Travel | Experience Serenity at Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park

"Cool Story Babe" Model: Clem Sulit Jr.
If you want to find an inner peace, make it happen to travel within your means. Find a place where you can relax and enjoy nature’s beauty - make a "cool story". In Davao City, there’s a number of it and one of it is the Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park.
The Team DDI with the De Vera Family Photo Credit: Janina Gantuangco
Some influencers in Davao are given the opportunity to witness the beauty and elegance of Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park. It is located at Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City. It is approximately an hour road trip from downtown Davao City and it isn’t my first time to visit the place, but I still enjoy the commuting feels from a bustling metropolis towards a sanctuary with lush jungle-like environment.
The geodesic dome, cool spring pool and dining area.

Before coming to the place, it is better to contact them at these numbers, (082) 2236116, 09176212652, 09755139805 or 09182991674. Aside from their mobile numbers, reach them through their facebook page, Why? It is because going to the place commuting will need you to follow some instructions. Such as pick up time, when guests will be fetched at a mall in Calinan (Gaisano Grand).

What are the things I really like in the place, I will name you a few…
Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park
Model: Janina Gantuangco
First, as a nature lover, nature’s presence is felt everywhere with very vibrant plants, cool wind, spring water, and long bamboo trees around. You will really feel energized from being weary of every day’s job or business. It has also become an opportunity for many amateur and professional photographers to take as much photo in the sanctuary and share to social media accounts. It is really inviting!
Geodesic Dome
Second, as a person who can appreciate architectural structures, I really love the geodesic dome. Yes, the dome is 60 meters in diameter; it can cater 450 persons in an event. It is said to be the biggest geodesic dome in Davao City and assumed even in the whole country. The structure really has its identity and proudly erected in Davao City. It is like a treasure carved out from the wilderness!

Cool Spring Pool
Third, the cool spring pool, your body is refreshed once you dip in the water. Tried this in my first visit, and indeed, it is refreshing!

Not only that the pool is the body of water inside the ecological park, but there’s a pond with some vegetation, too.
Orientation at the Park
Fourth, as an advocate of the environment, advocacy on bamboo use and display is a two thumbs up! It is a time to give a brief overview of bamboo’s advantages and uses - educational and good for learners! In the world, there are 1500 species of bamboo and 32 of which can be seen in the park.
Fifth, as an outgoing individual, few outdoor activities can be played! Yes, they have an archery tag (form a team of 3 members), kayaking or gondola ride, drive of ATV and fishing. Among those activities, I loved the archery tag. It is an adrenaline releasing activity, so be sure to bring an extra shirt coming to the place.
Intercontinental Cuisine Buffet
Sixth, their food in buffet is awesome! For our visit, they served us about 30 dishes and some desserts with drinks. I love the shrimps, pork, chicken, vegetables, noodles (pancit) and the moringa juice! Though I like everything that is served!

The whole area is approximately 3.5 hectares and only 1 hectare is currently developed. Soon enough, more development will be put in and roads going to the park will be improved, too. It will not only be a day tour (P250 for entrance fee) park, but also a place where people can stay overnight (room rates range from P2500 to P5200) for some activities. Events are accommodated, too!

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Thank you for visiting my avenue,!

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