Food | Premium Smoked Bangus Recipes for the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is just less than 3 weeks to go. I am among those excited individuals of what to prepare for the Christmas eve or any time this holiday season. Good thing that we have some Sarangani Bay products such as the premium smoked bangus and seabass to experiment on what recipes to prepare. So, for my part, here are some of the recipes I made with the Sarangani Bay Premium Smoked Bangus.

1) Smoked Bangus Christmas Clubhouse!

This is a very simple recipe that you will only need to have American bread, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and the star of the recipe - the Sarangani Bay Premium Smoked Bangus. You can also add some cheese if you like. Slice your tomatoes. Wash your lettuce. Prepare your smoked bangus into a square cut. Toast your bread on both sides. Then, pile up your clubhouse, in every layer, put in mayonnaise. The way you pile it up will depend how you want it to be. I had mine with lettuce on the first layer, then the smoked bangus and at the top layer is the tomatoes. After assembling the sandwich, slice it into half and serve! It is very easy, right? So, next dish!

2) Smoked Bangus Katsu

Inspired with a Japanese recipe - katsu. I used the Sarangani Bay Premium Smoked Bangus as my meat. Covered it first with flour, then egg scrambled egg, and the bread crumbs. After which, deep fry! Yes, having if deep fried will give a golden crispy appearance. Then, you can serve it with a catsup or chili garlic sauce (you might want to try my own JoyoftheWorld Premium Spices Chili Garlic Sauce... HAHAHAH). Oh year, I am pretty sure that this one will be one of the first plates that will be emptied. Next...

3) Smoked Bangus Pizza ala Pobre

I first named it as Bread Smoked Bangus Pizza, yet this recipe is a very budget friendly using bread as the pizza dough (oh well, isn't really a pizza dough). So, I renamed it to Smoked Bangus Pizza ala Pobre. The ingredients for this recipe will only include the following: the bread, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, onions (should be white onions but I only have red ones), bell pepper and of course the shredded smoked bangus. Assemble your pizza and put it in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes at 180C. Tsaran... Your smoked bangus pizza ala pobre will really have your appetite on even you are full.

So, there you go, here are my premium smoked bangus simple recipes for the Christmas season. Celebrating Christmas should not be very expensive but can taste really good! I hope I can give you some idea of how to prepare your smoked bangus for the holidays! Cheers!

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