Tips: Experience FUN with SCUBA

Many want to experience to dive through SCUBA or self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. However, many have the apprehension of doing so because of one main reason: they don’t know HOW TO SWIM!

It's not a requirement that you know how to swim when you want to do SCUBA. It is not a requirement because doing SCUBA the first, second or third time without a license or certification to dive, a dive master is always with you. The dive master will be the one who will assist you on the things you need before and during underwater experience.

There is always an orientation before going deep the sea. Part of the orientation is identifying the gears worn to go down. Among the gears are 1) the aqua suit, 2) the underwater mask, 3) the cylindrical tank (which is more familiar as the oxygen tank), 4) the regulator and buoyancy control device, and 5) the flippers or the fins.

Aside from the orientation of the gears, there are hand signals that need to be familiarized of. There is a signal GOING UP which shows a THUMBS UP; signal GOING DOWN which shows a THUMBS DOWN; signal for OKAY is a THUMB and POINTING FINGER touching together while the three other fingers are up; and signal for PROBLEM is a PALM DOWN shook two to three times. These hand signals differ from usual hand signals when above the surface of the water.

As what I said earlier, knowledge how to swim is not a requirement. It is because when underwater already, the entry diver is advised to place his or her arms on his chest or stomach and JUST DO THE PADDLING or PEDALING WITH YOUR FEET. Just that and you can experience SCUBA. :-)

I hope that you will also like the experience of diving with SCUBA, and see the beautiful creation underwater. You will see mountain of corals, school of fishes and other marine species.

Have fun and enjoy visiting :-)

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