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We love to eat! Yes, it is one of our physiological needs that we satisfy a lot. With the growing community of Davao City, Republique Asian Fusion offers great variety of dishes that you will like, love and crave.

Republique Asian Fusion offers new set of dishes for their ala carte dishes. Lead by Chef Jorven Allocod, with 15 years experience in the industry, he conceptualized the new dishes together with Chef Milton Deocades and Chef Clenton Elesterio. Let's see some of the newest addition...

The dishes presented are very good but I have some favorites. My top five (5) are the following:

1) Seafood Spinach Thick Soup
Seafood Spinach Thick Soup
I really love this healthy soup! Yes, it is thick with the blend of seasonal green vegetables and seafoods. My gustatory senses speak of heaven in my mouth. It is not too strong, with balanced taste and done perfectly!

2) Salted Egg Calamari (Got Quickly Consumed!)

It is one of my favorites! For me, something with salted egg is special. The batter of this calamari has salted egg and for me, it makes a dish taste better. The salted egg has some balancing taste effect and not overpowering the whole of the calamari - it is a perfect fusion! Since it is quickly consumed, I am not able to take a photograph of it but able to munch it.

3) Fried Pompano with Sweet Chili Sauce or House Vinegar and Light Soy
Fried Pompano
Who would say no with a pompano? I can not and will not! The pompano is fried perfectly dusted with some chili powder. The sauces, either the sweet chili or the house vinegar and light soy are perfect too! The vinegar is not too acidic and just perfect to dip with the fried pompano. Not a fan of chili? It is not a problem as the chili is not too strong but enough to kick a spice in your mouth and will not result for you to need a milk.

4) Spicy Pork Ribs
Spick Pork Ribs
I enjoyed this dish! It is also dusted with the chili powder. The cut is perfect, bite size and easy to separate the meat from the bone. Many will enjoy this dish too, like I did.

5) French Beans with Minced Shrimps

French Beans with Minced Shrimps
This is a sauteed french beans but surprisingly crunchy! You can hear the crunch in every bite. Perfect for me and I love it!

But hey, some great dishes to try too like these:

Local Bird’s Nest with Quail Egg

Local Bird's Nest with Quail Egg
This is also a thick soup with the famous bird’s nest ingredient believed to be cure to a disease. Something pretty Asian! :)

Beef Steak with Special Sauce

Beef Steak with Special Sauce
The beef is tender and tasty with the special sauce! The dish has bananas on the sides, too. Yum!

Boneless Lemon Orange Chicken

Boneless Lemon Orange Chicken
This is pretty good as well. The zest of the lemon welcomes your mouth! The boneless chicken cut is bite size and easy to eat.

Stir Fried Birthday Noodles

Stir Fried Birthday Noodles
I remember a Malaysian dish with this. Since I am a bit cutting carbohydrate intake, I think this is one that can be an alternative. It is pretty tasty!

House Special Yang Chow

House Special Yang Chow
It cannot be Asian without rice! This yang chow has so much in it and it is complete!

Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice

Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice
The rice with chicken and pineapple is a surprised! It is delicious!

Those are just among the newest addition in Republique’s menu, more to see. You will enjoy their food and will crave for more with a reasonable price. Each ala carte serving is good for 3-4 persons, of course, depending on the appetite. They also have buffet service every Sunday at lunch time (10AM to 2PM). 

Republique Asian Fusion is located at the 2nd level of Arcadia Active Lifestyle Center fronting Matina Enclaves Residences at Ecoland, Davao City. Schedule for lunch and dinner service is as follows 10AM to 2PM and 5PM to 10PM from Tuesdays until Sundays.

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