Airport Chronicles: Labor Day NAIA 3

For the first fly of the airport chronicles at 10.07 avenue, I present this story at a queuing line for final security check.

I met a British national at the airport. I haven't asked his name but he was nice. His girl friend on the other side of the queue since male and female individuals are separate for the final security check. We just waited patiently before our turns at the X-ray machine. Each passenger put his baggages on a plastic container to pass the X-ray then each individual passed through a body check by an airport personnel.

Suddenly, we saw a guy rushing to another X-ray for a check. Astonished to what we saw, since the operating X-ray machine is on our queue line, that guy was then entertained by an airport official. I asked to myself, "Who could that be?" Even a high official, if he is, should follow the queuing process and not an immediate shortcut. Though that was not really a shortcut, he just made the other X-ray machine, aside from where we queued, serve its purpose. Male and female lanes for final security check have both two X-ray machines, but only one each lane that was operating - when we were at queue.

I shook my head because of dismay. Suddenly, the Britt noticed my action and said, "I know it is ridiculous... I have been to many international airports and here, it is poor... It is 100 years late than in London." Yet, i agreed to him. Never been to London though, but his opinion was true enough as he experienced the servicing from both airports. However, I told him, "We just need patience." Then he replied, "Yes, eventually, we'll get there. (with a smile)" After the security check, we both wish great day for each of us. Then, we parted ways.

I got shy off because such a comment from a foreigner, but then we constantly invite them. Yet, I hope for further great customer service. Most people want that to experience if the facilities are not that at par with those great airports in the world.

This is just one of those airport stories.

Thank you for visiting my avenue, Have fun! :-)

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