RSA: Biko - Rice Cake of the Philippines

People in social media are busy with politics already. Many post of their very own bet for a certain position either national or local. However, a famous rice cake called Biko is making a trend in the social media. Yes, Biko...a rice cake made of glutinous rice topped with lalik or special sugar caramel.

Holy week is when most Filipinos are on fasting and having a long vacation together with the family. Vacation that includes prayer time and visit to churches. The favorite Biko is not absent in this gathering of most families and this is one of the things I craved since I am away home. It is somewhat a cheat because it is supposed to be a fasting but the rice cake is sugary which I just think, yes, a cheat. :p

Anyways, there, I craved. Being in Manila, living and working here without a kitchen will be completely an unability to cook my own Biko. So, before the Easter Sunday, I am not in a search for an Easter egg but of a biko. I tried to search the Internet for an authentic and not commercialized Biko. However, I am not from this city, it is hard to find one and so I ended up looking for it at a supermarket. I did not fail! I have found Biko!!! It is a bit expensive for a slice at 15 pesos but at least cravings solved.

This Biko is of course always available. Not just to a certain season but for all seasons. :-)

Thank you for visiting my avenue. More stories to come.

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