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It was just recently that I am asked one-on-one, "Bakit mag-isa kang bumibiyahe?", meaning, why do you travel alone?

Here is my not so lengthy answer. ;-)

It is just so recent that I travel alone. It is recent as 2012 on a domestic adventure. I never felt alone then since everyone becomes my company during any travel adventure. I am also asked if I am an introvert... Well, being introvert is innate, it is just a matter of how we act on it. I also believe that an extroverted person is a master of being introvert. I mean, it doesn't mean you are not in a group - you don't know how to mingle with people or even face a crowd. A time of being introvert is a time on focusing things in life. A time of being extrovert is a time of sharing a moment of life.

Does it still sound so vague? Okay, let's make it more specific with examples. LOL

For me, traveling is getting to know one's self better. A time when one can find solitude not really soul searching or being nomad. A time when one becomes mature enough to be decisive and have a direction. A time also to develop a skill and character: navigational, communication, calmness, patience, understanding, appreciation, gratitude, discipline, respect, courtesy and other life virtues. In simple terms, you act like a local even you cannot speak their dialect or language. :-p

Another thing, smile whenever you interact. Do not make such a gesture so expensive; give it away freely. In Psychology, there is always a response to a stimulus. In Physics, there is reaction to an exerted force. (I hope I got it right. lol) These are all true unless you are with a bunch of bitter people so numb to interact with the environment. :-p

I usually stay at hostels whenever doing a solo trip on a mixed room or men and women can be in one room with 4 to 8 occupants. It is where I usually meet different types and mixes of people. A simple 'hi' or 'hello' can spark a lengthy conversation talking of the place where you are from. Isn't that exciting? If you are in a foreign land with another foreign individual, you are both foreigners. Well, one of the vignettes of life is 'do not talk to strangers'. However, on a solo travel, conversation and trust are the keys to make new friends. I mean, it should be a mutual thing to be kind and respectful to each other; trust is built not within a minute or two but a good, kind and respectful conversation will build a trustworthy travel relationship. Trust that will say, you will not harm each other. Yet, of course, do not be opportunistic; just have a friendly atmosphere.

By the way, I also have traveled with a group; toured a family outside the country and a friend or friends visiting my hometown. Before a group travel, I see to it that everyone is briefed accordingly. In that way, I can instill a mindset and behaviour to expect outside the country. Well, not only during an international trip, even in a domestic travel. I have also traveled with a group of friends when I am not the planner. It is way more relaxed and just pay for contributions. With a group of people who I know on a travel, I will have less interaction with other people. But when I become separated with the group, one can find me talking with a stranger. LOL

Here's a tip, do not always talk to strangers. You still have to be vigilant of who you talk to. I may have sited an example of trust to strangers but it really comes with a skill to scan a person's personality during a conversation. First and foremost, whenever traveling solo or even a group, talk to people with authority. It may be best to talk to locals directly but a local with authority such as tourist police or somewhat similar like a hostel or hotel receptionist is the bestest. (I can't believe I used the word. LOL) You may be amused to talk with another stranger on travel but still you have to verify information you receive from articles online or through a local with authority.

Traveling alone made me gain a number of friends across nations and regions. It is hard at first but when you get used to it, things will become dumb so simple. You can even save a huge chunk of your budget. :-p

So, back to the question, I hope I answered it. But to answer it with a single statement, 
I travel often alone to meet myself, the place and everyone.

Here are some of my travel photos, who says I am alone? Lol
Ilocandia Tour
Day Hike at Mt. Ulap
Seoul Tour with my Korean Family
New buddies in Seoul
From Incheon to Manila with the Sweet Couple
Lucban, Quezon Tour
New Friends during Pahiyas
Bond in Camiguin
Family in Singapore
OFW in Singapore
Hostel Buddy in Legazpi
Prepping for Day Hike Lake Holon
Kidstagram! :-p
I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for visiting my avenue,

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