Apo Agua to Fast-Track Davao Bulk Water Project

Davao City is one of the highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines. That being said, water is one of the resources that should be sustained and delivered to the stakeholders. Apo Agua will speed up their project in Davao and serve to the people.

Here's the story of continued efforts by Apo Agua:


Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc. is taking the lead role in the construction of Davao City Water District’s Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project to fast-track its completion that will provide 300 million liters of safe water daily to over one million DavaoeƱos.

Apo Agua made the decision following setbacks in the timetable for the construction of the project due to complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and other contributing internal factors. Prior to this development, the project’s Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contractor, J.V. Angeles Construction Corporation had full responsibility for the construction works. With Apo Agua in the lead, it would aggressively pursue as many construction work streams as possible, in parallel with each other, as the main catch-up strategy. Despite a very tight timetable, Apo Agua targets project completion by the end of 2022, considering a swift and seamless transition.


With the completion of the project, Davao City can experience sustained water supply. This kind of projects will really benefit the people of Davao City as the city still is one of the premier gateways in the country. Basically, water is essential.

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