Travel Buddies: Shoes and Bags

Travel shoes and bags are among the best travel buddies you'll have especially when it is comfortable and durable. Yes, I mean not a person especially to a solo travel junkie like me. But don't get me wrong, I can always go along with a group on a travel but I am often solo on a shoestring budget.

This pair of shoes is an additional to my travel buddies. It is one of the most comfortable I have and hopefully it can carry me for years. LOL Good thing that this pair of shoes is flexible, good for walking, running and hiking. Pretty useful. ;-)

With the bags I use, I often have a backpack with a sling bag in it and a troley. It is not the first time I traveled with these things and pretty durable. The troley helps me to hang my feet in comfort and can easily bring it anywhere unless the road is pretty rough. It has much space inside that can room my clothing for 5 days. Traveling around, actually, I hate the backpack because I sweat so much and my back becomes so wet. That is why I often just put the sling bag in it going to a particular destination, and use the sling bag instead of the backpack when I get to check in the hostel and then explore the place. I total of 3 bags, though, but upon returning home from travel, I get to have enough bag space for souvenir items.

The greatest challenge I want to experience soon is just bringing myself with my sling bag or just the wallet and passport. It must be fun. Acting like a rich kid. LOL Anyways, the truth is, it is a hard to realize it. That is why, I will always bring along my travel buddies. ;-)

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