Travel | Davao Travel and Leisure Expo Returns in 2023: A World of Exploration

The Travel and Leisure Expo (TLEX) Davao is set to make a grand return on May 11-14, 2023, at the SM Lanang – SMX Davao, with the theme "A World of Exploration". This year's event promises to showcase the best of the city's rich culture and travel destinations while boosting local tourism and hospitality businesses.

The first-ever TLEX Davao was introduced in 2017 with the goal of catering to the growing needs of patrons in Mindanao, providing hassle-free access to travel and leisure products. The event attracted 81 exhibitors with a total of 18,000-foot traffic and covered 90% of its target market in the region. The success of the previous event paved the way for TLEX Davao's return in 2023.

The event aims to benchmark the Philippine tourism industry by elevating its standards to a higher level and promoting tourism as a safe space. TLEX Davao also brings together all tourism-related businesses in one impactful event to help them bounce back from the pandemic.

Moreover, TLEX Davao aims to discover emerging trends, windows of opportunity, creative concepts, and increased recovery for exhibitors and attendees. The event is designed to inspire people to travel once again while highlighting and showcasing the abilities and interests of the participants, ensuring their safety and protection in the new normal.

Lastly, attendees will have the opportunity to experience a range of activities and workshops offered by professionals in the field. TLEX Davao's aim is to inspire, amaze, and educate people about how the growing tourism sector will impact businesses for greater success, allowing them to engage with tourism enthusiasts, build business ties, generate leads, and collaborate with coworkers, which is beneficial for both the exhibitors and attendees.

With TLEX Davao 2023, the organizers expect a more significant turnout from various tourism industries and more immersive experiences for everyone.

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