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Babu Santa, Talicud Island
A plunge to the beach, waterfalls and other bodies of water may be your thing during dry and hot season in the Philippines. Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), commonly known as Samal Island in Davao Region, may have some of those activities you have in mind for the season. Let’s check it out!

IGACOS is part of Davao del Norte Province wherein it lies at the middle of the Davao Gulf. It has great white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, diving spots and you can do some water sport activities. It is the nearest city from the center of Davao City wherein less than 10 minutes of roll on roll off (RORO) water vehicle ride will reach you to the port of Babak in IGACOS. One can bring their own vehicle or commute with the island city bus or with motorcycle in IGACOS.
Hagimit Falls
One of the treasures of IGACOS is the hagimit falls.
Hagimit Falls

The hagimit falls is situated 2km from Penaplata proper and entrance fee to the place is P40. Upon entering the place, one will need to walk down towards the basin of the water falls. The place is relaxing with the sound of pouring water from the steps to the basin of the water falls. The water is also cool and fresh. It is really one of the places flocked by people during the dry and hot season.
I love Samal, Kaputian Beach Resort, Kaputian, IGACOS
The best part, really, of IGACOS is the white sand beaches. It is spread around the whole island and really a place to enjoy the salty waters and have some aquatic activities. The LGU-managed resort in the island is the Kaputian Beach Resort. Entrance fee is set at P10 per pax for a day tour, but P75 for overnight stay. Rental of cottages and rooms will range from 200-400 pesos.

There are more to experience in the island and nearby island, Talicud island. These are only among the few places to visit in IGACOS. The city government of IGACOS has taken part to the ongoing Visit Davao Summer Festival, together with the provincial government of Davao del Norte Tourism office, so there's more to enjoy during the season in the island!

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