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Davao International Airport (DIA) also known as Francisco Bangoy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the Philippines catering both domestic and international flights. DIA serves as the hub of Southern Philippines yet currently serving only one (1) international route to Singapore and various domestic points. 
Map of Davao
Arrival Lounge
Among the airports of the Philippines, DIA has a tourism booth by the city government of Davao. It has this popular tagline, "Davao: Life is Here". You can also observe some distinct statues made by Mindanaoan artists to showcase life simplicity through visual arts. The booth behind the statues is manned during the day and it offers a free map of the city. Yes, you read it right. A free map guide for travelers coming to the city is available, just like in other international airports. However, the map is a bit small yet it is enough to provide directions. I hope to see a bigger map and with more destination information and transportation options other than the usual travel ads on a magazine.

Map of Davao

The domestic arrival lounge has enough space but nothing there wherein you can buy duty free goods. However, there is also an international arrival lounge wherein, I guess, it has a duty free shops. Though I haven't gone at the side of the airport yet as I often use other airports for international departures and arrival. :-)

It is a not big like the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, however its capacity to cater more international routes is an untouched potential. Aside from the fact that the city and the airport is in Mindanao, wherein most people think of as a war-zone, the potential remains a potential. However, with the new government, many are hopeful that the potential of the airport will be maximized. :-)

DIA Arrival Taxi Area
On the other hand, one thing that differs DIA from other busy airports in the country is that it doesn't have any "airport taxi". Regular taxis usually serve all walks of life. I once asked through my social media account: is there really a need for an airport taxi at the airports to serve the commuting public? I got a lot of reactions saying that it is needed because it is is legal unlike some other white is just an option, there's uber or grab is better especially when on official business since it has receipt and among other comments. Well, I do respect such comments but my question remains, is it really needed? My ultimate answer is NO! With conviction. LOL Davao City is able to implement regular taxi servicing the commuting public with proper services. Oh well, lucky for the city (Davao) that it has still enough space (roads) and well-mannered taxi drivers unlike in the other cities. But my take is still airport taxi is not needed, but just an option. Having thousands of airport taxi will just make the roads of any city crowded. Why? It is because it only services passengers from the airport to their destination then from their destination back to the airport, passengers are restricted. This is now talking about decreasing the number of cars in the burdened roads of Manila. Anyways, just my opinion... ;-)

Well, I just see that DIA has some of the best practices talking about an airport. Yet I know, that is a product of being receptive of the trends and needs of the airport customers. However, there are more to improve.

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