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Cast of A Little Princess
There a lot of forms of entertainment that one can enjoy. Yes, things that can make your senses happy! Guess what, watching and hearing a repertory is a superb experience! Thanks to my friend, Glenn, for the invite and free entertainment. :-)

This is a 3-hour show that is full of singing, dancing and drama. The little princess is in the person of Sarah. Yes, it is a very favorite character to a lot of Filipinos. It also has lots of funny meme that says "ang pagbabalat ng patatas" or the peeling off of potatoes - a well off  to rags girl story then back to  being well off again. :-p

I am invited by my friend to watch the show. Yes, just invited, but I don't have the budget to watch so he offered me for free!!! Good thing there are tickets still available that time - the last day of show after several weeks of entertaining. Good thing also that the spirit of Christmas is there that my friend was like under the spell of Christmas to share his blessings... :-p

The Ticket
I really enjoyed the show. There is a familiarity over the story, and the thing that makes it more interesting is how it will be done through music. The show is very colorful - displaying an imaginative side of a loud girl who immensely influence other people.

The sequence of the story started with the life of Sarah being well off, being envied by LaviƱa and even by Miss Minchin - the head of the school. There are several incidents that played along until some news saying of the death of Sarah's father that brought to bankruptcy. That is why Sarah is urged to work, along with Becky, for the school because of alleged debt that Sarah's father has to the school. Then, Sarah is searched by her father's loyal friend which is heart-wrenching. There are struggles along the way of a then well off girl who served as a helper who is starved and got rid of comfort. Then, she is found! Escaped! Reunited! Back to being well off again!

The show is very timely for the Christmas season. People who watch are reminded to be good, positive, generous, kind, warm, imaginative and respectful. There are some negativities that may abound anybody but it should not be a reason to be rude. Certain issues should be addressed properly and should not be like a vengeance of insecurities.

Indeed, I enjoyed the show and shed a tear. I am really thankful to my friend and congratulations to all who portrayed in the show - an all Filipino show with live orchestra playing along. The message is clearly handed to the viewers.

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