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Ribbon Cutting of Freshko Nova Tierra Opening

Talking about Freshko, what comes into my mind is the Avocado Float! Actually, it is a family favorite!!! My father and mother would always want an avocado shake or float that really answers the craving for an avocado thirst quencher plus healthy! However, existing branches were only at Toril and Acacia or during events where Freshko participated that was a bit far from the northern part of the city.

Freshko Nova Tierra, Lanang Branch

Good news! Freshko, a company of real fruit shakes, opened its 3rd branch in Davao City at Nova Tierra, Lanang - August 18, 2020. It is a celebration for the people of northern part of Davao City who craves for a Freshko! It is also very timely for the celebration of Kadayawan Festival as fruits are abundant during this season, plus they are making way for a Kadayawan promo. The opening, with observance of the minimum health standards, was also graced by Mr. Kylie Gaite, Ginoong Davao 2019.

Ginoong Davao 2019

Ms. Marylou Gerondio

Another good news! Freshko is now open for FRESHKO Franchise! According to Ms. Marylou Gerondio, Freshko Founder & President, they are making way for interested and aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful like how Freshko has become. They are ready to share their placed system with full support to have an easy business with remarkable earnings.

Indeed, it is another milestone for the company with partnerships to happen.

Me during the Opening

Freshko started 2003 with a very simple vision of providing for the family its everyday needs. With a meager amount of P200, it has grown to what it is now. It is another Davao brand that showcases the abundance of fruit harvest in the city, especially with avocado, mango and durian - all of which are tropical fruits. With this in mind, Freshko wants to position itself as among the "well-know fresh fruit refreshments provider in the country that are using locally-grown fruit products, furthermore, helping local farmers sustain a living. A brand name that screams great quality."

Durian Shake
Happy Parents with the Avocado Float (they just wanted their hands in hihihi)

I am among those who are happy that Freshko has come nearer to us in this side of the city. It is indeed a favorite and with great potential in the market amidst the current health challenges in the world. According to Ms. Marylou, Freshko Nova Tierra will be available with food delivery apps very soon! That will make Freshko available at the comforts of our home.

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