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How are you? Yes, it's new year and we are having a new normal. As we start the year, it will be very important that we continue life amidst the circumstances around. I know that many are hopeful this year as there are many development in the vaccine against Covid-19 from many pharmaceutical companies around the globe. On the other hand, many are still not very confident with how things are happening because there's a new variant of the virus. Yet, the bottomline is, we have to live life like what is happening is just a PAUSE.

This post may just be a reminder that our struggle is not yet over. We should be reminded that we have to do the standard health protocols like use of face mask, face shield, wash or sanitize hands as frequent as possible, and keep a physical distance. These are really simple and doable steps against getting the Covid-19 and even to many infectious diseases.

There are really a lot of changes that 2020 has brought to the global market. Many have closed down because business is not getting any better. On the other hand, there are those companies who have changed their nature of business. Aside from that, there are also risk takers who have just started their business during the pandemic, this may be in relation to change of nature but many are really new to the business. Actually, it is somehow an indication of resilience and able to cope for the losses that have been brought by the pandemic. Also, it is a sign of hope that markets are bouncing back to bullish levels even though the threat of the virus is still there. Still, a friendly reminder of wearing face mask and face shield, hand sanitation and physical distancing are really helpful to reduce the chance of contracting the infection to continue business.

It must not be forgotten also that it is very important to maintain our body's health. We should have enough sleep or rest and adequate boost of immune system by taking a dose of vitamin C. During the onset of the pandemic, many have hoarded supplies and hopefully it will not happen again as it will affect the supply and demand chain. We are slowly getting back in shape even a cautious on the things we do but that should be practiced these days. Let's just take things slow and maximize the resources we have and not hoard so that everybody can benefit.

Indeed, this is a very hopeful year, a year that we want to be better than the past year. Though there are also things that we are thankful of the year that passed, seeing nature to recover also is such a blessing! A blessed new year to all!

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