Ramen at SkyGo Cafe

Flights from Manila are usually delayed, it could be minutes and worse, hours... I am glad that at Davao International Airport there is a SkyGo Cafe which the price is affordable and worthy for the hungry tummy.

The staff of the cafe are also very friendly and accommodating. Since my flight is delayed, I have a taste of their Beef Ramen. They may not be a Japanese restaurant, yet the food tastes good.

Oh, before I end this post here at SkyGo Cafe - since I connected with them - good thing that their WiFi is fast and free; unlike with the free WiFi connection given free by the big mobile network companies at the airport.

Again, happy new year! See you again Davao City in a few weeks time.

I hope you enjoy your visit here at my avenue. www.ten7avenue.com

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