Tripadvisor's Best Destinations in the World for 2016

Many travelers all around the world visit the Tripadvisor to read for reviews about a certain destination, compare prices and share a story from a destination visited. The Tripadvisor is a huge compilation of first hand reviews from different travelers without bias and it is a reliable review which I too usually base whenever I am planning for a travel.

The Tripadvisor has released their Best Destinations in the World. Here's the top 25 list of places that has caught the attention of many travelers worldwide.
1. London, United Kingdom
2. Istanbul, Turkey
3. Marrakech, Morocco
4. Paris, France
5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Prague, Czech Republic
7. Rome, Italy
8. Hanoi, Vietnam
9. New York City, New York
10. Ubud, Indonesia
11. Barcelona, Spain
12. Lisbon, Portugal
13. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14. St. Petersburg, Russia
15. Bangkok, Thailand
16. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17. Buenos Aires, Argentina
18. Hong Kong, China
19. Playa del Carmen, Mexico
20. Cape Town Central, South Africa
21. Tokyo, Japan
22. Cusco, Peru
23. Kathmandu, Nepal
24. Sydney, Australia
25. Budapest, Hungary

Interestingly, a number of Southeast Asian tourist destinations are able to reach the top 25. See the list here. The list also shows a variety of continental representatives that I can say is a very good indicator of healthy tourism industry around the globe. Of course, we are not seeing Antartica, though. LOL

I am happy to have known the list but sad that even one destination from my country, the Philippines, has not shown up in the top 25. Perhaps, we need to maximize giving reviews at the Tripadvisor website even as domestic tourist. Perhaps, it is also a reevaluation of the tourism efforts in the country collaborating with other government department. Hopefully, in the coming years, we can see a lot of the Philippines' tourist destination listed in the well-reviewed travel destinations in the world. :-)

Anyways, summer is approaching fast and among the top 25 listed destinations might be one of your destinations to visit.

Thank you for visiting my avenue. More stories very soon!

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