Lifestyle Entertainment | Discover a different kind of love with Lola Amour’s “dahan-dahan”

Have you ever gravitated toward a person no matter how many times things didn’t work out? That’s exactly the feeling that Lola Amour delves into in their latest single, “dahan-dahan.”
The OPM indie band is currently on their Fallen Concert Tour, and now fans can expect a new addition to their setlist – and one that’s sure to pull at their heartstrings, too. 
The story of dahan-dahan
“dahan-dahan” evokes an understated feeling of melancholy, hinting at the push and pull of love. It tells the story of two people who have fallen in and out of love so many times that it starts feeling like an elaborate dance. It’s familiar yet new each time, but it also makes you question whether you’re going
along with fate or against it
“Our songs usually fill up your senses. A wall of sound, if you will. But with “dahan-dahan,” though it does get heavy at times, there’s a refreshing amount of space. It's a song that isn't tiring to listen to,” shared Raymond King, Lola Amour’s bassist. 
Fans can listen to “dahan-dahan” on both Spotify and Apple Music, plus they can also check out the song’s official visualizer.
As for whether or not fans can expect any more new songs this 2022, the band confirmed that “dahan-dahan” will be their last release for the year. They’ll be putting their focus on doing live gigs and songwriting in preparation for 2023.
Music in the new normal
Lola Amour’s growing fanbase was thanks, in part, to the virality that their songs garnered during the pandemic. Their hit song “Pwede Ba” became a viral TikTok trend, while a live version “Fallen” also went viral on the app.
This push has given the band the opportunity to really establish themselves in the local music scene. When asked about what impact this virality had on the band, Raymond described it in a very positive light.
“Even before its release, Fallen has always been a band favorite. We were actually pretty happy with the initial reception when it was released last July 2021. So you could imagine our surprise when it went viral almost a year later. Personally, that gave me more confidence in my own skill and the art that we create. It's reassuring to know that people are listening. Collectively, it felt great to see all our hard work pay off.”
Those who have yet to catch Lola Amour on their Fallen Concert Tour still have the chance to do so! The band recently added new tour dates to reach more fans across the country. They also decided to have two shows in Cebu – a city that’s rich in culture, tourism, and innovation. 
Check out the poster below for more details:

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