RSA: Paper Bill

We use paper bill or money in our day to day transaction to exchange for goods or services. It is not new to anybody handling such a thing. However, one thing I observed, here in the Philippines, some of the paper bill are crampled and worse tore apart with a scotch tape keeping it whole.

In my travel across Southeast Asia, I also observed currencies crampled but good thing their paper bills are made of an elastic or special paper that prevents it to tear apart. A torn paper bill is also not accepted by many.

How do you handle your paper bill? I for example use a long wallet to place the paper bill properly. However, there are instances that I only bring a purse with me so there is a tendency of folding or rolling the paper bill but not necessarily crample it. I believe that any paper bill should be taken with good care because it represents a value for exchange.
I also believe that it is the responsibility of every individual to do the same. Another thing, the Central Bank should be strict on its mandate regarding the use and handling of paper bill and even coins.

As observed, many don't take care of his paper bill well and it is often resolved with the use of electronic money value in exchange of goods and services. It started with credit card then with debit card. Now, there are stored value cards. I for one appreciate the use of stored value cards because of its easy access and reliable exchange of money for goods and services as appropriately billed off. Many countries do it but only a few yet in the Philippines.

I am imagining the Philippines adopting the idea that even public utility vehicles will use it. I think there is a need to invest on this and hopefully this will be realized the soonest.

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