Traveling: My Expensive Addiction

Traveling around is not a competition. It is experiencing places of interest and learning from those experiences. It is a fascinating experience going to places that you are not yet familiar but it helps to make one's thinking broader and become more receptive to differences.

It doesn't need one to be rich in order to travel. There are a lot travel tips with budget on a shoestring spread in the world wide web and actually you can also do it yourself. A matter of simple research about the place of your interest, how to get there and how much money to prepare as to enough and something that will allow you to spend for some souvenirs. It is not easy though but it is important that going to a new place, one should have at least the basic information of that territory, unless you opt for an adventure of going around. ;-)

I am a dependent traveler. I go whenever my relatives go. Especially, if it is for free! Of course, I am not yet capable of traveling on my own as a student at an early age. My parents are the one's supporting me. :-p

After graduating college, I am able to travel domestically. It is an adventure as well because on a budget of 5000 Pesos, we are able to tour from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City to Bohol to Camiguin and back to Cagayan de Oro then to Davao City. Pretty awesome, right! It is also a free trip as a compensation finishing our college yearbook. That's more awesome!!!

The greatest game changer in my life is when I opt getting a passport with the sole purpose of having an additional valid ID. To my surprise, blossoming budget carrier that time has been offering very cheap international airfare and it open doors to avail international travel. Then, my mother, together with our relatives, planned to experience Hong Kong that time and got to avail sponsorship from my mother to include me on the trip since I have my passport! Hurray!

After that experience, it helped me improve my navigational skills using conventional or digital maps. It is really a worthy experience. Then, year after year, I try to experience Southeast Asia and most of the time, cross country borders. :-)

Traveling around also made me realize that domestic travel in the Philippines is more expensive than in visiting neighboring Southeast Asian countries. How am I able to say that? Well, I experienced it. More stories to tell in my avenue. :-)

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