RSA: Scheme of Prioritization

There are prioritization schemes implemented in many public areas in the country. It is a good thing but abused by many. I do not say that it is bad but this is something that should be reviewed. This should be a scheme that has clear policies.

Most common prioritization scheme is with the queuing for a mass transport. I know what you are thinking, train stations! Yes, commonly, long queues are experienced in the train stations of Metro Manila and national railways, not only that, even among public utility vehicles either buses or jeepneys. However, there are so-called special lanes for pregnant women, disabled and elderly. I will not contest if there is an evidence of being such. But it irks me and anybody to see somebody who are obviously not a person with disability (PWD), pregnant or a senior citizen who can easily pass the special lane. I mean, many are commuters and it should be fair enough when it comes to queuing. However, such an unfortunate circumstance, many are for the survival to get in the transportation ahead other commuters. It is sickening.

I believe of a system and it should undergo such process like assessment, identification of the problem, plan, implementation and evaluation. It is a cycle. After the evaluation, there is a need to reassess things and go over again the process until the fitting system will be utilized. However, this is not well implemented in the systems of our public infrastructures and even among private institutions. Perhaps it should be initiated or sparked to be part of the system.

Everybody should help towards betterment of systems and become responsible in making the system work. It is a participatory commitment. Think of yourself and others around you - be sensitive that you are not alone - because as the popular saying says, "no man is an island."

I hope it will become a norm/culture. Better system so that things will be more organized.

I will appreciate if you will also share your insights. Enjoy my avenue,

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