Airport Chronicles: NAIA 2

The NAIA 2 or commonly known as the Centennial Airport is one of the 4 airport terminals of Ninoy Aquino International Airport which is managed by Manila International Airport Authority. The terminal is exclusive for the Philippine Airlines flights.

The place is way better than in the third terminal of NAIA. Primarily, it is because only PAL is operating. However, same problems with other NAIA terminals occur, there are gate changes and delays of flight.

Two things that I notice: delays are caused by passengers and the Manila airport traffic system. The passengers who are aka VIPs usually board the aircraft a bit late though they are already inside the airport. Another is the traffic system of the airport causes heavy delays. Even morning flights are delayed and thus creating a domino effect among other flights of all terminals.

NAIA 2 is also like a family or class reunion venue. Some families at a Class A and B are departing Manila through this terminal. Whenever they meet inside the terminal, it is like a living room. But being homy sometimes annoy people not part of that family or circle of friends though it doesn't matter.

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