Lifestyle | 6 Simple Things to Do to Fight CoViD-19

Me wearing a mask, advised to wear mask in public spaces
With the continuous rising numbers of confirmed CoViD-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) worldwide, there are very easy to do things to help flatten the curve of the infection. It is easy, doable and needing the utmost cooperation of everybody in the community. This will surely help your community, city, country and the region in combating the infection.

As a nurse by profession, there are several infection control measures that can be done to avoid the spread of an infectious disease. There is a chain of infection that has to be noted, to wit: 1) Portal of Exit (where the bacteria or virus will come out from an infected person), 2) Mode of Transmission (how will the infection be passed to another person), 3) Portal of Entry (where will the bacteria or virus enter your body), 4) Susceptible Host (who are the possible recipient of the infection), 5) Causative Agent (what bacteria or virus that causes the disease/illness), and 6) Reservoir (where the bacteria or virus can survive and multiply again). To fight a microscopic enemy, there should be ways to cut the chain of infection. In the case of CoViD-19, some standard precaution methods against any disease or illness will apply, plus some efforts to maintain a healthy physique will definitely be a great thing to do, too.

So, here are some ways to cut the chain of infection for CoViD-19.

First, HAND WASHING! For a droplet transmission through a close contact mode of transmission, the microorganisms can be transferred to a susceptible host when it is touched. Then, the microorganisms carried by your hand or fingers can enter the body when it reaches a body opening such as the nose or mouth. Hand washing can save you from getting infected! Doing it approximately 20 seconds or that’s singing two “happy birthday” song with soap and water will greatly remove the microorganism such as the corona virus. Without available soap and water, but you have a supply of hand sanitizer or alcohol, do a hand rub using those pharmaceutical products. Hand washing is important and equally washing your feet too will do some miracles upon reaching home coming from your day’s work.

Second, COUGH ETIQUETTE! The portal of exit of CoViD-19 is through coughing or sneezing. We can cut the chain of infection if we are used to covering our mouth when coughing, and covering both our nose and mouth when sneezing. There are items that we can use to cover our nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, it can be a handkerchief, tissue paper, the sleeves of our shirt, inside the shirt we wear and even our hands. It should be part of the manners that everyone should practice because it is applicable not only with CoViD-19, but to other respiratory diseases, too. Then, after sneezing and coughing, do not share your hanky, dispose the tissue properly, and do the hand washing.

Third, SOCIAL DISTANCING! We are highly sociable individuals who wants to hug, kiss, shake hands and talk very near, but to refrain from getting the infection, we are advised to do social distancing. It is just temporary! You may have sneezed or coughed on your sleeves or shirt, and getting close with somebody without hand washing and cough etiquette, there’s a high probability that you’ll share some microorganism unwanted in the body. So, keep a safe distance.

Fourth, TAKE YOUR VITAMIN C! Vitamin C or the ascorbic acid is the most common immunity booster and antioxidant we have in the market. It is also one of the pharmaceutical products easily out of stock right now. Taking your Vitamin C or any multivitamins can help your body have its adequate immunity booster. It will help you to avoid being a susceptible host where the virus can take advantage as a reservoir. If ever you have acquired the virus, the body can have the adequate fighting mechanism to get rid of the infection and you may be asymptomatic. In absence of the Vitamic C in the pharmacy, let the magic of calamansi do miracles. 

Fifth, HAVE ADEQUATE REST AND NUTRITION! In line with the fourth one, having an adequate rest and nutrition will help you to have a healthy body to fight against the infection. Again, a healthy body can fight the manifestation of the disease.

Sixth, WEAR YOUR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE), when necessary! The World Health Organization emphasizes the use of PPE for the healthcare workers, especially those who are frontliners and giving care. The PPE will involve a mask, gloves, goggles, body covering and feet cover. However, for lay people, using mask can be prioritized for the sick people to have a reverse isolation approach. It will help the supply of masks be given to those much needy. But when certain protocols are in placed for the use of PPE, we shall then follow it. The use of PPE will help in the protection against the virus in entering the body.

So, there you have it. You can observe that when a part of the chain of infection is cut, the infection cycle will not continue. Those mentioned six things are only some of the things we can do against the CoViD-19 while at home or going towards our workplace. I hope it helps!

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Lifestyle | The Racing Line: Fun Experience in the Race Track!

Gents Winner on the Podium
Are you looking for a place to bond as a family or group of friends? Or you want your children to get rid of some time their attention from holding their smartphones? Maybe, it is high time to visit an activity area where kids and adults can play inside a race track and enjoy a remarkable experience. So, visit the Racing Line Karting!

GoKart at the Racing Line Karting
Recently, I have found a very good bonding place for family and friends during a Media Challenge 2020 by the Racing Line Karting. It is a place where you can eat great tasting food, conduct a special event of your life at their VIP Room and race in their race track.

French Fries
Cakes, Pastries and Meals
Photo credit: The Racing Line Karting
How good is the food? Pretty good! Their snack items like the pizza, french fries and nachos are good. I like also the desserts served by the Picky Eater Kitchen with variety of low carb, low sugar cheesecakes and cupcakes. I like the idea that they are using stevia on their cakes. Then, the Krazy Chicken is a very big serving for me and it’s crazy! Plus have a sip of the Partea! Partea! Then, if you like to drink some alcoholic beverages, it is also available and if you want it to be sent home, Cerveza Moto delivers it right to your doorstep.

Racers with Race Marshalls
Is it safe? That may be one of the questions you have in mind as a race will need safety for everybody inside. Of course, it is! There are trained race personnel inside and the track is designed with cushions. There’s also a briefing for every racer before going to race that will not take very long and it is very easy to understand in order to be safe during the race.

Kid's Division with the Race Marshalls
Is it affordable? Yes it is! P100 for 5 minutes in the race track among children, while P200 for 5 minutes in the race track among teens and adults. If you are not into the real thing, you can avail of a virtual race with race car simulators that is P100 for 15 minutes or use a Virtual Reality Goggles that is P150 for 15 minutes. But I suggest that you try at least the real thing because it is extremely fun!

They also have packages for those who want to avail of their party, race and food promo. There’s a lot to choose from! Go at their facebook page: The Racing Line Karting for direct inquiries or visit them at the Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

If you are competitive enough, you can also try to register for their weekly competition and become one of those in the hall of fame! There's also a Time Attack Fridays (6PM-10PM) that costs you P500 and win exciting prizes.

I am so glad that the Racing Line Karting is there to let the kids and adults experience the fun of doing indoor/outdoor activities that is worth every peso you pay. Well, for me, it is really a sport that will help you develop discipline and awareness of safe driving. The karts may be not the usual cars in the roads but with this help give an individual the sense of responsibility when driving, well, in this case, racing. :D

The Racing Line Sports Arena - Race Track
I may not be a professional driver but, at least, during the Media Challenge 2020 opened by the Racing Line Karting - I got a podium finish, 2nd among the gents who participated. With so much gratitude, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the organizers of the event and it has been a very fun experience which I wanted other people to try, especially from Davao City or nearby areas. 

It is a family business that wants to share their passion to the public as their tagline says, "Share Our Passion" in line of the motorsports.

Make that competitive spirit in you grow and show them how you race! See you at the race track!

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Food | The Red Tomato: Home of Sumptuous Italian Cuisine in Davao City

Sir Thomas and Me
A new player, first in the Philippines, in Davao City - The Red Tomato boasts fine, delectable taste of Italy! Maybe you are like me who thinks about pasta and something sour when we talk about Italian cuisine, but the Red Tomato is serving variety of Italian dishes to enjoy and very affordable. Believe me, it is so heaven!

Taking Photos of the Food
With the generosity of Mr. Thomas Moersheim, we got invited for a lunch set: antipasti (appetizer), primi (first course), secondi (second course) and dolci (desserts). Mr. Moersheim is a WSET Level 3 Certified Wine Connoisseur who also runs multiple businesses in the food and beverage industry - Rossini Ristorante Italiano and The Red Tomator - with his partner, Hayde Escay - an interior designer by passion. However, both of them are engineers.

By the way, The Red Tomato is located at The Shoppes, Woodlane, C. P. Garcia Highway (Diversion Road), Maa, Davao City. A bit far from the city center, but still accessible and a very good place to dine. Come and visit them!

So, here’s some of the food they have on their menu.

For the appetizers: Hummus, Onion Fries, Ai Cinque Formaggi, Pizza Rotola and Pumpkin Soup.

The Hummus is a chickpea spread with pita bread. The hummus is tasty with the crunchy pita.

The Hummus
The Onion Fries
The Onion Fries are white onions with light batter served with honey mustard dip. It is not oily, light to your tummy and very tasty - healthy! I think this is one unique fries I have tasted and it is pretty good - I like the white onions because of its sweetness.

Ai Cinque Formaggi
The Ai Cinque Formaggi or the 5 Italian Cheese Pizza is a very thin crust, crunchy  with bubbles at the side (which makes it authentic), loaded with Italian cheeses is a very good appetizer. It is very flavorful - well-balanced - and even there are 5 cheeses (mozzarella, provolone, pecorino, fontina and gorgonzola) on top, it is not thick. Something to look forward here at the Red Tomato because it has blue cheese (gorgonzola) that will play in your taste buds.

The Pizza Rotola
The Pizza Rotola is another pizza appetizer that made me feel full. It is so good! It is several slices of rectangular pizza that will be put with toppings of garlic, white onion and green leafy vegetable that will be rolled and served. That is so much goodness!

The Pumpkin Soup
The Pumpkin Soup is a very simple dish to look at but the taste is superb! It has a secret ingredient that adds to the taste of the pumpkin that will really make you finish the whole soup and you’ll like to ask for more!

For the main course: Paella Roja, Risotto Funghi Porcini, Pasta Cartoccio, Lengua con Setas, Osso Buco and Beef Kebab! Yeah, that’s a lot!

The Paella Roja
The Paella Roja is a Spanish dish made to perfection with chicken, chorizo bilbao, shrimps and mussels. I am not a fan of paella because sometimes it is greasy but theirs is perfect and colorful!

The Risotto Funghi Porcini
The Risotto Funghi Porcini is simply the best! At a first glance, it looks pretty ordinary but when I tasted the Arborio rice with Porcini mushroom, oh my goodness, it is so heavenly! I even finished the plate served to us - it is pretty good!

The Pasta Cartoccio
The Pasta Cartoccio is a spaghetti with mixed seafood cooked in tomato cream sauce. This is Italian but the taste is pretty balanced, the sourness of the sauce is not overpowering and just enough creaminess.

The Lengua con Setas
The Lengua con Setas is an ox tongue with mushrooms and olives served with mixed veggies and mashed potatoes. Okay, that’s a tongue, I am imagining the tongue and I am not a fan, but I gotta taste it. Are you kidding me, is that really a tongue? It is very soft, corned and very tasty, then I liked it.

The Osso Buco
The Osso Buco is a braised beef shank in tomato sauce with mixed veggies. The beef is tender and the sauce is very tasty! A perfect combination plus a very appetizing dish.

The Beef Kebab
The Beef Kebab is a grilled ground beef with tomatoes, onions and bell pepper served with mayo garlic sauce and butter rice.

Then, the desserts: home-made cookies and buns, artisanal cakes and tiramisu.

Artisanal Cakes
Cookies and Buns
Actually the sweet tooth in me is very happy with these goodies and I am having a feast in my mouth. The buns are soft and tasty, the cakes are not too sweet and I just see the tiramisu - hahahah I am not able to get a taste of it but it looks really good.

The Red Tomato Staff
Sir Thomas - The Red Tomato Owner
That lunch treat is one of the most happiest feeling and sure there’s satiety. Try it for yourself, every is affordable! Aside from that, the ingredients they used are very fresh, and healthy. Again, thank you very much for the treat The Red Tomato! I am one very happy eater! :-)


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Lifestyle | Globe and VEND Partners to Pilot First Vending Machine with Cashless Payment

We advocate for cashless transactions to have more paperless dealings. It is a good development in the side of the Philippines as it is adapting to the digital lifestyle. Globe Telecom tapped VEND or Vending Experst Night and Day Philippines, Inc. to make the first vending machine in the country that will be using QR code to its transaction. 

According to Globe's Chief Finance Officer, Rizza Maniego-Eala,  “Mobile technologies continue to evolve to make our life easier and we now see cashless payments using mobile phones gaining traction in the Philippines. Anyone who has used the QR code for payments will realize that it is much more convenient and secure than credit cards or cash.” She also added that, “This initiative with VEND is also a prime example of how closely we work with our partners in developing new business models with innovation and sustainability in mind.”

Just a brief history, in 2013, Globe started using GCash as payment for goods inside the company headquarters.  It then went cardless in 2017 when GCash scan-to-pay was launched.  However, coffee vending machines in the building were not capable of contactless payment, prompting Globe to look for ways to shift to the QR system. Payment via this method is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile app like GCash.

“Technology continues to move forward and we believe that vending operations should also be aligned with the times.  We are thankful to Globe for bringing this idea to us.  We are proud to be the first vending company in the Philippines to successfully launch a cashless coffee vending machine through a QR code payment scheme utilizing GCash,” said Gilbert Dela Cruz, President and CEO of VEND.
Vending Machine Instruction and QR Payment 
This vending machine will accept payment through GCash app by scanning the QR displayed on the machine and put the price of the item intended to buy. After the payment is successfully received, that's the time that you can press the button of the drink of choice. This is currently being used at the Globe corporate headquarters in Taguig with 18 QR-operated vending machines.

This is one of Globe's sustainability campaign. This is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production.There are more to come and will be realized not only by the workers of Globe but by the public as well.

Food | Luxurious Feels yet Affordable Treats at Davao Lounge

Me at Davao Lounge
Davao City is a Meetings, Incentives, Conventions or Events (MICE) destination in the Philippines. As more and more MICE activities are being done in the city, there are more venues needed to cater the growing demand. Just recently opened, last year December 2019, Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant and Business Center is a very promising venue and a Halal-friendly establishment!

Some Davao Lounge Staff
Davao Lounge Outside
Davao Lounge is located at Duterte St., ATU Plaza, Davao City. The establishment is new and entering the vicinity is a bit intimidating. I, for example, thought that the establishment is a very pricey cafe restaurant because it has a very luxurious feel, it is well-lit, cool and with elegant furniture sets. But who would have thought that they have a very affordable menu? They even have MEALennial combo (value meal) as low as P165! You can also enjoy a solo or group (good for 3-4 persons) serving of food as low as P95 upto P750. In fact, they have a great halal-friendly menu.

By the way, they are OPEN 24/7; students and business people can eat and stay there plus enjoy FREE WIFI!

Anyways, I have been saying about their affordable menu, but what do they have? There’s a lot, but I will show you what we have tasted with some of my friends.

The Appetizer - Tuna Kinilaw
Tuna Kinilaw
A raw tuna fish with relish of lemon and spices that is not very sour - a perfect taste! It is also a Davao favorite!

The Soup - Bouillabaisse
It is a classic stew of the freshest seafood! It is an overwhelming seafood soup, and a good choice! Just eat, don't spell. LOL 

The Pasta - Seafood Pasta

Seafood Pasta
This is a creamy seafood pasta presented like there's a flying fork. It is rich, creamy and perfect pasta noodles - al dente!

The Rice - Asian Rice Platter

Asian Rice Platter
Filipinos love rice and this rice is Chinese style with egg and veges that I think is good for 4 persons.

The Main Courses!

Ardiente Bulalo

Ardiente Bulalo
A different presentation of bulalo with a creamy gravy and yes, it’s ardiente! The meat is tender and the gravy is thick, a bit salty.

Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao
It is a cut beef tenderloin with roasted garlic and soy glaze. It is one of my favorites as it is tender and perfectly seasoned.

Orange-Pineapple with Honey Glaze
Orange-Pineapple with Honey Glaze
It is a citrus dish of chicken fillet with pineapple chunks glazed with honey with some spices and cute to its presentation in a pineapple!

Deep Fry St. Peter Fish

Deep Fry St. Peter Fish
It is a cut fish fried with delicious vinegar for dipping.

The Dessert - Brownie Sundae

Brownie Sundae
As a sweet tooth, my mouth is having a party with this! Yes, with a rich fudge, topped with a vanilla ice cream under a crystal-sugar dome and some fruits (apples and strawberry) flavorfully prepared at the sides. It is so heaven! Available this coming Valentine’s!!!

The Drinks - Green Apple Sensation and Ube Keso Smoothie
Green Apple Sensation and Ube Keso Smoothie
Green Apple Sensation is a refreshing drink of green apple with some slices of apples.

Ube Keso Smoothie, as recommended by one of the servers, is a good selection of a not so sweet smoothie with taro flavor and grates of cheese.

Indeed, that’s a sumptuous menu and you have more to choose in the menu.

After that meal, check out the function rooms of Davao Lounge!

Function Room
The function or meeting rooms can be occupied for 4 hours with consumable amount. There’s a meeting room that can accommodate 10 persons worth P5,000 with consumable amount of P4,000. There’s a meeting room that can accommodate 10-12 persons worth P6,500 and also a meeting room that can accommodate 12-15 persons worth P8,500 with respective consumable amount. Aside from that, they have a big well-decorated of elegant furniture function room that can accommodate 70 persons. They have affordable rates to choose from. It is indeed a function that you thought in a hotel but not necessarily in a hotel. It is very nice!
Meeting Room
You may contact Davao Lounge at these mobile numbers +639483294126 or +639776057980 or telephone numbers +6382-333-6717.

I wish more power for Davao Lounge Cafe Restaurant and Business Center with the very sophisticated interiors and delicious food serving!

Thank you, Davao Lounge - Atty Caballero, Chef JL and staff!

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