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At an airport, where a number of people from all walks of life may interact. Of all the people who i could have talked to, a European is talking with me. It is just surprising that a European will confide to an Asian. Well, he has his relationship issues. Unluckily, I don't have any right of giving advises over such matters because I am not in a relationship. Lol

Okay, since he is airing out about it. Let me listen. :-p

This is the situation. He is engaged with this girl he met in a bar after two years of being in the relationship. Which he said, the affair could have been just for days, but the feeling has grown. Unfortunately, this man is friendly and can have dozens of friends along the way, either men or women. According to him, the girl gets very jealous whenever some friendly photos of a girl beside him. That situations make a 4-day or more days of cool off. Oh yes, remember, they are engaged. Then, suddenly, somebody has posted a baby photo at his social media account while on a business trip - the girl thinks the baby is his because the baby looks like him. He even asked me to tell the truth if it really looks like him. I just answered that I cannot say the baby looks like him but the chubby cheeks may look like his. Then, there is this rampage. The girl has threatened this guy that she will go out and drink if he will not go back to their house (in Manila) the day after that the photo is posted. Immediately, even on business trip, the guy cut the trip 3 days before the actual return flight and have spent a costly airline ticket just to go home. He also added that the girl usually checks his photos in his phone when he is taking a bath. He usually noticed that his phone is repositioned after taking a bath.

Then, he asked me this one million peso question: Are Filipinas like that? They get very angry whenever you have friendly photos...

Oh my... I have question marks over my head!!! Lol

Anyways, I answered politely with this statement: Perhaps! (Did I win the prize with this answer? Lol)

Then, my justification follows. Many women may be like that but not all. Perhaps, she is jealous knowing the fact they are engaged. She just wants his full attention with her and nobody else close to him. His photos with women around will pose a lot of mind disabling ideas of a foreigner having affair with women, even that is just a friendly pose.

I may have perceived this guy as serious with their relationship, but my statement is not helping resolve anything. Lol My statement is just how I see some women having an affair with foreign individuals. Women want their relationship not co-shared. That is just it.

The concern of this man maybe he could have saved and do business more. He is doing buy and sell. But because of that situation, he is facing a wrath in his pocket and relationship. P 9,000 for a single airfare is still P 9,000. He also cut short of the business for his beloved girl. My catch on this matter, are Filipinos, both men and women, really short of trust?

That will be a question I will leave for now.

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