To Travel Abroad: Get Your Passport!!!

Yes... Yes... Yes... The Department of Tourism's tagline "It's more fun in the Philippines" is a catchy way of inviting tourists from abroad to visit our best offers as a nation especially the beaches, the people and other tourist attractions.

However, being patriotic and visiting our national treasures should not keep every Juan from traveling abroad. Experience also the neighboring countries and go about how they do with their tourism industry compare to ours. With that, a comparison and contrast will lead to an implication that it is REALLY MORE FUN in the Philippines and it is not just an advertisement.

First things first: GET YOUR PASSPORT!

Planning a leisure travel outside the country needs a passport. The travel can be planned long before the trip but proceed the plan if the passport is already available. It is because most airline companies require the passport number during the booking process. Hence, there is no escape or excuse of not getting a passport to travel internationally.

It may be a concern among people getting a passport because of a very long queue and additional expense. Yet, think of it as additional identification. It is a government ID that every Juan should have. Having a passport doesn't require anyone to travel abroad but it serves a purpose.

There are two ways of getting a passport. It may be DIY (do-it-yourself: set an appointment or endure a long queue) or have an agency to assist you. Either ways, a personal appearance is required. It sets everybody fair and square; it's just that DIY is cheaper than having an agency. Usually, the registration fees costs 950 pesos for 15 working days releasing and 1200 pesos for 7 working days releasing for both new and renewing passport applicants. The registration fees of applicants from regional offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs are the same but differs with the releasing days - that ranges 20-30 working days. It may cost a bit but it is worth applying - who knows, an immediate travel abroad is at stake. :-)

Another thing to remember, the passport is renewable every 5 years. It can be renewed even 6 months before the expiry. It is often advised to renew the passport if traveling within the 6 months period prior to expiry. Then, if the passport is renewed and you have a scheduled travel abroad, bring the old passport with you to be safe during immigration interrogation. :-)

If the passport is ready, all set for a business or leisure travel. Traveling should not be that expensive, there are backpacking ways to enjoy a travel, but first, be ready and HAVE YOUR PASSPORT. :-)

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