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To top up your DITO Telecommunity account is a bit of a confusing activity as this is a new telco player in the Philippines. Not all e-loading stores, especially sari-sari stores, are able yet to do topping up for DITO. One has to visit an accredited DITO sim retailer and reloader to top up account or do it through the DITO Telecommunity App. For me, it is more convenient and easier to top up through the app, here's how.

App Dashboard

First and foremost, you should have downloaded the DITO Application through Google Playstore or Huawei App. Sign in your mobile number and the password, a combination of 6 digits, given upon the activation of the sim. It will really help a lot to keep the password with the simcard case like what I did.

Load Denominations

Proceeding to Payment

Upon signing in, you will be able to check your mobile data usage, existing call and text promos and of course your load balance. If you are already out of load, all you need to do is click the icon "BUY LOAD", you will then be directed to how much you wanted to top up, denominations available are as follows: P10, P30, P50, P100, P200 and P500.  I have chosen P200 as I will avail of the promo of P199 good for 25gb of data, unlimited text to all network and unlimited call to DITO and 300 minutes call to other networks. Upon choosing how much to BUY LOAD, you will be directed to the payment options, as of now, you can choose using your bank ATM, GCash, GrabPay or WeChat Pay. As for me, I have chosen the ATM because choosing GCash does not direct me to check out. So, I just provided the information for payment just like paying for plane tickets, online shopping haul and the likes.

Message After Purchasing Promo

Next thing to do is to go back at the main dashboard and click "BUY PROMO". As of the moment, the promo available is the P199, as presented earlier. Only some few clicks to do the Buy Promo as long as you have enough load credits. After the transaction, you'll receive a THANK YOU message with the transaction receipt. Then, you are good to go with your mobile data, SMS and call transactions.

So far, as per experience, I have consumed my 25gb of data less than a month as I have increased mobile data activity and tried to experiment how far the 25gb of data will do me especially that I have YouTube activities. So far, I am able to consume the 25gb for 3 weeks with most activities in YouTube livestreaming, uploading and premiere marathon. So, I have to top up in less than a month which is fine and it will add up the data capacity. So far, enjoying DITO Telecommunity data services though there are still places with blank spot, but it is not new because even the older telcos also have blank spots.

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