Lifestyle Technology | Why the HP And ExpressVPN Partnership Makes Sense for User Privacy

It is not a new thing to see two different companies team together for the greater good. One of such partnerships that came to light in September comes in the way of HP and ExpressVPN.

Both of these companies are great at what they do, and they have established strong authorities in their various fields.

Of course, that is an interesting thing to hear, but what does it really mean for the end-user?

What the Partnership Means

The HP Spectre x360 13 launched in September 2019 like any other computer in the market, but it did something different. Part of the preinstalled apps on the laptop is the ExpressVPN software.

For anyone else, that might not be a big deal. For everyone who treasures their privacy and security, though, this is one of the best moves that HP – or any other laptop manufacturer for that matter – has made in a long time.

This partnership between HP and ExpressVPN brings one of the leading security software in the world to users at a time when cybersecurity threats abound more than we care to imagine.

Almost everywhere you turn to, there is one hack or the other happening. This can be a result of different attempts, and of these is the man in the middle attack. It is worthy of note that this can only happen when a user is accessing the web over unencrypted networks – which is a huge concern for public Wi-Fi networks, among others.

At other times, users are also exposed to data monitoring, traffic sniffing and such other practices by hackers when they are not on secure connections. The worst part is that many users don’t even know they are hemorrhaging sensitive data this way.

Fortunately, a VPN takes all that out of the equation.

While many know VPNs to be tools helping users change their locations at will, they do so much more than that. Given that they come with numerous servers in different parts of the world, these VPNs make it impossible for hackers to develop a tracking record on you.

Anytime you connect to the web, you get a new IP address which invalidates the previous ones.
Even if someone were to be tracking your data trail, they would get lost between all of those servers at the end of the day. Coming with 256-but encryption, it becomes impossible for hackers to even decode the server communications and unravel your internet traffic.

How better can online security get?

HP is displaying a huge model of futuristic thinking, adapting VPNs and showing to the world that they are equally an advocate for data privacy and security. We still have time for other desktop OEMs to prove themselves, but this Scepter x360 13 has already established itself as the unit to get.

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