Event | Kadayawan Tribal Village and Mugna sa Kadayawan at Magsaysay Complex

Ata Tribal Representative
The Kadayawan Tribal Village at the Magsaysay Park is one of the most highlighted venues during the Kadayawan sa Davao. It showcases the eleven (11) ethno-linguistic tribes of the city. The following ethno-linguistic tribes are: Ata, Iranun, Kagan, Klata, Maguindanaon, Maranao, Matigsalog, Obu-Manuvo, Sama, Tagabawa, and Taosug. These tribes are still at some prominent points of the city especially at some mountainous areas while some are the lowland areas. This village shows how the living in their tribes look like with display of houses (authentic tribal houses), tribal products, tribal designs and customary traditions.
Tribal Village
At the entrance of the tribal village, there are assigned members of each tribe each day to give greetings and information to the guests. It is pretty interesting that there's a number of guests, either local or foreign tourists, who visit the village to witness it in person and experience a bit of the tribal living. It is a really a place of cultural heritage with harmonious relationship that helps drive growth in the city.

This village is often available during the Kadayawan sa Davao and this will always be part of every Kadayawan sa Davao as the festival is a celebration of bounty, culture and beauty of the city.

Along side the Kadayawan Tribal Village is a one day event of Mugna (doodling) sa Kadayawan.
Youngsters Doodling at the Park
This is event showcases the artistry of many young Dabawenyos. There are two categories for this doodling competition, the professional and student category. There is a number of participants for the event and you will really appreciate great creative talents.
The usual elements you will see with their creations are the people of Davao, the Philippine Eagle, Mt. Apo, Waling-waling, durian and other landmarks of the city.

It is such an honor to witness such events. It is a way to remember the city's pride culture and heritage marks - the people and its traditions. It is also a way to showcase creativity among artists and hopefully it will bloom to show the whole world of artists from this southern region of the Philippines.

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