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Participating East Asian countries
Travelers flocking great deals
A lot of Filipinos now have the chance of flying anywhere in the country and even international. Every year, many travel expositions are organized by different travel agencies in the country to provide various options to travel locally and internationally. It may be one of the things in your bucketlist - to travel - visiting a travel expo will surely help a lot.

The Travel Madness Expo 2016 is a jam packed travel expo. You will see a lot of participating countries and travel agencies luring you with their promos and other enticing packages. East Asian countries are among the top of my list to visit. Why? A ticket going there will be a burden for a budget traveler like me. Yes, my standard for a low fare to East Asian countries will be less than P 5,000 roundtrip. Yes, you read right. Most one way ticket going to those countries are more than P 5,000 one way on regular price and above P 5,000 for roundtrip discounted airfare price. Lucky enough if I catch something below P 5,000 roundtrip ticket, which I often get. Lol
Travel Agencies Offering Great Deals
By the way, if you try to look for an international destination, make sure that your passport is not going to expire yet six (6) months before you depart. Memorize or keep a copy your passport details too before going to travel expo, you will really need it. ;-)

Yes, I, myself, am a self-confessed travel giddy person. Nevertheless, a travel expo is a must visit avenue anytime in the year to grab a low-priced airline ticket or tour package. Yet and yet, there is no assurance that you can grab the things you want. The discounted airfare and other tour packages are also limited. So, if you are among the lucky people on the right booth at the right time, surely, your dream destination is one step closer. You just need to be patient in comparing prices of tour packages offered or initially read online references (like my of how cheap is cheap for such a destination.

By the way, don't judge me of where I go... Frankly speaking, I can have cheaper travel out of the country than domestic. Ironic, but that's true. Even include the hefty travel tax amounting to P 1,620 on your budget before departing the Philippines for a Filipino tourist, I still can go around countries less than P 10,000 all in all, include there the tickets. ;-)

Anyways, I am not bragging of being able to go to different countries. Remember, I am a budget traveler. I am just giving an idea that traveling outside your home country is not very expensive. There are many ways to get cheap deals and example of which is grabbing a chance to visit a travel expo. By the way, not all travel expo are for free, there are those that need you to register as minimum as P 50 per visitor. Just prepare your mind in bargain hunting and your pockets too (as much as possible not credit).

I have a lot of stories to tell yet I have less time to stay online. But I will really tell you how I manage to travel on a small budget and returning home with much memories.

Hey, you might have some interesting stories too. Just leave a comment below this post.

Hope you enjoyed a visit on my avenue, Keep coming back! :-)