for an inun-unan or known as paksiw! 

Then, the Kape de Netibo. Actually, I am not a coffee fan but this coffee is not too acidic for me and it does not make me hyperactive - something that I think is a thumbs up!
Women Entrepreneurs of Barangay Buhangin ice cream
Then, a group of women in Malita or the Women Entrepreneurs of Barangay Buhangin (WEBB) offers good ice cream that will tickle your taste buds. The ice cream comes in five (5) flavors, to wit: 1) kalabasa (squash), 2) malunggay (moringa), 3) durian, 4) chili level 1, and 5) chili level 2. Among the flavors, I like most the kalabasa! The squash has good blend with the sweet cream than the moringa - well, that’s for me, but still tastes good. Durian flavor is not that strong but there is a kick of the durian's taste. Then, as for the chili flavors, not much of a chili fan - sorry but still good tasting. Price ranges from P40 to P45. :-)
Kalabasa Flavored Ice Cream
Tasty Daral
Then, the daral. It is a Tausug delicacy that at an instant has become a favorite. Good thing that I have tasted it in Malita since it is Ms. Jean's favorite. hihihi It is a rolled crepe with coconut and sugar inside. It is a good snack item! Yum!
Calamares with Salted Egg Batter
One of the unforgettable that I have tasted in Malita is the calamares! Thank you very much for this recipe of yours Ms. Jean! The calamares has a salted egg batter that tastes so good in my mouth. The spices also compliment well. Super favorite!!!

Oh well, those are just among the food you can taste in Malita. Our group is very thankful to the generosity of Ms. Jean, together with her staff. Malita has marked good food to me! Until next time!!! :-)

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Travel Adventure | Sky Wheel: Eden Nature Park’s Newest Fun Sky Adventure!

Me in Sky Wheel
Photo Credits to: Ara
Sky Wheel is the newest addition of the Sky Adventure rides at the Eden Nature Park and Resort. This is alongside with the Sky Rider, Sky Cycle and Sky Swing. Therefore, a total of four (4) rides to choose and experience the Adventure Tourism activities of the park resort.

How’s the experience on this new ride? Well, as among one of the first few who got in the wheel on the day of the opening, I would say that the ride is a fun, thrilling one. Why? It is because when you ride it, you thought it is very easy but it is not. You have to focus on what you have to do such as the simple walking in the wheel on a high ground or 60 feet from the ground, which is also 3000 feet above sea level. You are situated in the middle of the air, in the wheel, with three connecting wires attached to the wheel that serve as support and you have to do that for 400 meters (200 meters to and from). I am calm but a bit distracted with the thing I am handling, the gimbal with my smartphone, but I really enjoyed it - it's a threadmill in the sky! LOL

As many would like to have a selfie while doing the ride, you can always do that but I suggest you not. Why? It is because you need to focus on your walk - your walk should be on a straight path following the wire below the wheel so that the wheel will be stable; focus on your grip - as you have to hold the handle in front of you to allow your body to lean a bit forward and manage your weight to the wheel, walk and move forward; and focus on your activity - taking videos or photos might distract your walk and grip that may cause you to panic a bit. However, if you are used to multitask, it’s easy as ABC. LOL Also, do not be afraid as safety is paramount concern of the operator and trained attendants, hence, you just need to walk in the wheel like in the park.

So, if you want to experience this ride, visit the Eden Nature Park and Resort at Barangay Eden, Toril, Davao City. It is about 30 kilometers from the city proper. It is on a high altitude so, there’s a good panoramic view of the city proper from afar. Experience Sky Wheel at the Sky Adventure Park for a fee of P200. Usually, Mondays to Thursdays, it is open from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Fridays to Sundays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

By the way, aside from the Adventure Tourism that the park offers, you can also experience here eco-tourism, as well as, agri-tourism. You can also have your corporate seminars or events here and also for your special day like a garden wedding and even retreat.

I am excited that you guys will experience the Sky Wheel! I hope to do it again very soon, too!

Thank you very much Eden Nature Park and Resort for the Sky Wheel experience, as well as the other Sky Adventure ride!

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Travel | Malita Dives: Jewel of Malita, Davao Occidental

Malita Dives Ramp
Where did you spend your summer? For me and some of my friends, we spent it at a private resort in Davao Occidental. Some might want to have a beach party feeling yet others want it relaxing and rejuvenating. Hey, there's a place in Malita, Davao Occidental known as Malita Dives in Tubalan Cove, Malita, Davao Occidental. Let's check it out!

It is not the Maldives of this side of the Philippines but it will be known of its own, Malita Dives! Yes, Malita Dives because it is situated at the center of the cove surrounded by clear waters with some huge cabbage corals, school of fish, scattered starfish, Japanese mine sweeper (shipwreck) submerged in the water and some rock formations around.

During high tide, you can swim around while during low tide, you can walk around.
Banana (pencil) Boat
You can experience a day tour or overnight stay in the place and do not expect it like a party it the middle of the sea. It is a worthwhile bonding with your friends and family. You can have a videoke in the middle of the sea and bring your own food and drinks to prepare. Have some cool water activities, too, like banana boat, snorkeling, jetski ride, kayaking, fishing and unlimited Instagram pose. Have some sort of indoor games like "sungka" and mahjong - but bring your tiles. 😁
Me and Ms. Jean Holding Adlai
Kape Netibo and Adlai Rice
Ginanggang (Grilled Banana with Margarine and Sugar)
We are also very glad of our very generous friends especially Ms. Jean and Mr. Jeremiah for allowing us to see the beauty and wonders of Malita Dives! The food are very delicious especially the adlai rice, daral, squid with salted egg batter, shrimps, roast pig, special ice cream made by a women's group and many more! The experience will not be perfect also when you forget to apply your Bioskin Coco Pink Blush Sunblock Cream and have some snacks of Gatchips in different flavors.
Sunset at Malita Dives
Malita Dives is indeed a place for rest and relaxation. If you plan to have more activities, you can always do so - a team building perhaps. Yet, be reminded that the place is a sanctuary and there are wild sea creatures untamed with human existence. Be marveled with the place and some skies painted beautifully during sunsets and even sunrise.
Gatchips (Available at Saging Repablik)
Bioskin Coco Pink Blush Sunblock Cream
Calamares with Salted Egg Batter
If you want to have a glimpse of Malita Dives - a private resort, photos are attached. Or you want to reserve the place - since the place is not on an everyday reservation - contact Mr. Georgette M. Sagang or Jetjet at these numbers: 09755619694 or 09185825049. You may also contact Mr. Jeremiah L. Danolko or Jing at these numbers: 09755950517 or 09389115469.
Thankful for the Malita Dives Experience

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Food | Gangnam in Davao: A Taste of South Korea!

Gangnam in Davao Café and Restaurant
Gangnam is anything that you will think of South Korea! Gangnam is a familiar place in Seoul, South Korea. It literally means south of the river. Yes, it is a district that lies along the Han River (K-fans are most familiar about it). Aside from that, Gangnam style has become a worldwide hit by Psy. But not so far here in Davao City, a small complex of Gangnam is situated at Pryce Business Park, at the back of Landco Corporate Center, J. P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. It includes a convenience store, a street food avenue and the Gangnam in Davao Cafe and Restaurant.
Chef Edwin arranging the samgyupsal corner
It is more than a month already that this branch of Gangnam in Davao Cafe and Restaurant has opened. They offer a wide variety of Korean dishes that fit to the Filipino palate and other Asian food that can be found in their menu. Chef Edwin Manabat has crafted the menu that is served everyday differently so that it will always bring Korean food lovers that interest of looking forward to what’s next in the menu. ;-)

Gangnam in Davao also has a branch at the Abreeza Ayala Mall. In both branches, you will enjoy unlimited food treat in two options. Priced at P388 per pax will be samgyupsal, chicken, 6 side dishes - including kimchi, rice, lettuce, juice drink (in three flavors), soup (kimchi chigae), gyeranjim (fluffy steamed egg) per table and ice cream per person. Priced at P488 is having beef in the menu and the same inclusions with the first option. It is indeed a value for money at Gangnam in Davao!

Top 3 of my favorites in Gangnam in Davao:

1) Samgyupsal - Grilling is very fun! You can choose the meat you want whether pork, chicken or beef. Then the sauces are very tasty too. To wrap it with very fresh lettuce makes it perfect! Eating this, that’s when I usually say “one big mouth!”
2) Bibimbap - It is my all time favorite when eating something Korean. But I usually am cautious of the spice. It sometimes catches me off guard, but still I am ready to make the bowl empty. Gangnam in Davao serves it very good! It is indeed a complete meal for me with the rice, vegetables, meat and spices.

3) Chapchae - The Korean noodle! I just cannot explain why I love it but really a good food for me! It is not very oily, it has sweetness and not spicy. It is enough as a carbohydrate source for me, too.

That’s my top three! However, there are more food to choose from. I tell you, Korean food is really something to consider as one of the healthiest because of its balance with vegetables and meat. Also, having something spicy is healthy!
More food at Gangnam in Davao
Aside from the food, they have serve flavored soju. But what is amazing and interesting is the 24K plum wine! It is a drink with 24K gold!!! First I thought is if I drink it, can I pawn myself? LOL
The 24K Plum Wine
Consider a visit and dine at Gangnam in Davao for a very sumptuous meal and Korean atmosphere. For more info of their menu, reservation and inquiries, do not hesitate to like their social media accounts in FB and IG @GangnaminDavao. They can also cater events with their function room inside.

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Lifestyle | Cebu Landmasters, Villa-Abrille clan launch P33-billion Davao Global Township

DGT Photo: Architect's Perspective - the Address of Amazing!
A prime business address will soon be expected in Davao City as Cebu Landmasters partnered with the Villa-Abrille clan to build the Davao Global Township - the Address of Amazing!

The 22-hectare former Davao Golf course will become the main address of the Davao Global Township. The launching activity has shown the first phase of development wherein it includes a corporate center, two (2) premier residential towers, a retail strip that will be known as DGT Town Strip and a civic center that will be known as DGT Gallery.

Phase 1 of DGT is estimated to cost P10 billion with an extensive 93,000 square meters of gross floor area as envisioned by YHEST with masterplanner RTKL, a global planning and design firm responsible for the revival of some downtown centers in the world. DGT Phase 1 is set for completion in 2022.

YHEST President Fred Yuson, a fifth-generation descendant of one of Davao’s forefathers, the businessman Francisco “Juna” Villa-Abrille, said: “These are exciting times for Davao and the Philippines as this tie-up (with CLI) ushers a new generation of local homegrown developers ready to be at par with the best of the world.”

The Villa-Abrille family is one of the oldest clans in Davao that is into leasing of commercial offices and buildings such as Matina IT Park and Sutherland Global Services. They launched Davao's first residential subdivision in 1952 and put up the Davao City Golf Club, the first and oldest golf course in the city until it was closed in 2018 to make way for DGT.

“As the descendants of Juna Villa-Abrille, we commit ourselves to his legacy of hard work, humility and generosity. We are happy that in our generation, we are able to kick-start all these simultaneous developments and there’s no better way but to partner with VisMin’s leading developer Cebu Landmasters,” YHEST Realty’s Yuson said.

He explained that his family decided to partner with CLI because of its vision to be the regional top property company in the Philippines and ability to quickly turn around its projects. DGT is their third and biggest project together with CLI. MesaTierra, a garden residential condominium is already 98% sold-out. The Paragon Davao, a mixed-use property that will host Citadines Paragon Davao, was launched in November last year. The residential component One Paragon Place is already 75% sold in first 3 weeks of selling. “Things are happening fast in our generation and we trust CLI’s expertise particularly in the VisMin market,” he said.

Living up to its name as a future business district inspired by the Cebu IT Park and the Bonifacio Global City, the project is expected to host business process outsourcing and other firms.

YHEST Chairman and CLI Chairman & CEO Joe Soberano said: “The size of the (DGT) property, our first township development, will allow us to have a diversity of uses to make a complete and truly sustainable community. We envision DGT to be the central business district with a dynamic lifestyle that will provide economic and social value to Davao, one of the fastest growing economic regions in the country.”

This is really a big, interesting development in Davao City and will really generate a lot of jobs as the construction starts and after the completion.

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Public Service | Discussion of PUVMP at Mindanao Transportation Cooperatives Congress

Recently, the Mindanao Transportation Cooperatives Congress was held in Davao City. It was participated by cooperatives from different parts of Mindanao. The cooperatives present were from UV Express/Tourist Service, motorcycle for hire, taxi service, public utility jeepney (PUJ) / multicab, buses and multiple types of units. The event was also graced by representatives from the Department of Transportation, Office of Transportation Cooperatives, Land Transportation Office, Land Transport and Franchising Regulatory Board and City Government of Davao.

The event was conducted to discuss the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) which is part of the Duterte administration's legacy for a safe, reliable and comfortable mass transportation. It was a very big ticket of transformation, there were a lot of challenges but a strong political will made a step towards achieving the goals of the program.

The current situation of our mass transit is really not at par to international standard. It may be a "very Filipino" to have the jeepney in the streets, but it is not safe, reliable and comfortable at all. There may be health risks that can be associated with these mass transport and a lot of times being involved in the vehicular accident. There are a lot of question of road safety and road worthiness of such vehicle.

However, with the PUVMP, it aims to modernize our transport fleet, reform the current system of the industry, be environment friendly, change the way Filipinos do mass transport and improve income among drivers and the industry itself.

So far, within this program, Local Government Units (LGUs) are very much involved as they are more knowledgeable about the situation in their own localities. This step is among the best ways to make the transformation more appropriate. So far, there are a number of LGUs and cooperatives in selected areas who took the risk of adopting the program and it has been reaping good results!

The government is very willing to help the cooperatives achieve the goals of the program. One thing is through the 5-6-7-8 mechanism which involves loanable amount from Landbank and Development Bank of the Philippines - 5% equity, 6% per annum, 7 years to pay and P80,000 subsidy from the government.

There are high hopes for this program as it will be a step to make our mass transportation more systematic, safe and comfortable. I am very happy with its initial start and very hopeful for its full implementation as the congress has helped the cooperatives understand more of the program. Aside from that, many suppliers are eager to help the cooperatives realize their needed transformation.

I hope this article helps!

As a frequent traveler, this modernization program will bring us closer to what the international community has been implementing years back. We are yet to explore and start but never too late to be on track. We need to learn how to adapt with changes and deal with it in our daily lives. Modernizing our transport system will also make the middle class opt more for public transportation and have their private cars rest for a while in their own garage. A more efficient transportation system will reduce the number of vehicles running in our streets!

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Lifestyle | Sun Life Highlights Health and Wellness Thrust in IronMan Davao 2019

Sun Life Tri-team
In the Alveo IronMan 70.3 Davao this year, Sun Life Financial Philippines participates and highlights its health and wellness thrust. It is a way that the company can encourage more Filipinos to have better and healthier lives.
Piolo Pascual and me
Groufie with me, Jan Michael Chiu and Toniel Ty
Piolo Pascual is one of the ambassadors of Sun Life and he will be proudly wearing the colors of the company as part of the Sun Life Tri-Team - doing the bike leg which constitutes 90 kilometers. Together with him are other triathletes, Jan Michael Chiu for the swim (1.9 kilometer swim) and Toniel Ty for the run (21 kilometers run). It is going to be the first time of the team to participate in the IronMan leg in Davao and they expressed much excitement. There are other Sun Life representatives in the person of Herbert Juaneza, Sun Life’s Business Development Manager, and Aslagan Cuyugan, Sun Life Training Manager, for their individual category.
Toniel Ty answering during the presscon
A presscon has been conducted to share the excitement of the Sun Life team. It has also allowed the triathletes to share how they prepared for the race. It is indeed a team to look for during the race!

Sun Life will also hold a free workout for members of GoWell, its health and wellness community. GoWell has tapped certified Pound instructor Marge Camacho to lead a Pound workout, a full-body drumming workout session that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. It is performed to the beat modern music using Ripstix, drumsticks designed specifically for the said workout.

Athletes and guest who will visit the IronMan Expo are also encouraged to visit the Sun Life booth at the Azuela Cove from March 21 to 25 to avail of giveaways. It will also be a first time that Lazada will give some vouchers for Life Armor, a digital Sun Life insurance product exclusively offered to registered Lazada members.

Earlier this week, Sun Life has held the GoRide GoWell Meet, where participants were not only briefed about the IronMan Davao bike course, but were also treated to a free financial planning session. 400 participants were also given Sun Life jerseys, which they donned during the Sun Life Bike Out.

On the race day, Sun Life will be providing IronMan athletes with sports bottles for hydration.

This is really one of the initiatives that the Sun Life has to encourage more Filipinos to have healthier lifestyle which can also give positive results in the finances.
Photo opportunity of the Sun Life team and Mr. Aportadera
For updates on the Sun Life Tri-Team’s Ironmen race, follow @sunlifeph and @gowellph on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the official hashtags #sunlifeironman2019 and #livehealthierlives.

Also, by next month, Sun Life will be doing 5150 race in Naga, Cebu. Another triathlon that the country will be seeing and still a Sunrise Production.

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