2015: Visit the Philippines

The year 2014 is Visit Malaysia. This year is Visit Philippines 2015!!!

Are you ready?

Here's a video clip from the Department of Tourism c/o Pinoy Adobo showcasing 15 ways to have more fun in 2015. This hope to bring people around the world and experience the things why it is time to visit the Philippines.

First among the list is dancing on the streets during festivals and learning how to dance to the beat of the drums. This is experienced in different cities and provinces of the Philippines.

Second is getting a makeover at the beautiful islands of the Philippines. 

Third is learning history out from the four-cornered walls of a classroom. Since the Philippines has a colorful history, many places and infrastructures take part in the colonial history of the country and worth to be known by many.

Fourth is catching a concert with millions of stars to see.

Fifth is doing "selfie"!!!

Sixth is sightseeing and become the attraction in connection with the fifth one. ;-)

Seventh is experiencing different sports and leisure time.

Eighth is experiencing the shopping malls of the country that is as huge as a city.

Ninth is befriending not just with the people but also the creatures under the sea.

Tenth is experiencing a total work out - triathlon is the name of the game.

Eleventh is everybody's favorite - FOOD! Enjoy the sumptuous food preparations the Filipino way. Mostly grilled, saucy, hot or cold that varies from sea foods, vegetables and meat.

The 12th is rejuvenating with the environment.

Thirteenth is visiting the UNESCO heritage sites of the Philippines.

Fourteenth is enjoying the white sand beaches of the country.

Fifteenth is celebrating the happiest season of the year for 4 months - Christmas Season in the Philippines.

Among all those things, the most important thing to experience in the Philippines is its people. So, schedule your visit to the Philippines and for the locals, experience the Philippines!

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