Travel | Leyte: One of the Gems of Eastern Visayas Part 1

I will be dividing this post in two (2) parts…
Gifts from China to the former first family of Marcos
Part 1. Tacloban City, located in the Province of Leyte, Visayas, in Region VIII, is one of the cities that I am excited to see because of some historical significance and natural beauty. Yes, there are many things that happened in this side of the country - even its political story is very colorful. It is also one of the usual passages of tropical depression in the Philippines - the strongest was Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).
San Juanico Bridge
The city is still coping up from the devastation brought by the typhoon few years back. With this visit, I really appreciate the structure of some old buildings, photogenic spots, food and people. It is a city with a cozy environment. As a visitor coming from Davao City, yes, I did appreciate the place like another home away from home.

Davao City to Tacloban City is among the newest routes of a local airline that connects Davao City to most major destinations in the Visayas group of islands. Good thing that it has opened because commuters will now have more options by airplane from Davao City.

My itinerary includes a visit to the longest bridge - San Juanico Bridge, McArthur landing site (the man behind the “I shall return” statement), Kalanggaman Island in Palompon and visit to a museum. As always, plans are made but not fully followed. It has changed to a visit for my DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) appointment (as I have secured one in Tacloban - at least earlier than the schedule I have previously in Cotabato City), San Juanico Bridge, McArthur landing site, Sto. Nino Shrine (a very rich museum, yes, literally), Palo Cathedral, Baybay City for the 16,000 blossoms at Litaon Peak (since going to Kalanggaman will be difficult due to bad weather - having an option is always a thing to consider), and Sto. Nino Cathedral in Tacloban City. Aside from that, I am very thankful to my friend who is from Tacloban City because we are also able to have food tripping! So much delicious food to taste in Tacloban City, especially seafood. That is a 4 days, 3 nights adventure. ;-)

Here are my stories…

Securing a DFA appointment is like a race to many Filipinos right now. Why? It is because the validity of the passport has extended from five (5) to ten (10) years. Who wouldn’t have that, right? Actually, good thing I have secured a flight to Tacloban through a promo a year earlier and it is just timely that a slot for an appointment in DFA Tacloban has opened on my dates of vacation, too. Coincidence? :-p

I am glad that I have my friend, Dennis, in Tacloban City during my stay in the city. He’s my exclusive guide and I am very thankful that he accompanied me to all the places I went and food tasted - all are highly recommended. I will post the food I have tasted on a separate post. ;-}

First view, the Provincial Capitol of Leyte.
Provincial Capitol of Leyte
It is so beautiful! I can’t stop to stare at it with admiration. The day is gloomy and its beauty radiates in the vicinity with its classical design in white. The place has been once the seat of the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines. It is indeed a special spot in Tacloban City, it has historical significance and fine architectural beauty.

Second stop, the San Juanico Bridge.
"S" Curve of the San Juanico Bridge
It is the longest bridge in the country as of this moment. It is connecting the island provinces of Leyte and Samar. Seeing the bridge personally is an unlocked achievement for me. Yes, I just see it in photos and books and being able to pass through the bridge with its beautiful curves, like an “S”, is like living a dream. It has beautiful scenery that time we passed and my feeling was just so happy since I really that high hopes of going to the place and yes, I did it!

Third stop, the MacArthur Memorial Landing Site.
MacArthur Memorial Landing Site
 Douglas MacArthur is one of those significant people during the World War II, he is considered a hero. He uttered the words “I shall return” departing from the Philippines, and this landing site is the place, but not the original site, where he uttered, “I have returned.” It is a commemorative place wherein a promise is fulfilled.

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