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Inaul Clothings
Inaul is the fabric weaved by the women of Maguindanao at a Women’s Center in Buluan, Maguindanao. I really have this fascination over weaving. It is like, a big WOW! I mean, when you see them doing it, having intricate design, will really make you appreciate how hard working and creative they are. Take note, doing such a craft takes weeks or months to finish with beautiful designs. In Mindanao, there are so many weaving women from different tribes, and they have all my respect among their crafts.

In this post, I am going to show you some of the women weaving during the Inaul Festival 2018 - Weaving Competition. Here are the photos:

Women weaving during the Inaul Weaving Competition
Aside from the women weaving, the women’s center is also home of inaul craft gallery! You will witness some inaul dresses and crafts in this particular room. You will see the ingenuity of the designs made of the indigenous material. Like me, I am really amazed on the designs of clothing for both men and women. Actually, I like to wear one if given a chance - how I really wish! It has class and elegance with so much culture instilled on those items!

Not only that the dresses are displayed. There are also other crafts like painting and other cloths that can be used as decoration or any home use.
Inaul Galley

Paint over Inaul
I really cannot contain my happiness seeing such crafts. Why? It is because Mindanao really has this for so long and it just awaits to be discovered or showcased. For so many times I have traveled to different parts of Southeast Asia, crafts like these are among the things well-appreciated by many tourists in the world. It is like a soul unleashed in a place.

Indeed, this year’s Inaul Festival’s theme: “A Fabric of Peace: Weaving Diversity, Connecting Boundaries” is a very inspirational message. Flourish more Maguindanao! So, talking about inaul - we are referring to the people of Maguindanao - home of a rich culture and indigenous crafts!

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