Travel | Mati City’s Sunrise, Subangan Museum and Food Tour on Day 3

Sunrise in Mati City at Dahican
One of the favorite things I like to do in a place is to chase the sunrise or sunset. It has some sort of magic for me with appreciation of the beauty of nature. Mati City is a very beautiful spot for a sunrise shot as it faces the Pacific Ocean, with a wide horizon and mixes of cloud formations, on a good day. That is the first thing we have done on our 3rd day in the city, then the Subangan Museum and much of food tour.

It is an early morning schedule, around 4:00 AM, that we are very excited to greet the sun. A bit sleepy from the previous night’s activities but eventually able to get up and move towards our destination - Dahican Surf Resort (DSR). However, we have not gotten in the DSR so we have to transfer to Menzi Resort (still in Dahican). Then, we have our beautiful spot with a calming tone of the beach waves, feel of the white sand in our feet and some early birds chirping like welcoming a sunrise, too. It is indeed a beautiful scenery that one should not miss when visiting Mati City. It is a beautiful, magical moment in one’s life. 
Fresh Pako Salad
After the sunrise shoot, we have had our breakfast at Dahican Surf Resort. Actually, the wait is a bit long that like you’ll hear your hungry tummy make sounds. But a surprising parade of food has become an entertainment and I have understood why it has become that long. We have had so much on the table!!! Everything is very good!!! Really big thanks to the City Government of Mati for the opportunity!
Bangus and Tocino
Sunny Side Up Eggs
Then, we have returned to our residence at Casa Rosa. We have fixed our things and packed to continue our journey in the City of Mati wherein it is home to Subangan Museum and other fascinating food places. Let’s continue the journey then…
Me and Ms. Angie of Kuzina Virginia
Laksa sa Dagat
Lut: Rice in Bamboo Shoots
A sumptuous lunch is waiting for us at Kuzina Virginia. It is a very good place to taste a Mandaya cuisine in Mati City. Yes, it is an authentic dish with authentic ingredients from the tribe’s area. Ms. Angie David is very generous of us the opportunity to taste the dishes. It is indeed a very good dish to taste from this side of the country. They have also served some fusion of the Mandaya cuisine with other common ingredients like chicken and beef. Some spices are not to be missed here too but just subtle for you to enjoy the dish, however, if you want it spicier, you can also opt of putting more spice.
Subangan Museum
Flora and Fauna
Davao Oriental Beaches
People and Culture
One of the most beautiful museums I have seen is in Mati and it is the Subangan Museum. Why? It is because the museum is showcasing the province’s beauty, products, culture and people. You read it right, whole of the province of Davao Oriental is being showcased in the museum which I like as a tourism structure for the province. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the province, the geography, people and culture, the products and many more. I really enjoy coming back in the place whenever I have a chance to go back in Mati City.

After the museum visit, is a back to back to back snack at the Ciangi’s Cafe, Sala Cafe and Seaside.
Mati's Brew, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Moist Cake
At Ciangi’s Cafe, my immediate coffee favorite is there. Aside from that, they have mouthwatering cakes like the Carrot Cake and Moist Chocolate Cake. The carrot cake has become a favorite too! The chocolate cake is also good but my palate favors more the carrot cake. Awesome cafe at Ciangi’s!
Boom and Me at Sala Café
Sala Café Reception
Asian Tuna Sandwich and Rocky Road Frappe
Not so distant is also a coffee niche cafe, the Sala Cafe. The vibe is cozy, you are like in a living room. I like it there. The glass walls make it very pleasant and spacious. It is also very clean with very good food! Boom Balili, the cafe manager, has been very accommodating. The Asian Tuna Sandwich and one of their best sellers, Rocky Road Frappuccino are equivalently awesome! The Asian Tuna Sandwich has that kick of asian spice with beautifully toasted sandwich bread. The Rocky Road Frappe is amazing! It is a good blend!
Sir Clint of Seaside and Me
Seaside Restaurant Empanada
Seaside Lumpia
Last but not the least, the ever favorite Seaside in Mati. The empanada superstar of Mati City is from Seaside Restaurant. They also have other varieties like the lumpia, tacos and others. They have branched out to nearby places like in Pantukan and as far as Calinan in Davao City. For you to taste their empanada, they have plans of having more shops which include one in Tagum and at the city center of Davao. This family owned business is a tale of a small shop that has grown to what it is now.

So, attending the Sambuokan Festival 2019 and even after the festival, try to visit these places in Mati for your destination and food adventure. It will be a very good experience and there are a lot of options. Never settle for few destinations when there is a lot in Mati City, #MAGANAHAYNGADI!

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