Food | Asian Progressive Cuisine at Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co

Chef Patrick Co and the Asian Cow staff ready to cook
Asia has a lot of tasteful flavors. These flavors are brought in one setting at Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co! Yes, Asian Cow has an Asian Progressive Cuisine that will be enjoyed by many Asian food lovers. Check them out at Mabini St. corner Quirino Avenue, Davao City on June 8, 2018 at 6 PM as they start to serve their very tasty dishes. I am pretty sure you’ll gonna love it!

They have a lot in menu. Almost all they serve are good for sharing among 3 to 4 individuals. Their rice is always jasmine rice. That’s a good way to taste many of the dishes at Asian Cow. Every now and then, they’ll be adding something new in their menu. Isn’t that exciting? Of course! I’ll be sharing my top 5 favorites!

Since I love many salads, here are among the two of my favorites.

Thai beef salad
Spicy tuna and kani salad
There are spices in this salad which really play in my mouth, though my spice tolerance is not that high yet I really enjoyed it. I really enjoy every flavor of the Thai beef and spicy tuna with all the garnishing. The salads are balanced and very healthy. Very good as part of the appetizers!

Szechuan glazed squid
Many are familiar with calamares. Yes, the cut of the squid is somewhat similar but this one has so much flavorful spices and sauce! It plays well in your mouth. I really am loving this one plus the squid is cooked enough and not rubbery. Approved!

Salad egg batter fried salmon with garlic aioli
I really love salmon. With this creative dish with lots of flavor, I am like in heaven! The salmon is cooked to perfection, soft and tasty! More rice please!

Chicken satay with pickles, spiced coconut cream
This grilled chicken dish is close to my heart. I love these with much Asian spices. Really perfect for a meal!
Some drinks and dishes
The drinks! Especially the fresh lime iced tea with muscovado is a surprise! Why? It is because there are spices that my tongue is receiving from the dishes but after drinking the tea, my tongue is washed generously. I mean, my palate is again ready to munch any food served in the table. That’s pretty cool! I also love their Asian Cow Iced Coffee. If you wish to add sweetness on your drinks, pour some sugar syrup. :-)

However, don’t get me wrong, those are my favorites. My taste is different from yours. However, the dishes at the Asian Cow are really tasty and not commercialized! It is like eating straight from home. Other dishes they have are as follows:

Main course
Grilled half chicken sambal
Mussels and shrimp in coconut ginger broth
"Asian Cow" friend chicken
US Angus grain fed beef cheek curry

Steamed jasmine rice
Stir fried rice noodles in tamarind glaze

Angus beef and basil spring rolls
As the Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co will fully open to the public this June 8, 2018, visit them to taste what you’ve seen from this blog and taste what I have tasted together with some media friends and influencers. Aside from the food, you can also enjoy the artistic touches inside the restaurant - very instagrammable!

Congratulations, Asian Cow by Chef Patrick Co!

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Food | All Day Breakfast at Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee

Good morning anytime of the day! Yes, Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee serves all day breakfast menu from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Never miss out your breakfast. That is one thing that any individual should be accustomed of. Why? It is because your breakfast will give you much of the energy you’ll need for the day. Also, your breakfast may not be very heavy but as long as it is healthy and balanced with enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats that’s good enough. What if you’re really into “brunch”? That’s not a problem! It is your preference but do not compromise meal and putting yourself hungry. What if it’s anytime of the day? That’s gonna be great!

At Karlo’s Gourment and Coffee, Chef Karlo is the master of these all day breakfast menu. Yes, he has made it to perfection. A menu that you would want to taste from each dish. But, I will give you a hint of my TOP 5 favorites!

First, the PANCAKES!
Pancakes topped with butter and maple syrup
I really love these pancakes. Why? It is because of the fluffy and smooth texture that when you eat it, it melts in your mouth! How’s that? It doesn’t feel heavy and any guilt at all. Topped with maple syrup and butter made it with much perfection! Thanks, chef!

Smoked salmon bagel sandwich
The smoked salmon is really perfect with the bagel sandwich. The sandwich also has creamcheese, tomatoes and green salad dressed with tasty balsamic vinaigrette. Crispy potatoes on the side are completing the carbohydrate need. Yum!

Tropical overnight oats
I am among those oat and fruit lovers there that will surely love this one! I really love this! The oats soaked in milk topped with very fresh fruits like sliced apples, mangoes, bananas and oranges made me very happy. This is perfect anytime of the day and served cold. Yum!

Chicken and waffles
Do you know the feeling of smelling butter all around the corners when the dish is served? I am jumping in joy! The chicken has perfect crisp and the waffles with butter are soft too! This is a complete meal for me. I love it!

Breakfast Bruschetta
All the components of this dish compliment. The star of this dish are the poached eggs that drip on the toasted bread rubbed with cream cheese. It is flavorful plus it is drizzled with pesto sauce and crispy potatoes on the side. Upon eating, all flavors play well in my mouth and my mood is pretty happy. That will make your all day breakfast experience alight!

If you happen to notice, I am extremely happy having breakfast without rice. Well, I am used to eating breakfast without it. Breads, oats or fruits are good for me.

On the other hand, there are more with the all day breakfast menu of Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee.

The Karlo’s Full Breakfast.
Karlo's full breakfast
There’s the bacon strips with egg (many loves it!), hash brown, sauteed shetaki mushroom, tomatoes, Italian sausage, and French toast bread. At the side are butter and strawberry jam which are perfect combination for the bread. It is also a complete, heavy meal. Burp! Excuse me.

The French Toast with Bananas.
French toast with bananas
I also love these. The french toast with bananas is a light meal but very tasty! The bread is soft and milky. Pour in the maple syrup or spread the butter, in any way, it is perfect! Plus munching in the sliced bananas makes me happy.

The Chorizo Skillet.
Chorizo skillet
It is a surprise for me. I love it, too! This traditional pork sausage (chorizo) is simmered with tomato sauce then topped with fresh eggs, roasted pimiento and mozarella cheese in a hot skillet. It smells and tastes very good.

The Morning Croissant.
Morning croissant
The crusty croissant is filled with ham, tomatoes, runny egg and special sauce. That’s gonna be a great morning dish! Then, there are crispy potatoes and green salad on the side. It’s a complete meal!

The Daing na Bangus!
Daing na bangus
A very traditional Filipino breakfast, daing na bangus. This one has rice topped with egg! The milkfish or bangus is perfectly fried with garlic bits on top plus very healthy with a tomato and cucumber salad. You gonna love this for a fantastic morning breakfast!

There are more surprises in the cafe. They have variety of exotic drinks such as the Mangosteen Kapeccino. Then, for those sweet tooth out there, this month of June, they will serve a very rich Triple Chocolate Mousse - I am drooling much with the cake - chocolate is life!
Mangosteen kapeccino
Triple chocolate mousse
Isn’t that complete?!! Yes! Why? It is because you are just reading this blog post and haven’t visited and tasted Karlo’s Gourment and Coffee All Day Breakfast Menu at Jack’s Ridge, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City. I hope to hear from you guys! Enjoy! :-p

Thank you Chef Karlo for that awesome experience at Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee with an awesome overlooking view of Davao City. Thank you also guys for visiting my avenue,

Event | Indonesia at a Glance with the ConGen at the Indonesian Consulate

It is a pleasant day in Davao City. The Consul General of the Indonesian Consulate, ConGen Berlian Napitupulu, has invited friends from the local media and social media to taste some food, witness and hear great things about Indonesia. The event, for me, is a realization and an envy.
ConGen Napitupulu with Ian Garcia at the Media Briefing
Indonesia and the Philippines are both members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Other countries included in the ASEAN are Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Timor Leste is also part of the Southeast Asia region but not yet part of the ASEAN, hopefully very soon. Aside from this group, which has celebrated a golden year last year, Indonesia and the Philippines are part of an economic cooperation known as Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-the Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area or BIMP-EAGA. Basically, the nearest ASEAN neighbors the Philippines has are from the BIMP. To exchange trades with them is really a very good way of getting along with our neighbors, especially with Indonesia, which is the largest economy in the region and among the top ten (10) largest economies in the world.

Bottom to Top: 
First things first, the invitation is at lunch time, and the best way to experience Indonesian hospitality is served with some Indonesian dishes. They have served the 1) padang sauce shrimp, 2) famous beef rendang, 3) tumis mix vegetables, 4) chicken satai, 5) shrimp chips and 6) fruits. It is indeed a very wonderful start. It has some similarities with Filipino food and all yet delicious!

Aside from the lunch being served, there are some tasty, great and exotic snack items served to taste. Yes, there are variety of snack items like the pang-pang, ping-ping, teng-teng, ting-ting, tong-tong, salak, durian pancake, my fave teh tarik drink and passion fruit juice! It isn’t hard to memorize the names at all! :-p

Variety of snack items

Salak and other snack items (sorry, I forgot the names)
Teh Tarik
Actually, I am marveled with the industries present in Indonesia. There’s a lot! Yes, a lot! There are many products from Indonesia that is in the Philippines right now that ranges from wellness and grooming products, food and beverage items, automobile, construction materials and many more. They have a number of industries that make their economy afloat and really one of the largest in the world. That’s one of the things I envy about Indonesia, I wish we have much industries like theirs. It is also a very inspiring thing that Indonesia is reaching out to neighboring countries like ours wherein they are pretty willing to impart their culture and expand their presence to connect more people from the Philippines to Indonesia and vice versa. ConGen Napitupulu has been proactive in doing so and with that, the Indonesian Consulate will be conducting a Food and Beverage Expo this coming June 2018 here in the city at a mall. Aside from that, their Trade Expo Indonesia on October 2018 invites business people to invest in Indonesia.

There’s more of Indonesia! Like the Philippines, Indonesia is an archipelago but they are the world’s largest group of islands. They have rich natural beauty and culture that is preserved and ready to face the world - like Medan! This is again a thing to emulate - preservation of rich culture to attract visitors.
Garuda at the Indonesian Consulate
Indonesia may not be a huge English-speaking country, but they have managed their huge industries to be around the region and the globe. They may not be among the countries with top numbers of business process outsourcing companies, but they are among the top economies in the world. Yes, that’s Indonesia! We can learn from them and learn from each other. :-)

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Lifestyle | CrossFit: Another Fitness Routine to Enjoy and Endure

Do you know Crossfit? How about Battle of the Strongest? Or are we on the same page - clueless on what really it is? And, it is a No - No - Yes answer…
Stationary Bicycle and Kettle Weights for CrossFit
At first, hearing and reading about Battle of the Strongest, I have thought of muscled people to fight inside a ring like wrestling, in another form - judo, and many other sport. Aside from that, I have thought that athletes will be wearing tight fit sport wear and pushing another athlete to win as the strongest. That’s how I perceived it, but thank you for the Visit Davao Summer Festival, I have learned about this fitness program and sport!
Tempra Battle of the Strongest Presscon with Mr. Gotohio (Manager), Mr. Go (CEO) and Mr. Co (Trainer)
Yes, CrossFit may be very new to the ears and eyes to many here in Davao City. It is actually a fitness program wherein there are variety of movements involved. It has aspects of gymnastics, weight-lifting, running, rowing and others. It can be done by all genders! In Davao City, CrossFit Madayaw is a CrossFit, Inc. affiliate gym operating since 2016 and they have two (2) branches in the city, 1) in Matina (known as CrossFit Madayaw) and 2) in Lanang (known as Madayaw North).

Ring Bars

The Battle of the Strongest CrossFit Competition 2018, as organized by CrossFit Madayaw and Visit Davao Summer Festival and sponsored by Department of Tourism, is going to happen on May 26, 2018 at Matina Town Square, Davao City. This is another event of the Visit Davao Summer Festival to promote Davao City as a sport capital during the summer season and this is on its 2nd year and the biggest CrossFit Competition in Mindanao.

How does it work? The competition is composed of mixture of gymnastics, weight-lifting, running, rowing and more. The athletes will have to get the best time, carry the heaviest weight and get the best score throughout the four (4) given workout to be declared as winner in the corresponding divisions. The ranks will then be tallied accordingly, per routine, and ranks of the athletes per workout will be computed for average to get the final rank.
Perkin (the Manager) using the kettle weights
Perkin at the bars

Actually, CrossFit is really interesting, especially among those who are really eager of making themselves fit and healthy. The gym has complete amenities for the workout and they have eight (8) 1-hour classes everyday except Sundays; there’s also a schedule for open gym wherein you can do exercises with supervision of the coaches., usually at 10:00 AM until 4:30 PM. There will be a ONE FREE trial session for the first time members! Try it out!!! Who knows, we will be among the CrossFit athletes in Davao City and joining the Battle of the Strongest in the future!

PS: Rates start as low as P1,800 for 10 session cards and drop in rate of P400.

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Guys, this is a chance to try CrossFit at CrossFit Madayaw (Matina) or Madayaw North (Lanang) gym. This is a simple giveaway. Share us your FITSPIRATION. ONE will get a chance to WIN a 10-session card for Bootcamp good for 2 months and CrossFit Madayaw shirt!
How to join:
1. Like the Ten7avenue Facebook Page.
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5. Be sure to make your profile public.
6. Use the hashtags: #CrossFitMadayaw #ten7avenue #SportDavao #VisitDavaoSummerFestival
7. Deadline of entry will be on May 25, 2018.
8. Announcement of WINNER will be on May 26, 2018.
Thank you, CrossFit Madayaw!

Event | FoodPanda Expands Services in Davao City!

Good food at your doorstep with Food Panda
Food delivery? Do you memorize the numbers? Can you easily contact them? Do you still have quality food delivered on time? Or, do you still stuck yourself on long queues to order your food? Well, something’s coming to Davao City and making life a bit easier with the use of a mobile app!

Say hello to Food Panda! FoodPanda has been doing food service delivery around the globe with more than 27, 000 partner restaurants with a use of an app! You can easily make use of the app and make orders among nearby restaurants with the tip of your hands. You can download it either on your android or IOS phones. Still, an option of using the website is available at In the Philippines, FoodPanda serves the people in Metro Manila and Cebu, now they are expanding in Mindanao and first in Davao City - come, May 2018!

Davao City will soon be colored with pink! Yes, pink! Presence of FoodPanda is easily recognizable with that color. The app, the markers in the app, and the drivers are with that color and the cute panda logo.

How to use it?
1) Download the app either on your android or IOS. If you’re using a computer, go to
2) Log-in using your Facebook account or create an account with your e-mail address.
3) Put in your current location, then select from a number of restaurants available for delivery in your area.
4) Choose among the selection and put in your orders to your basket.
5) Review your order in the basket, and once you’re done, you may click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
6) On the Checkout page, enter your discount voucher code, if you have one. Payment options include Cash on Delivery, Online Payment (credit card or paypal).
7) After placing your order, you can live track your order from confirmation until the time it arrives to your doorstep.

That’s how easy it is! Ordering through the app is doing an e-commerce and tracking like booking your TNVS. There are few reminders using the service, there will be a delivery fee of 59 pesos within 3 kilometers of range. But on your first order, you may have a free delivery by using the code: PANDAVAO!

Are you excited? I am! At least there are more options where to order food among partner restaurants and delivered right at your doorstep.
Team DDI with the FoodPanda Team at Mesa
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Travel | Enjoy the Waters of IGACOS!

Babu Santa, Talicud Island
A plunge to the beach, waterfalls and other bodies of water may be your thing during dry and hot season in the Philippines. Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), commonly known as Samal Island in Davao Region, may have some of those activities you have in mind for the season. Let’s check it out!

IGACOS is part of Davao del Norte Province wherein it lies at the middle of the Davao Gulf. It has great white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, diving spots and you can do some water sport activities. It is the nearest city from the center of Davao City wherein less than 10 minutes of roll on roll off (RORO) water vehicle ride will reach you to the port of Babak in IGACOS. One can bring their own vehicle or commute with the island city bus or with motorcycle in IGACOS.
Hagimit Falls
One of the treasures of IGACOS is the hagimit falls.
Hagimit Falls

The hagimit falls is situated 2km from Penaplata proper and entrance fee to the place is P40. Upon entering the place, one will need to walk down towards the basin of the water falls. The place is relaxing with the sound of pouring water from the steps to the basin of the water falls. The water is also cool and fresh. It is really one of the places flocked by people during the dry and hot season.
I love Samal, Kaputian Beach Resort, Kaputian, IGACOS
The best part, really, of IGACOS is the white sand beaches. It is spread around the whole island and really a place to enjoy the salty waters and have some aquatic activities. The LGU-managed resort in the island is the Kaputian Beach Resort. Entrance fee is set at P10 per pax for a day tour, but P75 for overnight stay. Rental of cottages and rooms will range from 200-400 pesos.

There are more to experience in the island and nearby island, Talicud island. These are only among the few places to visit in IGACOS. The city government of IGACOS has taken part to the ongoing Visit Davao Summer Festival, together with the provincial government of Davao del Norte Tourism office, so there's more to enjoy during the season in the island!

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