Food | Gangnam in Davao: A Taste of South Korea!

Gangnam in Davao Café and Restaurant
Gangnam is anything that you will think of South Korea! Gangnam is a familiar place in Seoul, South Korea. It literally means south of the river. Yes, it is a district that lies along the Han River (K-fans are most familiar about it). Aside from that, Gangnam style has become a worldwide hit by Psy. But not so far here in Davao City, a small complex of Gangnam is situated at Pryce Business Park, at the back of Landco Corporate Center, J. P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. It includes a convenience store, a street food avenue and the Gangnam in Davao Cafe and Restaurant.
Chef Edwin arranging the samgyupsal corner
It is more than a month already that this branch of Gangnam in Davao Cafe and Restaurant has opened. They offer a wide variety of Korean dishes that fit to the Filipino palate and other Asian food that can be found in their menu. Chef Edwin Manabat has crafted the menu that is served everyday differently so that it will always bring Korean food lovers that interest of looking forward to what’s next in the menu. ;-)

Gangnam in Davao also has a branch at the Abreeza Ayala Mall. In both branches, you will enjoy unlimited food treat in two options. Priced at P388 per pax will be samgyupsal, chicken, 6 side dishes - including kimchi, rice, lettuce, juice drink (in three flavors), soup (kimchi chigae), gyeranjim (fluffy steamed egg) per table and ice cream per person. Priced at P488 is having beef in the menu and the same inclusions with the first option. It is indeed a value for money at Gangnam in Davao!

Top 3 of my favorites in Gangnam in Davao:

1) Samgyupsal - Grilling is very fun! You can choose the meat you want whether pork, chicken or beef. Then the sauces are very tasty too. To wrap it with very fresh lettuce makes it perfect! Eating this, that’s when I usually say “one big mouth!”
2) Bibimbap - It is my all time favorite when eating something Korean. But I usually am cautious of the spice. It sometimes catches me off guard, but still I am ready to make the bowl empty. Gangnam in Davao serves it very good! It is indeed a complete meal for me with the rice, vegetables, meat and spices.

3) Chapchae - The Korean noodle! I just cannot explain why I love it but really a good food for me! It is not very oily, it has sweetness and not spicy. It is enough as a carbohydrate source for me, too.

That’s my top three! However, there are more food to choose from. I tell you, Korean food is really something to consider as one of the healthiest because of its balance with vegetables and meat. Also, having something spicy is healthy!
More food at Gangnam in Davao
Aside from the food, they have serve flavored soju. But what is amazing and interesting is the 24K plum wine! It is a drink with 24K gold!!! First I thought is if I drink it, can I pawn myself? LOL
The 24K Plum Wine
Consider a visit and dine at Gangnam in Davao for a very sumptuous meal and Korean atmosphere. For more info of their menu, reservation and inquiries, do not hesitate to like their social media accounts in FB and IG @GangnaminDavao. They can also cater events with their function room inside.

Thank you for visiting my avenue,! 

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