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Newest DITO Promo

DITO Telecommunity which started commercial operations last March 8, 2021 is now expanding its reach in the northern area, to wit: select areas in Central Luzon and South Luzon. With its initial rollout in the select areas in Mindanao and Visayas, it presented a promo of P199 unlimited data and unlimited Dito to Dito calls and texts.

I have availed their initial promo here in Mindanao and able to enjoy their faster speed for internet and I can rely on it as primary source of data.

Check out my vlog at JoyoftheWorld as I compared speed test of existing mobile data providers. Here's the link:

However, I also have observed that there are still some blank spots in the city wherein there is no data while riding a car in Sasa, Davao City, yet there is network signal but low data reception. On the other hand, I am surprised that I have reliable mobile data even at villages nearby Ecoland, Matina Pangi and even at Jade Valley. I am fully aware that DITO Telecommunity, as a new player in the telecommunications industry, their infrastructure is still expanding but is already giving me a good service - a reliable one.

The newest promo offered by DITO is still at P199. There is data cap at 25GB but you can have unlimited text to all networks, unlimited calls to DITO subscribers and 300 minutes call to other networks. The promo will be good from April 16-30, 2021 that I will also grab as my initial subscription ends tomorrow, April 17. This will also test me how far my 25GB can serve me with frequent gaming and YouTube viewing. The promo will really be a game changer if it becomes a postpaid offering, but I understand that it is just a promo. Let's see it in the coming months as their physical stores are yet to be finished in some malls in Davao City and other areas.

I am wishing success for the third telco even on this challenging times.

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