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Sunrise at the Valugan Boulder Beach
A visit in Batanes will not be complete if I will not see the sunrise. Yes, I have seen the sunset twice, so I will also check out the sunrise in this beautiful paradise. Upon asking where the best sunrise spot will be, they say it is at the boulders of Valugan Beach. So, I have set myself of waking very early in the morning and bike towards the boulders. It is a 40 minutes of biking from my homestay with an up and down terrain of well-paved road. All alone, I have braved the road towards there, it has well-lit and some dark areas, but with the commitment of seeing the sunrise, I shall conquer! It is not a failure, it is indeed magical! Playing with the camera setting will create more mystical misty boulders brought by the waves of the ocean and, oh my, the sunrise, very beautiful! That is not yet part of the tour by the way... :-p

So, the third day is set for the South Batan tour. At first, I have thought that one day will be enough for the whole island of Batan with a very quick stop and go scheme, but to savor the beauty of the island, the set tour for north and south is just right. I am not in a hurry by the way... :-p

First stop, Chawa Viewing Deck!
Chawa Viewing Deck
It may not be the usual scene in many islands in the Philippines of seeing tidal waves smashing huge rocks, Chawa Viewing Deck is a perfect spot to appreciate nature's beauty. The strength of each wave smashing the rocks create a white bluish after wave bubbles and usually creates misty effects nearby. There's also a stair going down and have those pose with this beauty.

Then, we proceed to the Mahatao Boat Shelter Port.
Mahatao Boat Shelter Port
As huge waves really are all-year round in Batanes, the Mahatao Boat Shelter port serves as the refuge of the boats against those waves. It is protected by another island as seen in the photo. Again, another site not frequently seen in many places in the country. There's also another lighthouse being constructed nearby.

Then, the Blank Book Archive and the San Carlos Borromeo Church.
My Story in Batanes at Blank Book Archive
San Carlos Borromeo Church

San Carlos Borromeo Church is one of the churches in Batanes and home of the blank book archive. The blank book archive is a place where you'll write your story in the blank pages of the book. It is an unusual activity but a good thing to experience. It is also a simple gesture of a guestbook. Nearby the church is a Spanish lamp post that is manually lit with fire that will serve as guide for the fishermen used during the Spanish Collonial period.

Then, we proceed to the Municipality of Ivana.

Ivana is home of many tourist spots such as the House of Dakay. It is one of the oldest preserved, authentic Ivatan house. It is also known as the Estrella House.

Then, another church, San Jose de Ivana Church and the most famous honesty store!
San Jose de Ivana Church

The honesty shop is at times not a supervised store. Your honesty is tested in the store. However, as many guests flock and not all the time that they are honest, the safe for the payment is being locked and what you have dropped will not be changed with smaller bills or coins. Better to bring much of smaller bills and experience to shop here. Then, from time to time, somebody will check on the inventory of goods and replenish it.

Then, moving forward, you'll see the "Blow Ur Horn" signs and the Alapad Hills and Rock Formation.
"Blow Ur Horn" Sign
The sign "Blow Ur Horn" reminds the drivers to blow the horn as it is a blind curve. It will help the drivers caution to a coming vehicle.
Jump Shot at the Alapad Hills and Rock Formation
The Alapad Hills and Rock Formation is one of the most tourist friendly spot in Batanes. You can have your jump shot in the middle of the road and the rock formation as your background. That is really one fun shot.
Lo-Ran Old Naval Base
Then, the Lo-Ran Old Naval Base. This is said to become a National Museum in the future. :-p

Before proceeding to Racuh a Payaman for lunch, we passby San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel. A cute chapel in the small community of Imnajbu.
San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
Marlboro Hills or the Racuh a Payaman
The Marlboro Hills is a place of many cattles. Well, one of the industries in Batanes is cattling.

Then, our final destination is just nearby the Mahatao Tayid lighthouse. It is a lighthouse built in a private space. There's also a lot of cattles near wherein the liveng serves as the boundary for the cattles.
Mahatao Tayid Lighthouse from Afar
It is very windy in the area and the heat of the sun is really pressing inside. So, our final photos are very playful; we are against the odds and jump shot in the middle of the tall grasses!
Play with the Wind
Jump Shot in the Grasses

Actually, there are many more places we have passed by such as the Ruins of Songsong and the Old Spanish Bridge.

Indeed, Batanes is such a treasure of the country. It is like a group of islands of living museum. So much more to experience. In the three days of exploring Batanes, it is such a joy! However, the second largest island which is Itbayat is also an island worth exploring! Perhaps, next time... It is also a very lucky trip to Batanes; it is supposedly a very rainy weather because there are two typhoons visiting the country that time, however the typhoons have gone to opposite directions making Batanes a clear spot! Thank God!

I am really thankful that even in my joiner escapade, I have met the cool family lead by Tita Ness with Chie, Anne, and Grace. Thank you!!! Then, Juliet, who is our guide, photographer and director in one, is really superb in her craft, thank you! BISUMI Tours, you are really worth to be contacted when in Batanes. Many thank you!!! The following day is a departure from Basco to Manila,

I hope you guys also enjoyed the three-part Batanes tour.
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Thank you for visiting my avenue, and share this post to your friends! :-p

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