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Good food at your doorstep with Food Panda
Food delivery? Do you memorize the numbers? Can you easily contact them? Do you still have quality food delivered on time? Or, do you still stuck yourself on long queues to order your food? Well, something’s coming to Davao City and making life a bit easier with the use of a mobile app!

Say hello to Food Panda! FoodPanda has been doing food service delivery around the globe with more than 27, 000 partner restaurants with a use of an app! You can easily make use of the app and make orders among nearby restaurants with the tip of your hands. You can download it either on your android or IOS phones. Still, an option of using the website is available at www.foodpanda.ph. In the Philippines, FoodPanda serves the people in Metro Manila and Cebu, now they are expanding in Mindanao and first in Davao City - come, May 2018!

Davao City will soon be colored with pink! Yes, pink! Presence of FoodPanda is easily recognizable with that color. The app, the markers in the app, and the drivers are with that color and the cute panda logo.

How to use it?
1) Download the app either on your android or IOS. If you’re using a computer, go to www.foodpanda.ph.
2) Log-in using your Facebook account or create an account with your e-mail address.
3) Put in your current location, then select from a number of restaurants available for delivery in your area.
4) Choose among the selection and put in your orders to your basket.
5) Review your order in the basket, and once you’re done, you may click on “Proceed to Checkout.”
6) On the Checkout page, enter your discount voucher code, if you have one. Payment options include Cash on Delivery, Online Payment (credit card or paypal).
7) After placing your order, you can live track your order from confirmation until the time it arrives to your doorstep.

That’s how easy it is! Ordering through the app is doing an e-commerce and tracking like booking your TNVS. There are few reminders using the service, there will be a delivery fee of 59 pesos within 3 kilometers of range. But on your first order, you may have a free delivery by using the code: PANDAVAO!

Are you excited? I am! At least there are more options where to order food among partner restaurants and delivered right at your doorstep.
Team DDI with the FoodPanda Team at Mesa
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