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Me holding an Adlai Rice
Malita is the town capital of the youngest province in the Philippines, Davao Occidental, to date. It is around 2 to 3 hours of land travel from Davao City via a private or public transportation. The municipality has some food surprises that you'll love as much as I did. So, let's check it out!
Kape de Netibo and Adlai Rice
Rice is the staple food for many Filipinos. It is best paired with the delicious barbeque, adobo and many other viand. However, the regular rice is more glycemic thus people who have lifestyle disease like diabetes will control intake of it.
Meal with Adlai Rice
Good thing that ADLAI RICE is a healthier option than the regular rice. This is one great Malita product that is low glycemic, with protein, dietary fiber, minerals and it is gluten-free. Its taste is not far from a regular rice’s taste. It looks more circular than an elongated grain; bigger than a corn grain that is also substituted for a regular rice. What I like about it is that when you eat it, you will get full but you feel light. The cheapest adlai rice is around P250 coming from Malita and it is one that is considered as an ancient grain.
Adlai, Kape de Netibo and Bangus
Then, one of the best bangus (milkfish) I have tasted is from Malita! I often dislike bangus because of its bones; it will take me some time to remove the bones and still I will get boned. However, the bangus from Malita is a surprise: it has less bones and it doesn’t have a stinky odor. Yeah, believe me, it is something to buy and taste! Perfect for an inun-unan or known as paksiw! 

Then, the Kape de Netibo. Actually, I am not a coffee fan but this coffee is not too acidic for me and it does not make me hyperactive - something that I think is a thumbs up!
Women Entrepreneurs of Barangay Buhangin ice cream
Then, a group of women in Malita or the Women Entrepreneurs of Barangay Buhangin (WEBB) offers good ice cream that will tickle your taste buds. The ice cream comes in five (5) flavors, to wit: 1) kalabasa (squash), 2) malunggay (moringa), 3) durian, 4) chili level 1, and 5) chili level 2. Among the flavors, I like most the kalabasa! The squash has good blend with the sweet cream than the moringa - well, that’s for me, but still tastes good. Durian flavor is not that strong but there is a kick of the durian's taste. Then, as for the chili flavors, not much of a chili fan - sorry but still good tasting. Price ranges from P40 to P45. :-)
Kalabasa Flavored Ice Cream
Tasty Daral
Then, the daral. It is a Tausug delicacy that at an instant has become a favorite. Good thing that I have tasted it in Malita since it is Ms. Jean's favorite. hihihi It is a rolled crepe with coconut and sugar inside. It is a good snack item! Yum!
Calamares with Salted Egg Batter
One of the unforgettable that I have tasted in Malita is the calamares! Thank you very much for this recipe of yours Ms. Jean! The calamares has a salted egg batter that tastes so good in my mouth. The spices also compliment well. Super favorite!!!

Oh well, those are just among the food you can taste in Malita. Our group is very thankful to the generosity of Ms. Jean, together with her staff. Malita has marked good food to me! Until next time!!! :-)

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