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Malita Dives Ramp
Where did you spend your summer? For me and some of my friends, we spent it at a private resort in Davao Occidental. Some might want to have a beach party feeling yet others want it relaxing and rejuvenating. Hey, there's a place in Malita, Davao Occidental known as Malita Dives in Tubalan Cove, Malita, Davao Occidental. Let's check it out!

It is not the Maldives of this side of the Philippines but it will be known of its own, Malita Dives! Yes, Malita Dives because it is situated at the center of the cove surrounded by clear waters with some huge cabbage corals, school of fish, scattered starfish, Japanese mine sweeper (shipwreck) submerged in the water and some rock formations around.

During high tide, you can swim around while during low tide, you can walk around.
Banana (pencil) Boat
You can experience a day tour or overnight stay in the place and do not expect it like a party it the middle of the sea. It is a worthwhile bonding with your friends and family. You can have a videoke in the middle of the sea and bring your own food and drinks to prepare. Have some cool water activities, too, like banana boat, snorkeling, jetski ride, kayaking, fishing and unlimited Instagram pose. Have some sort of indoor games like "sungka" and mahjong - but bring your tiles. 😁
Me and Ms. Jean Holding Adlai
Kape Netibo and Adlai Rice
Ginanggang (Grilled Banana with Margarine and Sugar)
We are also very glad of our very generous friends especially Ms. Jean and Mr. Jeremiah for allowing us to see the beauty and wonders of Malita Dives! The food are very delicious especially the adlai rice, daral, squid with salted egg batter, shrimps, roast pig, special ice cream made by a women's group and many more! The experience will not be perfect also when you forget to apply your Bioskin Coco Pink Blush Sunblock Cream and have some snacks of Gatchips in different flavors.
Sunset at Malita Dives
Malita Dives is indeed a place for rest and relaxation. If you plan to have more activities, you can always do so - a team building perhaps. Yet, be reminded that the place is a sanctuary and there are wild sea creatures untamed with human existence. Be marveled with the place and some skies painted beautifully during sunsets and even sunrise.
Gatchips (Available at Saging Repablik)
Bioskin Coco Pink Blush Sunblock Cream
Calamares with Salted Egg Batter
If you want to have a glimpse of Malita Dives - a private resort, photos are attached. Or you want to reserve the place - since the place is not on an everyday reservation - contact Mr. Georgette M. Sagang or Jetjet at these numbers: 09755619694 or 09185825049. You may also contact Mr. Jeremiah L. Danolko or Jing at these numbers: 09755950517 or 09389115469.
Thankful for the Malita Dives Experience

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