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Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines | The vibrant beat of drums welcomed esteemed event partners from Davao as they embarked on an unforgettable journey to Discovery Samal, the island's newest luxury paradise. The recently concluded Davao Event Partners’ Familiarization Tour treated event partners to an immersive experience of unparalleled luxury and hospitality.

Kicking off with a grand drumbeater performance, guests were ushered into the tropical oasis of Discovery Samal with warm smiles and refreshing welcome drinks. The General Manager, Stanley Lau, personally greeted each guest, setting the tone for an extraordinary day.

As the cool island breeze enveloped them, guests were led to the Carcacoles Convention Center, the newly opened 1000-person capacity convention space with an astounding view of Davao Gulf, perfect for grand celebrations and conventions. The Fam Tour started with a heartwarming message from the General Manager, Stanley Lau.

"We are delighted to host the esteemed event partners from Davao and showcase the unparalleled beauty and luxury of Discovery Samal, and we are partners in creating memorable occasions for our guests. Let’s work hand in hand as we make people happy,” he said.

After this, the heads of departments for the operations team were introduced. Up on the stage with Mr. Lau were the Owner’s Representative, Ms. Celina Lim; the Senior Sous Chef, Neal Roa; the Director of Rooms; Ms. Bing Burgos; the Executive Housekeeper, Ms. Chona Montemayor; the Security Head, Mr. Richie Flores and Director of Engineering, Engr. Arjun Cellona.

In addition, the Sales and Marketing team was introduced, spearheaded by the Director of Sales, Ms. Katherine Dizon, Associate Director of Sales – Events and Conventions; Ms. Chatty So, Senior Sales Manager for Rooms; Ms. Loreta Jabilles, Senior Sales Manager for Weddings, Mr. Christian Panimdim, Events Manager for MICE, Ms. Bullet Laguna, Sales Manager for Rooms, Mr. Francis Morales, Sales Coordinator, Ms. Riza Provido, Marketing Communications Manager, Ms. Graziella Izza Cadiente, Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, Mr. Joshua Jon Jaralba, Graphic Artist, Ms. Dennise Ellison Carcueva and Marketing and Communications Officer, Ms. Thea Faye Lois Garcia. 

The prominent event partners were invited to the stage for a quick photo opportunity. Following the photo session, everyone enjoyed an interactive group dance performance led by the very talented Ms. Bullet, which is a tradition by Discovery Samal. The dance performance, also called ‘Rara,’ had everyone smiling and swaying their hips to the beat of the music.

After returning to their seats, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and merriment. Mr. Panimdim took to the stage where he presented the Discovery Samal’s Your Dream Wedding Packages, where guests were given the chance to admire the beauty of each venue, may it be for an intimate or big wedding. Following him was Ms.Dizon’s introduction to the rooms and other resort amenities. The audience was engaged in interesting discussions that arose from insightful questions and concerns from both.

The Davao Event Partners’ Familiarization Tour proved to be a fascinating, educational experience for all involved, with guests embarking on an insightful resort tour. With the opportunity to tour the resort from Level 8 to Level 1, guests were able to see the venues and rooms discussed in greater detail such as the Divine Grace Chapel with its glossy wooden floorboards and high ceiling and a small pool adorning its surroundings made to look like its floating, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the facilities on offer. The experience was certainly more impactful than merely seeing pictures, with guests able to witness firsthand the beauty and quality of the resort's amenities. As a token of appreciation for their participation in this important event, guests were presented with a small but meaningful gift, highlighting the value of their time and efforts in attending the occasion.

The event came to a delightful end as the partners were greeted with an exquisite Asian-themed buffet lunch that left everyone's taste buds craving for more. The lunch spread was a perfect mix of Chinese appetizers like siomai, Thailand’s pad thai and Filipino delicacies such as lechon. The drumbeaters from Grant's Event and Production added an extra level of entertainment to the already delightful feast, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Throughout the tour, guests were captivated by the resort's stunning architecture, lush landscapes, world-class amenities and delicious culinary delights. From picturesque outdoor venues to elegant indoor spaces, Discovery Samal offers endless possibilities for creating unforgettable events. The Davao Event Partners’ Familiarization Tour at Discovery Samal was a resounding success, highlighting the resort's commitment to excellence and dedication to creating memorable guest experiences.

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