SAGIP for the Filipinos!!!

SAGIP Partylist

It is already the election season in the Philippines. One of the things that Filipinos vote for is a partylist that will represent a sector in the society. If you haven't yet think of which party to vote, perhaps you can consider SAGIP Partylist.

SAGIP or Social Amelioration and Genuine Intervention on Poverty Partylist is seeking for re-election in the House of Representatives in the Philippines. It is among the pro-poor parties in the Philippine Congress and they have been serving the Filipinos for almost a decade already. Sagip is "to rescue" in Filipino. The focus of the group is actually really to help or rescue those who are in need.

First Nominee, Cong. Caroline L. Tanchay

The party's first nominee is Cong. Caroline L. Tanchay who happens to be not coming from a family of politicians but a family of willing to help the society. SAGIP has helped in the education and health sector wherein they linked up with government agencies and concerned parties to make quality education and universal health care system accessible to the marginalized youth and women. Aside from that, they are working on the implementation of social development programs in its adopted communities with the help of its partner people's organizations.

True to their tagline: helping the lost, the last and the least; SAGIP Partylist always gives its best! There are a number of programs and projects that the party has initiated and implemented. One of the many, they have given medical assistance; they have assisted in giving TUPAD Emergency Employment; they have bridged for a number of Tech-Voc scholars; they have donated books to some schools and public libraries; they have helped capacitate communities to start a livelihood program, and many more.

If given another chance, the party wants to be felt more in many regions by putting up satellite offices where they can be easily reached. Aside from that, the party is in good hands with a pastor who can guide the group, together with a community of pastors, may blessings pour with them. Also, a medical doctor volunteers to help in the health related activities of the party.

There's really a lot of partylist that is on the list and only ONE will be chosen by each voter. Consider SAGIP Partylist and they will cater many those in need! Don't forget number 61!

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