Jolly Christmas with Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk!

Any chocolate is really my energizer, but I prefer dark chocolate over chocolate milk. I just love the rawness of the cocoa I taste from a dark chocolate - oh yeah, my preference. Well, I understand that not all love the bitterness of a dark chocolate and most people would love to have sweetness than bitterness! LOL

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk
Gladly, I am able to avail these!!! Thank you Ms. Lormy through Mommy Verna and Dencio! Stars aligned as these are given in Davao and reached me in Manila. :-p
Chocolatey Drink
Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk is new to my knowledge of chocolate milk drinks. The design is fancy for me, a lot of details - in a way, informative and entertaining. The colors that play in the design are mix of yellow, chocolate brown, white, blue and red. The back portion has the usual play section for kids, but wait, this drink is for adults also. The sides of the box informs about its content, nutritional facts and how it is opened - anyways, it takes a common sense to open this. :-p
Fun Section
Opening a chocolate drink excites me. I am giggling to taste and savor every drop of it. Pouring it to the glass excites me more and seeing the rich, thick cold chocolatey fluid tells me not to let it go! :-p
Pouring it in the Glass

The first sip, ugh, a crave-thirst-quencher! It is a chocolate milk drink but hey, it is a surprise, a subtle raw cocoa or tableya taste is present - well, that's what my palate registered. For me, most of chocolate drinks are sweet and chocolatey; less to no raw cocoa taste.

Tip: cool the drink in the refrigerator and shake before serving.

However, I have a concern over the cover. When not yet opened, shaking it is no problem. Yet, there are spills from the cover when shaking after being recovered. It is better to transfer it to a pitcher or closed bottle container.
Jolly Cow on Supermarket Rack
This is such a wonderful gift! It is available in most supermarkets nationwide. Again, thank you!!!


  1. Nice one ... Thank you, Cj... Indeed, shake it like you've never shaken a Jolly Cow Choco Milk before... hehehe.. Merry Christmas, CJ!

    1. Welcome Mommy Verns.. :-) Merry Christmas, too! :-)