Food | Celebrating Sunpride Food's 50th Year with Chef Tatung's Cooking Demo!

On screen, Chef Tatung

Sunpride Food is already on its 50th year! It is one of the brands in my childhood years that really made an impact on me specially that they have the famous tagline, "what can you say, holiday!" We usually look for the brand to munch on for a meal!

Today, Sunpride Food has brought Chef Tatung, an award-winning cook book author, to showcase how the versality and simplicity of their products can be incorporated to dishes that we want. Just be unique and creative! There are three dishes that Chef Tatung has shared and here it is!

First, the easy-to-do Premium Corned Beef Torilla Wrap!

This is very easy to do, just a few minutes! Crack an egg, scramble, season it. Put the Sunpride Premium Corned Beef put some cheese, top with a tortilla wrap and toast it. After which, flip, add your favorite sauce for your wrap then roll. Cut into half then serve! VERY EASY and RICH!

Next dish is a Sunpride Bacon Wrap!

You have the liberty on what to wrap with the bacon. Upon, getting from the pack, it is a very good layer of meat and fat, real bacon! Plus, the cut is perfect! My favorite will be an enoki wrapped with the bacon, but you can also wrap some shrimps or other meat. Then, do it on a concept of pan grilling... After which, glaze your dish! Oh so, yummy!!! Indeed, a perfect appetizer!

Third, the Special Alfredo Pasta with Sunpride meat products!

I would admit that making a pasta dish is not my forte as a cook. But I really enjoyed watching this cooking demo plus a tip of how to make your alfredo sauce thick without much putting of cream! Take note, use a cooking cream. Preparing the meat is fun to watch, Chef Tatung used Sunpride's longganisa, ham and bacon. That's so tastefully, meaty rich! He put in some butter and flour, then pour some chicken stock, that created a magic, the sauce became thick even without cream yet. Furthermore, the last addition to the sauce is the cooking cream and some cheese. Then, mix the pasta to the sauce. Indeed, that sauce is great to look at, it satisfied my eyes. Then to plate, top it with the meat and some parsley! Ohlala!

Alright, again, congratulations for Sunpride Foods for their 50th anniversary and there are more things to expect with Sunpride in the coming months! As the tagline says, "Cook with Pride!" Indeed, a very good ingredient for some simple dishes to prepare for our families or friends especially this coming Christmas holidays!

Thank you very much for this opportunity to watch the cooking demo online and indeed, a learning process for a home cook like me. Cheers to more year, Sunpride!

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