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It is in the bucketlist of many Filipinos to visit and spend a vacation in the northernmost part of the country, Batanes group of islands. It is because the place is very clean, green and arguably one of the best places to be in the Philippines! Indeed, as experienced, it is really what I expected!

Now, I will share to you how I manage to bring only two thousand pesos (P2000) pocket money for the trip. I will also share to you how I am able to afford cheaper airfare for this trip. I will also share how I survived the 4 days and 3 nights vacation in the island. :-)

First things first, find the cheapest fare and if not the cheapest, at least the cheaper rates. In the market, Skyjet Air and Philippine Airlines fly to this northernmost territory. As of my observation, one-way ticket on both airlines will not go much less five thousand pesos (P5000) on a regular fare with other fees and taxes. The best thing to do to get a chance of their promo fare is to take chances on travel exposition. I got my roundtrip ticket for six thousand one hundred ninety-one pesos (P6191) during a travel expo. It may not be the cheapest but at least cheaper with 2 months before departure date. It is not a peak season visit and it is a risk booking dates during wet season, however, just pray for the best! ;-)

Next, try to search for tours in Batanes. There are blogs which are readily available for your guide to Batanes. I tried to compare a tour package for 3 days and a contact in the island for a tour, a tour package will cost you less. I got mine for four thousand nine hundred ninety-nine pesos (P4999) under BISUMI Tours. It is a promo rate for 3 days that include North Batan, Sabtang Island and South Batan. Aside from that, there is a complimentary lunch (Ivatan food) during the tour, refreshments, van transit and boat fees, other tour fees, a tour guide who can also take beautiful photos, tour bag, airport transfers and souvenir items! Where can you find anything as such? Well, thanks to Sir Ryan of BISUMI Tours you can contact him at these numbers 09989885898 or find their page - BISUMI Tours. Good thing also that they have an attached contact for cheap, humble and decent fan accommodation that amounts to five hundred pesos (P500) each night and for 3 nights, I paid one thousand five hundred pesos (P1500). By the way, BISUMI stands for Basco, Itbayat, Sabtang, Uyugan, Mahatao and Ivana which represents the municipalities of Batanes.

Alright, what other fees that you need to prepare? Upon arrival at Basco Airport, each guest has to pay an environmental fee of three hundred fifty pesos (P350) which is intended for the island's preservation and building of restrooms similar to stone houses near to prime tourist destinations. Prepare a your budget of one thousand five hundred pesos (P1500) for food (breakfast, dinner and snacks) and for more souvenir. Then, prepare one hundred fifty pesos (P150) for bike and Ivatan weather protection attire (vakul for ladies and kaayo for the gents) rental.

Total costs:
P6191 - roundtrip airfare (via SkyJet)
P6499 - 3 days tour c/o BISUMI Tours and 3 nights accommodation
P450 - 3 days breakfast
P965 - 3 nights dinner
P20 - Kanayi rental
P40 - Bike rental (P20/hr)
P350 - Environmental fee
P500 - Souvenir and food items
Total of P14665, not bad for a 4 days 3 nights Batanes Tour!

Next posts about Batanes will be the Tours and Food!

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