RSA: National Identification

The Philippines is almost at the end of its election season. National and local candidates are endearing the voters to put them on the positions available in the national and local government. Politics is interesting in the Philippines and it is gaining so much attention now among the young people who are often subjected as passive populace whenever the election season is on. It might be because the young age group are engaged with the social media wherein many politicians have tapped as well to make themselves (candidates) known in such a platform.

It is also interesting to know that many are still not really interested in politics. Hearing a conversation of adult people who have regrets of not registering for the polling body to vote for a candidate who they thought is the best for a position. Funny to hear about the conversation, but it shows that one citizen just fails to perform a mandatory obligation (often neglected).

To become a registered voter is a must even if you will not exercise the power to vote. It is a national interest to be part of the polls for a democratic country. It is also a national identification of the many that you can have. I don't remember if this is taught in school, about the national identification schemes that every citizen must have but most often, it is just common sense.

Primarily, I believe that every citizen should have the two most important national identification: the voter's and passport. These two are among the national identification that don't have any benefit but a privilege to vote and explore the world. It should be seen as an obligation rather than a waste of time. Though I cannot deny the fact that it is sickening to submit one's self for the processing that is too long and sometimes delayed of its release.

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