Lifestyle | Dusit Davao brings in an exclusive gastronomic experience with CHEFS ON TOUR

With eleven of the country’s best chefs from renowned restaurants and Dusit’s very own Executive Chef, this one-time culinary showcase is set this April in the island and city properties.

The 13th and 14th of April is an exciting time for Dusit and the Davao region as the international brand holds an exclusive gastronomic experience for its guests – the CHEFS ON TOUR, co-presented by Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation. This culinary event will be bringing in eleven chefs from the country’s best restaurants and companies, and featuring Dusit Davao’s very own executive chef.

The roster of chefs is from LTB Philippines Chefs Association, an organization of culinary enthusiasts that promote Filipino cuisine and talents all over the world. For this Chefs on Tour, Dusit will have the following: Chef James Antolin (Ikomai, Tochi desserts), Chef Sau Del Rosario (Sawsaw, Café Fleur), Chef Tom Bascon (M Dining), Chef Buddy Trinidad (Park Avenue Desserts), Chef Josh Boutwood (Helm, The Test Kitchen, Savage, Ember), Chef Gilbert Pangilinan (Kai, Cerveseria, The Blue Room, Manila House), Chef Jackie Ang Po (Fleur de Lys), Chef Carlo Miguel (Cloud Eats), Chef Tatung Sathou (Lore, Tatung’s, Azadore), Chef J Brando Santos and Chef Kenneth Cacho (Unilever Food Solutions Philippines). 

The two-day event begins with a beachfront sunset cocktail at Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort. The 11-course menu are personally prepared by the chefs in a tropical luxe setting matched with island entertainment. The second day will be at the Dusit Thani Grand Ballroom and shall have live stations where guests can witness the chefs in their element. This comes with live performances during the dinner. It comes with an event passport where guests can use in going to the live stations, with event details and features of the chefs included. 

Some of the dishes on the menu include Patotim Bao, Port Braised US Angus Short Ribs, Birria Taco, A Mi, Oyster Aburi, Ikomai Tuna Taco, Dark Chocolate Fudge Madeleine, and Apple Religieuse. 

Lubi’s sunset cocktails will be Php 3,800 net per person for event access, and for those who wish to stay overnight in the island, rates start at Php 12,500 net. For dusitD2 Davao and Dusit Thani Residence Davao, event access rate is at Php 8,000 net per person, while the overnight stay starts at Php 15,500 net. The event access comes with the eleven courses, two rounds of beverages, and live entertainment. 

“We’re very delighted to give Davao something new and unique this summer season. Food is always a good idea, and Dusit bringing not one but eleven of the best chefs and restaurants in the country is probably the best indulgence one can have,” says General Manager Christoph Kuch. 

For bookings and reservations, please call (082) 272 5000/ (082) 322 7000 or email

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