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Photo of Coach Aro (grabbed from her page) as she posed with the iconic Olympic logo.

The Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympics is still on and, by far, this is the Philippines' most decorated stint - assured with 4 Olympic medals. As of this writing, we have bagged medals from the weightlifting (gold) and boxing (silver) sport. There are still some Filipino athletes playing in boxing and golf.

I cannot help myself, I wanted to ask permission to grab a photo from her page but I think they are more focused with the games. PS: I hope it's okay to grab the photo, but sorry I haven't asked permission prior posting.

Anyways, for me, the athletes and sport coaches are not the only jewels in the event. I am glad that they have Coach Jeaneth Aro in the event to maintain the proper nutrition of our athletes. She is the team's nutrition coach, a precious gem in the team! She is the high performance dietitian of Hidilyn Diaz (our Gold Olympic medalist), and the Philippine Boxing team (also bagging some medals for this Tokyo Olympics). Yet, there are still other teams that she coaches for nutrition needs.

I am writing this blog as I want to flex one of the gems of the Philippine team during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Coach Jeaneth Aro - nutrition coach. Indeed, nutrition has given way to achieve full potential of athletes. The essence of nutrition, as part of the conditioning of athletes, is on track and reaping medals for the athletes.

To have a nutrition coach is a great addition to a world class Filipino team. I have heard from Hidilyn Diaz several times when she won during the Rio 2016 Olympics that sport nutrition is essential to help the body for strengthening and conditioning. Yes, I will totally agree, as a healthcare professional, I also believe that in body strengthening there has to be an equal nutrition conditioning to help the body perform better. I believe that when we exert so much energy, extra rice is not the answer but a well-planned meal for recovery. Gladly, I have read from Coach Aro's post in her page about adequate meal before a fight, maintain proper weight before a fight and a recovery meal - words that I can say that our athletes are really in good hands; words that I can say that our athletes can feel that they are really taken care.

I am aware though that nutrition seminars were conducted to inform athletes about the essence of nutrition how to prepare meal, but it will not be enough. It is really different to have somebody alongside to guide and help you understand the well-planned meal. I am very pleased that the meals prepared for the athletes have balanced carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Plus, seeing a banana is really love! Oh well, I am a monkey. LOL

I just am just happy that the Philippine Sports is really on track with its program. I am happy that the awareness of sports has increased! I am very happy that there is a dedicated sports show everyday in the government TV station. I am very happy that somehow our facilities are improving. I am very happy knowing that nutrition is part of the sports program.

Thank you very much for visiting my avenue, Until next time!

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