Event | Strengthening the 70 Years Relationship between Indonesia and the Philippines

Part 1: Business-to-Business Forum
Business Delegates from Mindanao for the B-to-B Forum
The bilateral relations between Indonesia and the Philippines is at its 70th year. With this long years of relationship, both countries are keeping the brotherhood and close ties, also as geographical neighbors, when it comes to tourism, food and trade. Thus, the Wonderful Indonesia: Tourism, Food and Trade Expo 2019, supported by Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), has been a venue for this step in strengthening the relationship of both countries.
Business Delegates from Indonesia for the B-to-B Forum
The Expo dated July 12-14, 2019 at SM Lanang Premier, J. P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. Before the expo, a B-to-B (business-to-business) forum was conducted so that Indonesian business people will have a business matching with business people from the Southern Philippines. It was a great avenue for both parties as a number of Indonesian business people attended from the sectors of tourism, food and trade sector. It was also attended by a number of business people from the Southern Philippines.
ConGen Dicky Fabrian Giving Welcome Remarks
Mr. Nathaniel Dalumpines Giving Message of Support
The B-to-B forum was also graced by the Consul General of the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Davao City, ConGen Dicky Fabrian; OIC Chairman of MinDA, Sir Nathaniel Dalumpines; President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc., Mr. Art Milan; CEO of Reefer Express Line Filipinas, Mr. Felix Ishizuka; members of the diplomatic corp and friends from the media.
Mr. Felix Ishizuka Giving Updates on BIMP Plus Route
Mr. Felix Ishizuka gave wonderful updates about the initial results of the BIMP Plus route of the Reefer Express Line Filipinas. The route included shipping of goods coming from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam passing through Labuan and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, then to Bitung, Indonesia and to Davao City, Philippines. Mr. Ishizuka was happy with the turn out of the route and asks the business sector to patronize the route to be sustainable. The route was indeed a game changer in the BIMP Plus region wherein goods were being transferred Southern Philippines few days earlier than having it shipped to Manila before going south.
Delegates Business Matching
Delegates Business Matching
The B-to-B forum was successful and both business delegates from Indonesia and Southern Philippines were happy!

Part 2: Wonderful Indonesia: Tourism, Food, Trade Expo 2019
Ribbon Cutting for the Expo 2019
The Expo started with a ribbon cutting with the Consul General Dicky Fabrian leading the group, together with the Ma’am Fera Andriani; Mr. Ricky Fauzi, Director of Marketing Regional III, Ministry of Tourism - Indonesia; Asec. Norman Garibay, DFA Mindanao; Mr. Nathaniel Dalumpines, OIC Chairman - MinDA; and Hon. Nilo Abellera, Davao City Councilor.
Captivating Garuda
One of the Cultural Dances Presented During the Expo
There were a lot of cultural presentations on stage the expo. It was very colorful and musical! The Garuda was also present in the expo that symbolizes the mythical bird of Indonesia. It was a very beautiful, elegant, colorful, and grandiose representation of Indonesia! The officials and staff of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia also gave a musical presentation using the angklung, an Indonesian instrument, and it was endearing to the ears.
Consulate Officials and Staff Presentation Using the Angklung
Several tenants were present in the Expo 2019 that ranges from many different travel agencies from Indonesia and the Philippines, variety of food choices coming from Indonesia and an opportunity to tie up with some business people from the Southern Philippines.
Prize Ship from Wonderful Indonesia
The 3-day event was also packed with so much surprises. There were games and interview portions wherein guests were given tokens from the Wonderful Indonesia. I also luckily received a prize after winning a game. I suddenly owned a ship! Thank you, Wonderful Indonesia!

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